Filled in Challenges

Different subjects to challenge myself and my writing for 30 days.
Credit goes to shestandsattheedge, hipposwearingjackets and another user whose name I'm not going to reveal, as they all have been deleted, or turned into a commercial porn-blog.



Day 1: Put your Ipod on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first and last line of the very next song that plays.

Day 2: Write 250 words inspired by the color of the walls of the room you're in.

Day 3: Write a 15-step list titled "How to be ____".

Day 4: Write 250 words starting with the next piece of dialogue you hear.

Day 5: Write a conversation in tumblr "Chat" format (example: about a man who calls a wrong number, and ends up talking to an angry woman. Go through the conversation, ending with the line "Well, I suppose so."

Day 6: Write a poem (12 rhyming lines) about getting increasingly drunk.

Day 7: The object on your left just turned into the object on your right. Write 250 words or a 25-line poem about your reaction.

Day 8: Imagine you are unable to leave the room you're in for the next 7 days. Chronicle each of the seven days using only 50 words for each.

Day 9: Think of any word (you may want it appropriate) and search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the seventh image.

Day 10: Write a short rhyming poem inspired by the last novel you read. They should be connected by a theme or similar character.

Day 11: Write a list of 15 songs (like a mixtape) that you would use to tell somebody that you hate them. None of the songs can have "hate" or "you" in the title. Include links to each song so that people can listen to them.

Day 12: Go to: Randomly generate one of each part of speech. Write a story/poem/free-write including all 7 words. DO NOT stop writing until all 7 are used.

Day 13: Look directly to your left. Use the first inanimate object you see as a metaphor for an abstract idea. Continue the metaphor for 150 words. (Poetry or prose)

Day 14: Write a book report about an adult-ish novel from the point of a fifth-grader. The book should be "sophisticated" in the eyes of a fifth-grader, but normal to the rest of the world.

Day 15: Look up the lyrics for your least favourite song. Find the absolute WORST line, and have somebody in your story say that line OUT LOUD.

16: Pretend you are sitting in the park. Write an "ode" (poetry or prose) to a person that might pass by. Begin the ode with the line "I noticed you were in a hurry..."
17: A character is sitting on a rooftop with an animal. This character must speak to the animal. What the animal does in return moves the character to make a decision.

18: Write a free-form poem about "the formula for happiness".

19: Imagine your dream boyfriend/girlfriend: their appearance, personality, home life, etc. Write a scene where their behaviour is off-putting.

20: Write a page long exchange between two very different people. Write only what they say; no setting, internal thinking, description or actions.

21: Write a poem from the POV of a victim of harrassment (any sort). The character is in pain or humiliation, but believes that he/she deserves this treatment.

22: Write at least 150 words of poetic prose in which every other sentence is just one word.

23: Write a short story set in a restaurant. One character orders their favourite food. The ohter orders the same thing. One of the characters ends up leaving before the meal is over.

24: Write a 250 word stream-of-consciousness from the mind of a woman whose life will change drastically in 3 minutes.

25: Write a sequence of letters/emails between an angry son and his absentee father. The father has recently tried to re-enter his son's life, but the son is rebuffing his father's attempts at reconcilation. In the end, the mother intervenes.

26: Write a 400 word stream-of-consciousness from the mind of an eighth-grade boy. Set it in a common area in school- The thoughts should begin as frivolous and develop into something that moves him to some kind of action.

27: Write a poem from the POV of a bride about to say "I do". Gradually reveal that she is having "cold feet" and regretting this engagement. Throughout this poem, repeat a line that describes the ceremony's decorative flowers. This can also be your first/last line.

28: Write 500 words about "the morning after".

29: Pretend to be a dissatisfied follower to yourself. Rant for 100 words about your profile and/or stories.

30: Write a poem titled "The end" that isn't about death, a breakup or the apocalypse.

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