Filled in Challenges

Different subjects to challenge myself and my writing for 30 days.
Credit goes to shestandsattheedge, hipposwearingjackets and another user whose name I'm not going to reveal, as they all have been deleted, or turned into a commercial porn-blog.


2. Day 1

Put your Ipod or mp3 on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first and last line of the very next song that plays.

I had a firm grip around the strap of my damp-coloured shoulder bag. A sharp cut of uncertainty crammed itself into my chest as I passed through a path of towering pines and crumbled leaves inviting me into the damp forest. Every step I took felt heavier and heavier at my feet, like I was sinking deeper into the ground the further into the forest I got. The deeper I came, the sharper the pain in my chest grew, dripping like poison into the brim of my stomach. Even though it wasn't pouring outside the day before, everything was drenched in water. Droplets trailed over the branches as if the plants were crying.

Some could have called me insane with all these thoughts twirling around inside my head, but their opinions didn't matter, I only needed to reach my destination and this fear would all be solved. It had to be.

Having walked now for what felt like an eternity, with jagged breaths I came to a halt in front of a crooked tree at the end of the path of trees. A cold feeling of doubt washed over me as I analyzed the branches of the crumbling tree. Determined, I shoved my hand into my bag and rumaged through every inch of it before I pulled out something similar to a braided, long cord.

Can't back out now.


I feel obliged to note that suicide is never the answer, and if you feel down, there are sources you can go to for help. Do not give up and fight for what you are worth, cause you are worth and can do so much more than you think.
"Behind a curtain of towering pines"  Skeletons on Parade, Ludo
"(Finders keepers, losers weepers)" Emperor's New Clothes, Panic! at the Disco

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