The Letters

What do you do when you're meant to be executed? Just for doing what anyone else would do? After seeing more horror and bloodshed than anyone should have to, what can be done under the heat of fire and rising tensions?


1. Emile

A collection of letters recovered from Jack H. Williams after his execution.



I hope you're doing well. I began to worry when you stopped writing after you were injured in the Nivelle Offense. But when I asked, they said all was well so far. Your wife even found my name written on one of our photographs and wrote to me, telling me your leg was fine. I did hope to see you again. And to taste your famous bread you go on about when we're not being shot at. I'm sorry I couldn't hold back my temper when we last spoke. I've found myself thinking of how we first came to know one another, on that day so long ago it seems too far in my memory to track it down. The guards thought I was crazy when I started laughing about how we ran from our superiors with bottles of wine tucked under our arms for the other men in our company. Despite all of this, I'm glad I was able to cross paths with you. If any friendship can be born from bloodshed and horror, it must be ours. Who else but us would dare to disobey orders just to get each other medicine and food when we ourselves would starve or get sick? I do hope you can return to your old life after this war. For the both of us.

Your Friend,

Jack H. W.


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