The Devil's Footprint: Book Three of the Devil's Gospel

It's been thirteen years since Naomi Hart killed herself and stopped the Apocalypse coming to Earth. It's been thirteen years since anyone saw or heard from the Devil. Since then, Luciana Hart has been growing up a normal child ... apart from the fact she's technically an orphan and being raised by her parent's best friends Mia and Isaac. Oh, and the fact she is part way to being in medical school. Always a straight A student, always ploughing away to be a doctor, she knows the truth of her parents demise all those years ago, and she knows why Mia and Isaac are her 'parents'. She's kept it to herself and not told anyone about the secret of why her Dad mysteriously died of a heart attack when she was six, but yet she never knew him, and she knows the truth behind why her Mum killed herself, after already dying once. Luciana hasn't even told her boyfriend, Ryan. But then one day, a secret not even she could forsee changes everything, and even though she's on her way to being what

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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