Venzerria's tale

An adventure of four original characters that I created, a story that set in a kingdom that filled with fantasy, Venzerria.
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3. Chap 1- The Venzerria kingdom

A story that takes place at a faraway galaxy(A: Well, I’m the author so I can write anything I want basically, haha! *Author got slapped by Lucas* okay, okay, fine, let’s continue). Venzerria, a kingdom which is also a home for few populations such as demon, human and the hun-dem populations. This particular kingdom is ruled by the hun-dem populations.

“Hey, isn’t demon much stronger, the kingdom should be ruled by the demon instead!!!!”

A: “Hey, I’m the author, just stay calm, told you I can write what I want, *Author got slapped by Vistz* oh God, fine! I’ll explain, no more questions! this ain’t QnA session.”

Although originally the demons are much stronger, but as a new species started to emerge in the kingdom, I named it the human-daemon species, this species possess a power that is no weaker than the demons, and therefore, the kingdom is ruled by the human-daemon species. What about the human? The human populations are being protected by the hun-dem(short for human-daemon species) association, though these few populations have been living peacefully, this is just a precaution in case the demons started a war against the other populations.


Venzerria is situated within an archipelago, there are also other kingdoms in this particular galaxy, located at the other islands within this archipelago. The west and north sides of Venzerria are filled with thick forest, some of the citizens once said that there were fairies living inside the forest, but till now, no one had ever witnessed this mysterious species. Most of the citizens and nobles live at Motyll, the biggest town that is located at the centre of the island, it is also the place where the palace is located. The designs of household for each of the towns are pretty different, in Motyll, the rooftop for the houses is filled with colourful mushrooms.

*I will describe further for the other towns later on, I will also illustrate out the map of the island and the design of household when I have time, let’s proceed with the main story.*


`Somewhere in Motyll

“Darling, hurry and dress up, school is starting soon!” A sharp voice raises from the kitchen.

“Ughhhhh, why do I have to go to school, if it wasn’t for my father’s sake.” Lucas mumbled.

While putting on his tailor-made uniform, his pet, Rexx drops a letter on the floor and wags its tail vigorously.

“Hummm? A letter?” Lucas picks up the letter and opens it.

*Few moments later*

“Woah, an invitation to the Royal’s Garden? It must be from Vistz, that carefree guy.” He smiles while slowly putting on the uniform.  

“Hurry, take this lunchbox, I have prepared some light snacks for your friends too! Send my regards to your daddy, bye, sweetheart, be nice at school.” Mom hands me a lunchbox and a big pack of snacks while ushering me out of the home.

“Bye, mummy. Come, let’s go, Rexx.” I signal Rexx while making my way to a luxurious car.

A chauffeur quickly ignites the engine while smiling towards me. “Good morning, Mr. Timol” I greet him with a broad smile.

“Good morning, little master.” He replied.

Lucas, the son of demon. He has a dark brown hair and red-black wings. His demon father is the chancellor of the Venzerria’s academy while his mother is the daughter of the Duke. With such a strong background, he sometimes find that there are a lot of expectations coming from his parents, though, with his optimistic personality, he faces all the challenges by doing his best. He is talented at various fields, archery and chemistry are few of them.His friends named him the “dangerous creature” in the academy, he can be an aggressive individual when he is in a rage mode, the son of the demon, that’s why. *A: Please do not get on his nerve, author begs* *Evil smile from Lucas*


`Venzerria's Academy 

“HEY, LUCASSSSSSSSS!!!! Did you received my letter???” A loud and clear voice can be heard within the school compound.

“Ugh, Vistz, shut that, that’s too noisy.” Lucas frowns at his besties, Vistz.

An energetic teenager with dark-blue hair, the prince of Venzerria, Vistz, he belongs to the hun-dem populations. While being the third son of the King, he does not possess any characteristics of a prince, well, you may just say that he is someone who has a noble identity with a norm personality.

*Extra: The Venzerria’s academy is a school for citizens who are between 5 to 23 years old, though the nobles are being separated from the norms during study hours, but during recess, the nobles can interact with the norms at the common areas within the academy* 

“What?! That’s not even counted as an answer!” Vistz shouts.

“Yes, yes, I received it, dear lord.” Lucas answers while covering his ears.

“So, what do you say? I invited the other two as well! Rim said he would attend, erm, Zox still considering.” 

“Hahahah, are you expecting a reply from Zox, don’t be silly, he won’t attend, well, I will attend though, Mommy will be very happy for me” Lucas giggles.

“Ugh, he would! Although he is not considered as a noble, but the contribution from his family has greatly help the kingdom, Father would be pleased to have him at the Royal’s Garden too.” Vistz frowns.

“Well, let’s just wait and see hahaha.” Lucas still couldn’t believe that Vistz would invite Zox, that weirdo.

“Hey, Ray, Rexx, stop playing, follow-up!” Vistz signals the pets while heading to the classroom along with Lucas.  

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