The End Of Us

Jessie is the last known human after an apocalypse from a disease that out took the whole globe, as she ventures for safety in the harsh environment and suffering through the weather and sickness.
Until she has found peace and love in this world she will have to fight to survive.
Its kill or be killed!


3. Forgotten Friend

6 years ago:

Jessie walked along the Pier, she watched out the horizon, glaring at the setting sun, letting the wind blow. Her young body felt the cold, she heard a voice call her name.

"JESS!" she turned to see a friend of hers running towards her.

"Hey Cameron!" she smiled and laughed at him as he stood there, hands on knees and panting.

"Are you ready to go?!" he asked her with a catch of his breath, she nodded and walked slowly for him so he could keep up.



Jessie held the gun at her shoulder, ready to fire. The boy spoke.

"Jessie?" she lowered the gun slightly.

"Yes! And YOU?!" she held the gun back up with a firm grip.

"Jess, It's me! Cameron" her eye's widened, she dropped the gun.

"Cameron?" she asked. "Is that really you?" how dump was she, could she really manipulated?

"Do you remember that day?" he asked as he walked to her. She started to burst in tears. She nodded fast and ran to him and hugged him tightly.

"Why did you leave me?" she sobbed and tears dripped on his shirt.


5 Years Ago:

Jessie ran to Cameron's from door, she noticed a sold sign out in the front yard. She ran closer to the door, she knocked fast, no-one came to the door. She began to cry.

"CAMERON!!!" she screamed out. No-one responded.



"Because I had no choice" he held her tightly, "I had another vision a week before I left, it was this image, you and me, like this, I didn't want to leave you" his black hair brushed against her head, "I really didn't want to leave you!"


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