No Room for Love

Eli and Brooklyn were everyone's ideal couple. They didn't have it all, but they had each other... until they didn't.


5. 5.


*Three Years Ago*


Eli invited Brooklyn to his job's Christmas party. She had spent the whole day preparing. She got up early and went to the hair salon to get her hair trimmed and straightened. Now instead of curls all over, her hair hung just below her shoulders. Brooklyn kept pushing it out of her face, because it wasn't often that she wore her hair straightened. She didn't know whether Eli would like it or not because he always enjoyed pulling her curls and letting them spring back into place. After she left the hair salon, she went to the mall to buy an outfit and get her nails done.


Back at her house, Brooklyn put on a shower cap and a grey beanie to keep her hair from getting wet and frizzing up in the shower. She had been in the shower for about ten minutes when she heard her phone ring. She finished up in the shower, wrapped her towel around herself, and walked out into her bedroom. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through the call log to see that it was Eli who called. She redialed his number and put it on speaker so she could start on her make-up. 

"Hello?" How she loved to hear his voice.

"Hey handsome. You rang?" She spoke as she looked through her eye shadows, deciding which ones she wanted to use.

"Yeah." He said. "I was just checking on you, and wanted to know if you wanted me to come pick you up at 6:30 for the party."

"No thanks. I'll meet you there. I know you need all the time you can get so you won't be late." Brooklyn tried to stifle a giggle.

"Oh ha-ha. Five dollars and a back massage says I'll be there before you!" Eli loved to make bets with Brooklyn.

"Deal, but you know you always lose!" She was feeling pretty confident at this point. "See you there, and warm those fingers up for my massage!" Brooklyn hung the phone up. When she finished her make-up she took the beanie off, combed her hair, and started getting dressed. 


Brooklyn pulled her black leather pump on her foot and looked in the mirror. She almost couldn't believe it was her. She felt like she was looking at a completely different person. The burgundy long-sleeved dress hugged her in all of the right places, and displayed her long and lean shape. The back of the dress exposed the top of her back, stopping right beneath her shoulder blades. She hardly ever went to formal events, so she didn't dress up often. She grabbed her jacket and keys, and left the house. 


Brooklyn pulled up to the large building, stepped out of the car, and handed her keys to the valet. As she was reaching into her clutch to get a tip for the man working valet, she felt a hand touch her shoulder.

"I've got it." Brooklyn looked up and saw Eli grinning down at her as he handed the man a few bills.

"No way... You're early?!" Brooklyn was amazed that he had actually made it there before her. She reached into her clutch, grabbed a five dollar bill and slipped it into his hand. "I guess you win. So, massage at my place or yours?"

He didn't answer her, though. He just stood there staring at her intensely. 

"Eli?" She began to feel self conscious. She started to go back into her clutch to get her small mirror and make sure nothing was in her teeth.

"Brook..." He put a hand on her waist, and leaned down so close to her face that she could feel his breath on her ear lobe. "You are so damn beautiful. You make me want to skip the party and go someplace else." This statement had Brooklyn blushing like a madman. She looked into his green eyes -a shade darker than normal- and saw that he was as serious as he sounded. "We'll do the massage at my place." He gently pecked her on the lips, grabbed her by the hand and led her into the building.


The marketing firm was huge. There was an enormous Christmas tree sitting in the middle of the lobby with large shiny ornaments and white lights all over. Brooklyn couldn't imagine who could have spent time decorating it. The firm also had garland, and poinsettias, and big red bows at every turn. They walked around the tree and through  door that led to a large room with tables everywhere, a dance floor, musicians on stage playing smooth jazz, and people standing around talking, drinking, and eating refreshments. The moment they stepped through the doors, Eli pulled Brooklyn to the dance floor. Once they were on the floor, Brooklyn wrapped her arms around Eli's neck as he let his hands settle on her lower back. 

"The first thing you wanted to do was dance?" Brooklyn didn't do much dancing outside of her bedroom.

Eli laughed, "Yeah! I have to see what you've got, since you won't ever dance for me. I also figured you were too nice of a person to refuse me in front of all of these people and crush my little ego."  He spun her around a couple times.

"You better be glad I care about your little ego," she said. "And you better not try anything showy!" 

A grin spread across Eli's face at that moment, and he put one hand behind Brooklyn's neck. 

"You mean something showy like this?!" Eli took a wide step, dipped Brooklyn really low, and kissed her hard in the mouth. 

"You are such an ass! Pull me up!" Brooklyn slapped him on the chest a few times. "That's so embarrassing!" They were both standing there on the dance floor laughing and holding each other after the big scene Eli had just made.

"I love you." The words slipped from Eli's lips before he knew it. The laughing completely stopped. Brooklyn wasn't sure that she really heard what she thought she heard, so she asked him what he said. Eli just told her not to worry about it, and led her off of the dance floor. 


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