A twist in Time.

A year after the war, Harry still feels unsettled about everything. There's a lot of people, who he wish he could have saved. He thought, that going back to start and save the first person, then he could change everything. However, he ends in the wrong time period and met the one and only person, who he had tried so hard to escape from. (Warning: Yaoi! MalexMale. Don't like, don't Read.)


2. Friend or Foe?

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Here's chapter 2!



Chapter 2. Friend or Foe?


The smallest feeling of fear had sat itself within Harry's chest, this was after all Voldemort in his youth, that he was around. Or rather, being dragged along with, he had no idea where Tom would take him, but he soon was to figure out.

They had walked in the corridors, where they soon had gotten down to the crypt near the Slytherin Common Room. They reached a portrait, Harry remember it, as it had been Severus Snape's private Chambers. Even so, in this time, Snape properly wasn't even alive.

"Nightshade." Tom muttered to the portrait, the man within it, made a nod and let the door swing opened for the two. He let Harry get in first, so he made sure, that this mysterious boy wouldn't escape him that easily.

The room was very odd for Harry to see, it wasn't like the private chambers Severus Snape had in his own time. But, then again. It would change, for whoever had it by this time.

"Silencio." Tom waved his wand in a swift move along the door, making it, so no one else was able to hear them within this room.

"How about you start speaking, before I will get you to the headmaster?"

Harry was once again met with the red eyes from Tom, seeing they almost tried to get through and into his mind. Even so, Harry wanted to stay calm and his mind collected too.

He found an armchair, that he settled himself into, his hands fiddled a bit into his lap. How was he gonna explain?

It wasn't like he just could say, that in the future Tom would be another person and wanting to kill every muggleborns and all who's in his way. Harry wouldn't want to create such monster, he didn't wanted to go through that again.


Harry had almost not seen, that Tom had approached him, standing just two feet away from the armchair, arms fold against Tom's chest. He waited patiently, but for how long?

Harry inhaled softly, his emerald eyes closed. "I am not…. from this time period." He started out, when he looked up at Tom again, he felt a shiver run down his spine, each time those Scarlet red eyes looked into his own.


"Meaning… that, I tried to go back and fix something, but ended too far from the time period I wanted to be in." It was to tell the truth, but not the whole of it, right?

The silence was the thing that Harry got concerned about, he could see Tom either tried to progress the information, or simply conflicted himself, rather or not to turn Harry in.

"What's your name?"

It surprised him nonetheless, that after a short explanation, Tom only wished for his identity.


"Harry what? You must have more than just a surname I assume?"

"Harry Potter…"

"Now you start to talk…." Tom mused, he had a bit of a smirk against his lips.

"What is it, Harry Potter, that you so bitterly wanted to go back in time and change?"

Harry could understand, why Tom had no friends back in this time, the way he spoke, even seem to be smarter than anyone, it even started to annoy him to a big amount.

"I do wish not to speak of the future, since I believe you can change it more than you already did." Harry almost snapped the last few words, until he came to realize….

"Than I already did?"

Harry had the big urge to facepalm himself, he already gave one hint, that he shouldn't have slipped past his lips.

"Nevermind what I said…." Harry shifted uncomfortably in the armchair, he rubbed his hands together a moment, denying to look at Tom at this point.

Harry saw a hand resting on the armrest, when he turned his gaze back again to Tom, their faces were inches apart, Tom basically had him trapped in the armchair.

"Tell me, Harry…" The name sounded so sweet when it came from his lips, wait… where did his brain just take him? This was Voldemort! This was the person who killed his parents and-

"If you saw, that you were in the wrong time period, why didn't you just go back and tried again?" He asked.

"Speechless I see…" Tom mused slightly

"More like, uncomfortable that you are in my private space…."

"Speaking back with sassy voice, note taken."

Tom leaned back again after a moment, as he looked at Harry. "Yet, you should answer my question. At this moment, I could go to the headmaster, telling you are a time traveller and do you know what then happens?"


"You properly will be taken to the Ministry of Magic, where they will ask you a bunch of questions, where in the end, you would get to Azkaban for breaking a law about time travel."

"I do not believe such big punishment for going back in time would be in the Ministry of Magic." Harry didn't know if he should believe Tom or not. He knew, that Tom was good to manipulate people into doing something he desired. Harry wouldn't let him though.

"Maybe you are stuck in this time?" Tom asked him instead. " Or perhaps you don't wanna show, how you managed to get back in time?" He suggested. "Many reasons, it could be a lot of things." He muttered more to himself than to Harry.

Harry was wondering about one thing, there was something that didn't really add up at this point. He noticed how Tom moved away, he seem to search for something over at a book shelf. Harry slowly moved his hand to his pocket. He took a grip on his wand.

When Tom turned his attention back again to Harry, the black haired male drew his wand and pointed it straight at Tom. "Stupefy!"


Harry saw how the spell wore off, just by a hand swing of Tom's hand. Something was indeed not right here.

Harry felt his wand being taken from his hand, he was pushed hard down into the armchair, the Scarlet Red eyes glared right into Harry's. "You really are trying to get in trouble, ain't you, Potter?"

Harry felt the tip of his own wand pressing underneath his chin.

"How come you be strong enough, to do wandless magic?" Harry asked him instead. "You didn't drew your wand….If I know you just a bit, you first learned to do Wandless Magic after Hogwarts…"

The glare he got from Tom, it sent shivers down his spine already, it didn't help much with the tip of the wand being right underneath his chin. Those Scarlet red eyes, if a starre could kill, Harry might had been dead by now.

"Tell me, Potter…. How come you know a lot about me? Did you get back in time to do something against me? " He asked him, Tom pressed the wand a little harder. It was clearly a threat sign that he made.

"I have my reasons to get back, but not this far back…." Harry only snapped in return.

"You should learn some manners, or did your parents never taught you anything?"

"...My parents is dead….well in this time, they are not even alive yet, but they died…" Harry leaned back into the armchair, getting out from the Wand's touch. The look he got from Tom was...strange. Like he could relate to how it would be like not to have parents.

Harry knew he could, but he wasn't here for a friendly talk with Riddle. He could only watch, as Tom moved the last bit, almost sitting into Harry's lap, what surprised him the most, was Tom's hand that ran below his robes.

"W-What are you doing?!" Harry panicked, he felt his cheeks redden just a bit, this had been a big surprise for him, to see Tom Riddle would do such thing. His eyes then stared at the object Tom pulled out from Harry's robes. The Time Turner made a little glint, as light hit it's golden round frame.

A smirk appeared on Riddle's face. "You are a stupid one, Potter…." He stated.

"Could you get off me?"

"Don't think I will."


Harry had never felt more trapped in his life, than he was right now, especially in this awkward position.


That's  the end of this chapter! 
I know, I make a lot of cliffhangers xD
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