The End Of Us

Jessie is the last known human after an apocalypse from a disease that out took the whole globe, as she ventures for safety in the harsh environment and suffering through the weather and sickness.
Until she has found peace and love in this world she will have to fight to survive.
Its kill or be killed!


1. Day 1

Jessie ran across the fields, the ground rising and crumbling below her feet as she took every passing thud on the ground, the weight on her neck pounded like horses running on concrete, she could barely take a gasp of air, with each deep breath she took in, her legs would slow down, was this it for her, will they catch up?


~ Three Weeks Before ~


"Jessie!!!" a girl with short, white hair raced up to Jessie.

"Oh Clair, hey." Jessie's expression was blank and lifeless, as her long brown hair danced in the breeze.

"Jessie, is something wrong?" Clair's smile faded slightly.

"No, why would something be wrong?" she laughed nervously.

"Jessie, what is bothering you?" Clair put her hands on the curved hips of her slender frame.

"I'm just thinking..." Jessie's body froze as she hung her head low.

"About what?" Clair put her hand on Jessie's shoulder.

"The End" Jessie looked at Clair, Clair's facial expression brightened up, her eye's squinted while her lips curved up.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Clair busted out with laughter, wiping tears from her eye's, her cheeks went crimson, "Oh Jessie you are to funny"

"It's not funny Clair, don't come running to me when the disease takes control, or aliens invade, or everyone turns into zombies or-"

"Jessie!" Clair bopped Jessie on the head "Snap out of it will ya?".

"Ah jeez there was no need to do that" Jessie held her head.

"Well sorry!"


~ Present ~


Jessie jolted out of her sleeping bag with no thoughts but to leave her hideout, and search for food.

As Jessie carried out of her hideout underneath a pulled down building, she looked out to the scene of destroyed buildings, dead bodies and animals. Her search was pretty quick. As she was gathering her newly found supplies, she heard a noise coming from a building.

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