The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


7. Chapter 6

It was suppertime at the gypsy camp. Beautiful music as usual and even better food. Addison had joined us happily, eager to help save yet another ymbryne.
“Addison the stupendous they’ll call me,” he said. “Or Addison the brave.”
Hugh sat there the whole time staring at Claire, and I presume, Radi. They were holding hands and engaging in deep conversation. Jealousy. I thought at first.
Millard let out a deep sigh beside me.
“What’s wrong?” I ask.
“I never had a chance to catch up with Radi since Claire came along.”
I pat him on the back. “She’ll be gone soon enough with Hugh moping about.”
“Fair call.”
Hugh got up and walked to where Miss Peregrine was talking to Bekhir. “Can we please go find her now?”
Miss peregrine waved him off. “I’m busy.”
So he moved on to Emma and Bronwyn. “Well we’re not that far from the menagerie…” he trailed off.
Emma shook her head slowly and muttered. “Oh Hugh.”
“What about you Bronwyn? You said you’ll help me.”
“Maybe another time Hugh.”
“Give it a rest Hugh.”
“Don’t bother, she’s gone Hugh.”
One after the other the children declined Hugh’s pleading.
There was simply no point in giving him false hope but I did want to help him. “Look…Hugh-“
“I know, she’s gone and it’s pointless to look for a dead person.” He grumbled kicking a stone.
“No that’s not what I was going to say.”
“Then what were you going to say?”
“I was going to say-” that’s when I felt it. A hollow. I doubled over in pain, clutching my stomach.
“Jake. What is it?” Hugh said panicked.
“h-hollow.” I breathed out.
“Shit.” He cursed. “Let’s get out of here.” He helped me up.
Bracing against him I limped back to camp.
“Miss Peregrine,” Hugh yelled. “We have a hollow problem.”
Emma came running, before anyone else. “Jake, how far away is it?”
“I don’t know.” Came my raspy reply. The hollowgast bite has seemed to make any hollow seem closer or bigger than it actually is.
“C’mon. My loop isn’t far from here.” Said Julia.
With suitcases and bags full of more supplies we were off, Julia leading us to her loop. Apparently it was still up and running.
“One of my friends is a young ymbryne. Still learning but has enough training to keep the loop going.” Explained Julia. “She’s nothing special. Just a pigeon.”
“Great…” Enoch face palmed. “The dumbest creature on the planet.”
“Pigeons are much smarter than we give them credit for.” Stated Millard. “Need I remind you how they know when you’re trying to sneak up on them?”
“Yes, yes I know.”
Sometime later we came to Coal again. The Feeling had dwindled but it was still there.
We turned down an alleyway and came into bright daylight. It seems Coal was nothing but a coalmine in 1904.
A proud looking house stood in front of us.
Julia welcomed us in. “Please make yourselves at home.” In every doorway there peeped a curious child. Shy and afraid. “Don’t be afraid come on out.” The children in the house did as she asked and revealed themselves.
Doing a quick head count there was 13 children including Julia.
Julia introduced us. “These, my friends, are the legendary Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children. Or as I know them, Jake, Emma, Bronwyn. Millard, Olive, Horace, Enoch, Hugh and Claire.” A few smiles formed among the children. “And these, Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children, are my friends.”
One of the children cleared his throat seeking a proper introduction. “Excuse me?”
“Apologies, your highness.” She bowed. “Miss Peregrine’s children, this is his highness Prince Antonio Maven Olson, Crown Prince of royal family Olson of Spain and royal family Colby of Sweden, Son to the late queen, Maria Colby, and king, Antonio Olson, heir to great Spain.”
The boy burst into laughter. “You didn’t have to do that!” His Spanish accent came through a little bit. If it hadn’t I might’ve been convinced he was British.
“Right...sorry.” Julia slinked away.
The prince watched her go. “Pleasure to meet you. Please, just call me Maven.”
“But your name is Antonio.” said Claire. “Why don’t you want us calling you that?”
The prince shook his head. “’cause it’s my father’s name, and we do not speak of my father.”
“But why?” Claire whined.
Bronwyn shushed her. “I don’t think he wants to talk about it love.”
Olive stared up at him. “Y-you’re really a prince? Like really really?”
“But of course.” Maven smiled and did a small bow.
“Do you have a real crown?” Olive asked excitedly.
“Yeah but I don’t usually wear it.” he unclipped a small crown from his belt and put it on. It suited him. The way the gold danced upon his black curls.
Olive stared in awe. “Woah.”
“Come on why don’t I introduce you to everyone properly.” Said Maven.
Hugh smiled. Giddy mood on. “Yeah sure, why not.”
We walked into the garden following his highness.
“Those two girls over there.” He pointed to twins, they were identical no way I could tell them apart. They had beautiful blonde hair and soul piercing green eyes. “That’s Eva and Ava. They can manipulate metal.” The girls waved at us. “And Hugh, you might want to meet George. He needs a hand with his power.”
Hugh stepped forward. “Yeah, what is it?”
Maven whistled and a young boy, who looked exactly like Hugh but about 8 years old, ran over to us. “Take a guess.”
“Er….I don’t know.” Said Hugh.
The boy, whom I presume is George opened his mouth and out came a bee. “I have a lot more.” He said shyly.
“Finally, another one like me!” exclaimed Hugh and he happily walked off with George to help him learn the ropes of his peculiarity.
“Moving on…” Maven said, dusting his hands.
There were many fascinating kids there like a boy called Kaleb. He could manipulate the earth around him. And Lachlan, who could see the immediate future. Cameron could turn into any animal he came into contact with. Sunny could manipulate the weather within a 20 meter radius of him. Holly was extremely, freakishly flexible. Orlando could speak fluently in any language you asked him. Jemma could speak to and see ghosts.
“And this, my friends, is Lucas. He can transfer the life from one thing to another.” Said maven
Lucas looked up from his desk. “Permanently.”
“Oh so he’s like a better Enoch.” Said Claire.
“A what?”
Claire nodded towards Enoch. “A better one of him. He can transfer life from one thing to another but only for a short amount of time.”
 “He is no better than me.” Scoffed Enoch.
Lucas smirked. “Oh it sounds like I sure am.”
“Sure you are.” Horace glared at him.
A girl stood between them. “Now, now Luke. That’s not how we treat guests.”
“Cas. Lucas. It’s not Luke.” Said Lucas.
“Whatever I don’t care.” Said the girl.
“Apologies I almost forgot.” Maven stepped in. “This is Emily our backup ymbryne for our loop.”
“Excuse me, I’m not a backup.” Emily crossed her arms and pretended to be upset.
“Not this act again.” Lucas face palmed.
“I just came to let you know supper is ready and you may join us if you like.”
“Yeah I’m positively starving.” Said Radi.

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