The End Of Us

Jessie is the last known human after an apocalypse from a disease that out took the whole globe, as she ventures for safety in the harsh environment and suffering through the weather and sickness.
Until she has found peace and love in this world she will have to fight to survive.
Its kill or be killed!


2. Life!

Jessie was curious to see what was out there, the disease wasn't the only thing out there, after the first hit, there were giant machines, some even took possession of human's, turning them into one. Jessie peered around the corner of the wall, her widened as she saw a boy, she raised her rifle and walked out slowly towards him, the wind blew his hair over his face as she was coming closer, he saw her and stood there with his eye's wide, she aimed as she asked.

"Who are you? And why are you alive?" everyone knew, well at least humans knew, the answer to this question. He looked at her and walked towards her, she moved her finger to the trigger, he grabbed the barrel and glided it away from him, he came close to her, he looked in her eye's, she glared back in his.

"Your human!" he backed away and smiled, "You're Human!" he chuckled in happiness and hugged her, I've been searching for ages for another human, all I've been getting is Metal Drones and Plaggers". (Plaggers: Zombie like creatures, If your even scratched by their body you will become infected.) she eyed him even when he was being a fool.

"You still haven't answered my questions!" with that she raised her rifle back into position. He raised his hands up in surrender.

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