Filled in Challenges

Different subjects to challenge myself and my writing for 30 days.
Credit goes to shestandsattheedge, hipposwearingjackets and another user whose name I'm not going to reveal, as they all have been deleted, or turned into a commercial porn-blog.


3. Day 2

 AKA: the day I forgot to take my ADD meds

 Write 250 words inspired by the color of the walls of the room you're in.

Face to face with the blank space of an unknown quiddity. Painted in the most purest of regrets and stained of a dark maleficence.

I sat with my legs and arms crossed, keeping my head tilted at the surface of a wall. There was no purpose, yet that's what I did. Letting big words I barely understood strail across my mind and spill out like vomit across the floor - similarly to eating a lot of left-over chocolate the day after christmas. Except you're lactose intolerant. And the chocolate was 5 days past the date.

"Sigh. I only have to think up 250 words right?" I stretched myself, "Only about 123 words left then I would guess."

What am I saying? I can barely even count the fingers on one hand without losing myself after the fourth finger. Did I count my other hand as well? Is this actually nine and not four? Or maybe even fourteen? I could quickly feel my thoughts drifting away from the wall and its jagged texture to figure this problem out.

Where was I?

I peeked over at my tablet as it shot out a sudden loud noise. A small face from an application greeted me with a question.

"Have you eaten?" is inquired. What a nice app for being such a crap game.

I pondered to myself; 'Maybe I shouldn't have written such a worthless page.' but I don't really have much else to go with. So I hope this will suffice to you.

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