No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


6. 6.


*Three Years Ago Still*


When they left the dance floor, Eli spotted his boss and wanted to introduce Brooklyn to him. They crossed the room over to the bar where Eli's boss was standing. He was a tall, well-aged man somewhere in his mid-sixties with salt and pepper hair. When he saw Eli walking toward him, his face seemed to immediately light up, and he waved him over.

"Eli! Just the man I wanted to see!! I'm so glad that you made it. If I had to listen to anymore of Joseph's terrible holiday jokes, I might go insane. And I mean that very literally." He took a large gulp of his wine once he stopped talking.

Eli just laughed and said, "The last thing this company needs is for you to go insane! Anyway, I have someone I want you to meet."

"Who is it?" Mr. Carter started looking around. He hadn't looked at Brooklyn once since she came over with Eli.

Eli grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of him. "This is my girlfriend, Brooklyn. Brooklyn, this is my boss, John Carter."  

"Hello, Mr. Carter. It's so great to meet you." Brooklyn held out her hand for him to shake. Mr. Carter looked at Brookyln, then down at her outstreched hand, stuck his free hand into his pocket and took a long sip of his wine.

"So Eli, have you seen Sarah?" Mr. Carter said once he pulled his glass away from his mouth. Brooklyn awkwardly dropped her hand.

"Ah no. I haven't seen her. I was just trying to show my gir-"

"Well you should go speak to her. She's a sight to behold, I tell you! By the way, I've got some things I wanted to talk to you about." Mr. Carter was talking non-stop.

Brooklyn excused herself and headed toward the restroom. As she was walking away, she heard Mr. Carter tell Eli to follow him to his office. Brooklyn entered the restroom and checked to make sure she was alone.

"Dammit!" She slammed her small gold clutch onto the counter in front of the mirror. She felt so angry and humiliated. How could he be so rude? And how could Eli not say anything? He didn't even look like it bothered him that his boss would be so disrespectful and not treat her like she was even important enough to be acknowledged.

Just then the door to the restroom opened and a tall slender blond-haired woman walked in. She had on a champagne colored dress with thin strapps that dipped all the way down in the front until it reached her rib cage. She didnt have much of a cleavage to show off, but she was beautiful nonetheless. Her dress had a long split on the left side that came up to about mid thigh. It was a dress made for only the most fit of bodies.

"Hi. I don't think I've seen you around. Are you a new hire?" She addressed Brooklyn before turning towards the mirror and tracing over her lips with a tube of bright red lipstick.

"No. I was just invited." Brooklyn said as she began to adjust her gown.

"Well  what are you doing in here? The party is out there." The lady put the top back on her lipstick tube and turned to face Brooklyn with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh I just needed to get away for a moment. Don't you get that feeling sometimes?" Brooklyn asked, wanting someone to confide in.

"Never, honey. I love attention. Anyway, don't stay in here too long being a hermet crab. Get out and mingle. Never know, you might find a handsome man to take home tonight. I've got one I'm looking for now."

"But I alrea-" before Brooklyn could finish her sentence, the lady was out the door.  She decided to fix her own lipstick and check her phone before heading back out of the restroom. When Brooklyn left the bathroom, she looked around to see if she saw Eli. Whe she spotted him and Mr. Carter coming out of an elevator, she started towards them, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the lady from the bathroom walking up to them. When the lady reached Eli, she threw her arms around his neck and lifted her knee out of the split in her dress letting it brush up the inside of his thigh making him flinch a little and close his eyes, grabbing her by the waist. When he opened his eyes, they locked with Brooklyn's. He pulled the lady's arms from around his neck and headed toward Brooklyn. Brooklyn, however, was already rushing for the door.

When she reached the valet outside, Eli ran out of the door calling her name. The valet man was taking too long, so she just asked for her keys and started walking toward the parking deck.

"Brook wait! I have your coat! Eli was running behind her.

"Don't need it." Brook said as she began to walk faster.

"You'll catch pneumonia! Brook please, wait up!" He ran up to her and grabbed her arm.

Brooklyn snatched her arm away and continued walking. He ran ahead of her and stopped in her path.

"Dammit, Brooklyn stop!" He said, grabbing her by the shoulders.

"Stop what, Eli?!" she slapped his hands away from her shoulders. "Stop letting people feel me up at a public gathering? Oh wait, that was you! Or did you mean stop letting people disrespect my significant other to my face? Oh right, that was you too! So please forgive me if i don't want to hear shit you have to say right now."


"Was that lady Sarah?" She looked up into his eyes.

"Yes, but it isnt like that. You've got to belie-" a small laugh escaped Brooklyn's lips.

"Huh...she really is a sight to behold." Brooklyn shook her head and began to walk past Eli once again.

"Brooklyn PLEASE!! I need you!" This causing Brooklyn to stop, she turned slightly and looked him into his eyes.

She looked at him for a couple seconds as tears began to roll out of her big brown eyes, and took a deep breath.

"That's one thing we don't have in common," she said with a whisper. With more tears falling out of her eyes, she turned and walked away, leaving Eli standing there still holding her coat.

When Brooklyn made it to her car, she jumped in and drove home, fighting tears the whole way.



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