Everything Changed

Darcy, a 18 year old girl meets Niall and they connect very strongly. They connect with each other since they first met.


5. The Date

I get all ready for the date with Niall. It's about 6:00pm I walked out to the couch area and see Niall sexy as always. Niall's in a full suit.

"Wow, babe sexy as"

Niall: "Thanks, but not as good looking as you gorgeous, ready to go"

"It's now or never"

We walk out to the front where our ride is, Niall opens the door for me i get in and he gets in after me. We get to one of my favourite places to eat at. Niall's booked it for just us two, it's absolutely beautiful. 

There's a table for us two, it's beautiful  i love how he's done it. There's a couple of scented candles on the table, it's simple but it's cute. i like silly and simple things like that.

Niall pulled my chair out for me.

"Thanks babe"

Niall: " Anytime"

Niall pushed my chair in and then he sat down in his chair. A waiter came over to us to see what we wanted to order, i ordered macaroni and cheese Niall ordered nacho cheese.

while we waited for our food to come we talked.

Niall: "So what do you do as a hobby"

" I like reading and writing story's, what about you"

Niall: "I like Singing but i like free-styling"

I never thought Niall would've free-styled but hopefully one day i can hear it.

Niall: "Darcy Ann Skey, I love you, yes It's only been a day since i met you but you are an amazing women and I've discovered very strong feelings for you and i want to get to know you more. I have something to ask you. I want to know if you'd be my girlfriend"

" Niall it would be my pleasure to be your girlfriend"

Then Niall kissed me on the cheek and i started to blush a lot. 

We just started talking about a lot of thing like our favourite colour, where we like going. It was an amazing night, i had so much fun.

After a couple of hours, we went home and decided to watch a movie so Niall picked Pitch Perfect and we sat on the couch, cuddled and watched the movie until we both feel asleep.

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