Their eyes met. Suddenly, they were alone in the crowd.


1. Chapter 1

December 1st 1990

Alexa's P.O.V -Age 10-

I was running around my backyard, I had my little Bear paw print gloves, my brown snow pants, black winter coat, brown scarf and a little cute hat with bear ears. At that moment, I had one goal, and that goal was to build this wonderful Snowman. I was running around trying to gather the materials, and then I heard screaming.

"Alex you piece of shit! I'm sick and tired of you making me your fucking servant, doing this for you, fucking doing that for you! I'm done! I want a divorce" My Mother yelled, and that's the moment I saw something, this little boy standing far from me, in this crowd, we made eye contact, his crystal blue eyes staring straight at me. He wouldn't break eye contact, he wouldn't blink and the second I blink, I'm in an Ambulance, my parents sat next to me, my Mom crying and my Dad, holding onto her, I guess that divorce wasn't happening. All I heard were muffled sounds of sobbing, and my vision was quite blurry, but who was that boy? He was my age, brown hair, blue eyes, wearing an outfit similar to mine, only he was a polar bear and he blended into the background, but this doesn't feel like the first time his crystal blue eyes burned into mine, this feels like the 100th time, like I've seen his eyes before, like in my dreams, in a movie, in my mind and everywhere. He's all I've ever dreamed about I feel like. I reach up weakly and squeeze my head and scream. My heads spinning, my minds racing, it's taking over my mind, correction, he's taking over my mind, We're only ten. Why am I feeling like this? 

The medics in the ambulance try pulling my hands away from my head, but they won't budge.  I keep screaming and screaming until my own screams are too much for my own head and I pass out.  

And that was all I remembered from that month, it went so fast. I was in and out of doctors all month, they thought I was insane, I told them that I saw a little boy staring at me and that he was causing this, but all everyone did was either laugh, or say "Okay.....Alexa tell us the actual story". They really thought I was insane, but it was him. I saw him. And as I grow, he seems to grow and its so strange, every time I see him in each vision, he holds something. He holds this cute little valentine like envelope, a rose that he'd pick, a dandelion, a teddy bear, and the creepiest one yet, a picture of us holding hands at this age. I don't understand how this all happened and every time I see it, it's getting crazier and crazier. Like the recent one I saw, an older couple was holding hands and staring each other in the eyes, smiling like they're best friends. And it seems so similar yet, I can't put my finger on it.

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