The Last Battle

No one has done a Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Fanfiction so I'm the first. It's the last battle between Jacob Portman and his enemy the hollows and wights.


4. Chapter 3

We all headed towards the beach–the sunshine dripping all over–with all our bags being carried by Bronwyn. Was this the last time I would see this magical place again?
All of us together was like watching sheep walk–slowly and in exactly the same way–a peculiar herd of sheep.
Then suddenly the line came to a halt. I didn’t notice and bumped into Emma in front of me causing the line to fall down like dominoes. One after the other the children fell, in a chorus of screams and curses, all fell except me.
 “Sorry guys.” I blushed, then everyone started laughing.
Olive stood up, “It’s OK Jacob. We have never done something like that before, it was quite fun.”
I looked up and gasped. How could I have failed to notice that? A big ship was there. Would this take us on our journey to save Miss Swallow? I looked around, everyone had gone. They were boarding the ship, so I ran after them.
“Where did Miss Peregrine get this?” I asked Enoch, but he didn’t answer.
So Emma answered for him, “She’s kept it in hiding. Where I don’t know but it’s not easy to hide something this big.”
“You got that right.” I said.
She giggled. “Sometimes you’re too funny.”
“Children!” called Miss Peregrine. “Hurry on board, I have a surprise for you.”
A surprise, I thought. This is a first.
Miss Peregrine stepped aside to reveal a bunch of games and books and footballs. “I shouldn’t want you to get bored.”
The children cheered. Miss Peregrine had never got them new things before, they always reused their toys in endless hot summer days of boredom.
Millard studied the new edition of the Tales, Olive and Claire played with the dolls, Bronwyn, Horace and Enoch set up a game of chess. Hugh sat in a shaded corner, alone. Poor thing.
Emma grabbed my hand. "I want to show you something." she pulled me by the arm and led me onto the top deck.
"What are we doing up here?" I asked, she never told me what we were going to do or see. Then out of nowhere she came at me and kissed me.
We stood there like that for a few minutes, our lips touching, wrapped in a warm embrace.
" me." Came a small voice.
Emma and I pushed apart awkwardly. It was Claire. She had seen everything!
Emma sighed. "What did you want, Claire?"
"Miss Peregrine wanted to see you in her office." said Claire, staring at us weirdly.
“Okay, tell Miss P we’ll be there in a minute and don’t tell on us.” Emma said.
Claire smiled. “You guys are gross.” And then she ran off. If she would tell or not, I did not know however, she was kind-hearted.
“We’d better get going or Miss P will get mad.” I said looking at Emma.
Her expression dulled. “Yes, let’s go.”
I didn’t like it—what I was seeing now—Emma has changed. From a flower to a stone. Something’s up, but to what it is I don’t know, but I fear it.
We walked down to the deck below, Miss Peregrine was waiting for us.
She turned around. “Miss Bloom, Mister Portman! You’re exactly 54 seconds late—”
“Yes Miss, sorry Miss. We got held up.” Emma cut in, she would never do that. Not to Miss Peregrine anyway.
“We will arrive in London in an hour at most.” Miss Peregrine began, pacing from one end of the boat to the other. “Gather the children and their belongings, this may be the last time we see the boat.”
I saluted. “Yes ma’am!” all that achieved was a scowl from Emma. What is wrong with her?
“Very well, Mister Portman. I trust you will have the children together in an hours’ time.” And with that she waved her hand and walked off to her cabin.
I looked at Emma. “What is wrong with you?” I said, instantly regretting it.
Her face flushed bright red. “Wrong with me?” she took a step towards me, sparking her flame. “I should like to know what you’re going on about or I’ll burn your face into the deck!”
“That’s what I’m talking about! You’ve changed Emma, and I don’t like it.”
She looked down, retreating to her mask. “Pity. Pity no one’s here to stop me.” She threw a fist at my face, knocking me square in the chin, leaving a burn mark in the shape of her fist.
I stumbled backwards, shocked. “Emma, what’s the matter?!”
She pounced on me, hands a flame and angrier than ever. She knocked me in the face finished with a punch in the side of my gut, right where my bite wound is.
Just when I thought I was finished someone took pity and pulled Emma off of me. It was Julia. She looked as shocked as I was.
“Emma!” Julia screamed. “What are you doing?!”
Emma relaxed in her sister’s grasp. “I don’t know.” She looked terrified, she didn’t know how to stop.
“Jacob, get the others together like Miss P asked. I’ll handle Emma.” I trusted Julia, I knew she could do it. Bring Emma back down to Earth.
I nodded and set to work gathering everyone, leaving Julia and Emma alone.

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