The Point of No Return

If you had the choice and the opportunity to travel back in time to undo all the misery in your life, would you do it? If this meant the rest of your life changed forever, would you go past the point of no return?

Ayda gets the opportunity to use the only time travelling machine that is actually working. Her whole life, she'd been hoping for this chance, so she could go back to that one day that has scarred her for life. She desperately wants to change her past, but what will happen to her future if she does so? Is she ready to change everything? And what with the boy, the one who could be her past, present and future?

Author's note: I'm first going to upload the prologue of this story, a story that kept appearing in my mind for almost 2 years now, but first I want to make sure this will interest you. Only then I want to put an effort in completing it. I don't have much time since I'm at university, but if you guys like it, I will try my best. So let me know! - Tinne

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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