Dark Lord's Heir

What if Voldemort fell in love, just enough to have a child, a daughter and that daughter was born of light and pureness. Hardly anything to be Dark lord material, so she get locked away, until it is her time to go to Hogwarts. What will she do, and what house will she be sorted into.
-Daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix-


2. 1. Prison

I wake up from my dream and I cry. It was the perfect paradise from what I am living right now. You may wonder but I was never in an orphanage. My Father, is the dreaded dark lord, Voldemort, or also  known as Tom Marvlo Riddle. My Father wants me to be the next Dark Lord, but when I told him no, he tried to kill me, but my adoptive Father, and my warden, suggested locking me up, to punish me, Father accepted. So here I am in my room, bare of everything except for a bookshelf, dresser, closet, and my bedroom. I have a bathroom as well, but all it is a sink, shower, and toilet. I never leave this room, the only way in or out is apparating. I don't even have a mirror in here, the only time I leave this room is when Mrs. Malfoy, comes to get my hair cut, she then casts  another glamor spell to make me look like part of their family on top of that my eyes naturally, are the unnatural bright red, like my father.

This year I am going to Hogwarts where I am expected to follow my Father's footsteps, but I'll be damned if I do.

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