Untitled (please help title this!!)

Erin Wood and Cas Leban are dating. Many support them and few don't. Read the thing because I am not good at blurbs


1. Chapter 1

Erin's POV

Another day in hell. I wake up in my horrible room. Peeling wallpaper on the walls, chipped paint on the walls, nearly bare closet, and the worst looking carpet ever.

I get out of bed and start looking for what I should wear. Since I only have 6 shirts, 2 leather jackets, 3 pairs of pants, 3 leggings, and 2 pairs of shoes, I think it is the easiest task. One of my band shirts, leggings, leather jacket, and black vans are my choice of the day.

"Erin, get your ass down here. This will be the last time." My dad yells.

"Ok I'm coming. Sorry." I slightly yell back.

I make my way down the creaking stairs but before I can reach the last step, my jaw meets with my fathers fist.

"I told you three times to come down here. I should only have to tell you once."

"I'm sorry..." I say, barely above a whisper.

He turns and goes out the door, slamming it on his way out. Today isn't going to be the best of days.

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