Louis Tomlinson's Lost Sister

After bumping into Louis Tomlinson her nearby park, she falls instantly in love. The two hang out and become close. neither of them know the other is their very own sibling. They discover and search to find the truth. Why were they split up as children?


1. Chapter 1: Louis!?

Selene's POV:

I hate my parents. I run through the front door of our house and slam the door and run, I can faintly hear my parents yelling in the background.

I make my way to my favourite park, the tears streaming down my face I can barely see. I try to make my way to the treehouse while having a mental breakdown of emotions. when I collapse onto a blurry object and fall to the ground. Everything went black.

My eyes bolted open to a white ceiling, sitting up slowly I gained my consciousness and realized I was in a hospital room. How did I get here?

I hear quite murmurs outside the door and see the door lock slowly turning and being pushed open. I panicked and try to run but I have been strapped down. As I struggle I hear beeping machines. 

Someone comes up and hugs me, I assume to calm me down. I just hug them back refusing to let go. once I did, I looked up to their face to thank them and looked into the eyes of Louis Tomlinson. I tried to hold in my happiness and continue a normal conversation with him.

S: Thank you for helping me

L: No problem love.

S: umm... How did I get here?

L: You bumped into me when I was at the park, you seemed to have passed out so I brought you here, I hope you don't mind.

S: of course not

L: I'm Louis by the way, can I get your number?

S: Hi, I'm Selene and my phone number is **********

L: i'll see you around

He left the hospital and I hadn't gotten a message from him yet. I soon was released from the hospital and began walking home.


I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my book

I (Runaway Lauren) am writing this book alone.

Be sure to follow if you enjoy my writing for more books you might enjoy

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