ONE AND ONLY Love; Changing A Person In And Out

This is a real story with real feelings. It walks you through my personal views, the beginning , climax and tragic end of my one true love.


1. Run Through.

Love; Changing A Person In And Out

Death. That's what it feels like to loose someone you love. It's slowly dying on the inside, because you know that it is over. You know that there is no turning back and you know that you'll have to live the rest of your life without that person. It's like having your heart ripped out of your chest over and over again; and it doesn't get better. With every breath you take it brings you back to the reality. You're alive. Without him. And you have to live on... or do you? Yes. Off course I've considered it, but in reality, haven't we all? That it would be just easier to let go of all that pain.. all that suffering.. Hell pain doesn't even describe it! But yet somehow, most of us continue on. With that suffering and with that pain ; buried deep in our chest. Going through life remembering that pain ; yet hiding it from every living being to seem strong and un-scarred. But we've all got those scars... that of our one true love. Now I'm not going to tell you love is terrible and worthless and that it's the worst thing that ever happened to me. That would be a lie. Love is the most beautiful thing on this planet earth and without it we would all be long gone. It's actually amazing how much you can care for, trust and worship another human being. And it does get messy, and terrible, and you cry. You do. But saying that it was not the best thing that ever happened to me, would be a lie. The question is; does it ever happen again? Are you fated with one person for the rest of your life to love and cherish one another and well.. if that doesn't work out you're screwed, or is it just another fish in the pond? Many believe that love does come again, some even say that with every next relationship the love for the person is stronger, but then again, is it really 'love' if you can find multiple replacements? My theory: Everyone has a second half. Someone that you love no matter what and always look out for even if you are not together anymore, and in most cases you wont be, but no matter who you meet after them, no matter how good they are or what they have done for you, nothing will ever compare to that one true love. After that, nothing will fit again, nothing will be the same and 'love' will be more of a task rather than a feeling. Because love was so pure and beautiful when you met that person... but after everything got messed up, love didn't matter anymore. Then it was just about 'liking' the person or surviving with them, but 'he' was always on the back of your mind.

In this novel I will walk you through the beginning, climax and tragic end of my relationship.So buckle up, and lets begin our journey.

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