I'm Austin Mahone's Sister?

Erial was a normal girl with friends and an annoying brother and sister. Little did she know they were not really related. One day she gets home and her 'mom' tells her she's adopted. She is enraged at the facts she never knew and only found out when she was 14. She has no idea who her real parents are or if she even has some. But her questions are soon answered when she answers a knock on the door to see the Foolish 4 and Michele Mahone.

Austin was a normal teenage pop star when all of a sudden his mom tells him he has a half-sister. He soon enough goes off to search for her but she is not what he expects. Who knew having a half-sister would be such a hassle.


1. What?!?!

"Leave me alone!" I screamed.

"Did you just talk back?" Hailey screeched back.

I curled back into a ball. I took all the kicks, punches, and harsh words like the loser I am.

"Guys we gotta go there's a supervisor!" Danny yelled at Hailey and her crew.

"Fuck let's go!" They all took off to the opposite direction.

I got up helplessly and limped to the girls' bathroom. I went into the stall and started taking off my top layers of clothes. When I was done I saw I already had 7 bruises and 5 more were forming. I also had a deep gash under my rib from I don't know what. I sat there and just cried my eyes out for a good 10 minutes.

I walked back out of the stall after putting my clothes back on and splashed my face with water. I knew I was already late to the 5th period so I decided to ditch the rest of the day. With my mind made up, I walked out ... well more like ran out the bathroom and to my BGFs' (Best Guy Friends) classes. I knew they had P.E. so that made ditching easier.

"Tiger, Alec, Eric, Lukey, Gabey!" I shouted across the gym.

They all turned back to me at the same time. Even from where I was standing I could see their huge smiles. Next thing I know I'm on the ground with five guys attacking me with hugs.

"We missed you!" They all said in sync.

"I just saw you guys in third period!" I laughed to hide the groan from the pressure on my bruises.

"Exactly!" Luke exaggerated.

I chuckled to myself. I pushed them off me and stood up. I brushed myself off and pulled my shirt down. Yet, apparently not fast enough ...

Tyler's (aka Tiger) eyes moved toward my stomach and said "What's that?"

He made a move to pull my shirt up but I caught his wrist. My anger flared up just thinking about how pathetic I am to not use those moves on my bullies.

"Erial... you're hurting my hand" I looked at his hand and then his face with a sorry look.

I quickly let go of his wrist and looked down.

"Sorry for bugging you guys but I just wanted to know if any of you wanted to ditch the rest of the day with me?" I asked with hope.

"I would babe but you know mom's on my ass for passing this year," Luke says with a slight frown.

My smile went down a bit but I put it right back up .

"Yeah I get it, no worries" I turned to the rest off the guys to get their answers.

"We'll come!" said Alec and Eric. Did I mention they were twins?

"Yeah me too." Said Gabriel w/ a grin.

"Umm... imma stay and keep Luke company," Tyler said after a while.

"Kk let's go gu- Ahhh! Gabey what the hell?!" I scream after he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder.

"Sorry Baby Doll want me to put you down?" He asked.

"No, now you have to carry me to the car!" I say.

"That was the plan anyway," He says with a grin.

"Shut up"

3 Hours Later

"Bye Gabey thanks for the ride!" I shout at the leaving truck.

I walked up to the front door and head inside to smell dinner being made.

"Ma I'm home!" I yell while walking towards my bedroom.

"Erial? Can you come to the living room for a minute, please?" I heard my mom ask.

I walked to where my mom and sister were waiting. I sat down on the couch opposite of them .

"What's going on mom?" I ask with furrowed eyebrows.

"Honey, I have some news..." She hesitated and I got irritated. 

"Well, what is it?!" I basically screamed.

"Don't yell at mom!" My sister screamed at me.

"Who the fuck even called you bitch get the fuck out of here!" I yelled back.

"Ama sh-" She tried to argue. 

"Honey just go it'll be easier if she listens to it without you getting her fired up." She said while waving her to leave.

Finally, she sighed in defeat and left the living room.

"Erial you're adopted." She whispered so low I thought I heard her wrong.

I stood up when I heard this and asked "Please tell me your kidding, please?" When she shook her head that's when I snapped "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Mom I swear you act like I wouldn't have understood! Fuck, I'm the smartest one in this family so what the fuck?!"

"Okay, for one you don't need to be yelling and cussing at me like that I'm still your mom!" She shouted at me.

"Yeah you're funny.You just literally just said you're my adoptive mother so no I can yell anyway I want. You lied to me this whole time, I have the fucking right to yell whatever the fuck I want to yell and especially to you."

She sighed in defeat "Honey I'm sorry ok ? I just didn't want to hurt you at an early age."

I groan in frustration  that she's this way "Whatever, I'm done with all this don't ask me for shit and I won't bug you. From now on this will be an arrangement, not a family."

I walked to the room and just zoned the world out. And after all this, I didn't even get dinner .

-Same time at the Mahone's house-

Austin's P.O.V.

"Austin, can you come in here for a minute?" I heard my mom ask. 

I walk into the living room and ask "What's up?"

"Would you ever want a sister?" She asks after a bit of hesitation.

"Yes! You already know that. But, why do you ask?" I ask concerned then I pause "Wait you're not..?"

"What?! No, Austin look, you have a sister. Before you start talking let me explain. She's not my kid but she's your father's. And yes she is younger than you. Your father had an affair before he passed away and she was the outcome."

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