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2. A series of scandals /part two/



It was late March when Washington's troops left the winter encampment in Morristown. They were marching towards Philadelphia according to the General's plan, except a few who was sent on a spying mission, such as Hercules Mulligan and alongside him, [name]. They were to act as husband and wife or lovers. However [name] found the task unpleasant. She never asked to be part of this madness, but being the ex-lover of the General's made her end up in it nonetheless. The hardest was to leave the man she came to love without knowing if they would ever meet again. Lafayette, the man plaguing her mind and sleep, the worst ends he can meet in the battlefield or how he won't love her when she comes back, if she does.


[Name] was sitting with the officers in their assigned cabin as per usual lately. "I can't believe the top rank officers agreed with Washington about this plan," she complained in the company of a sigh. She laid back into the hold of her new lover, Lafayette. "You will be going with 'Ercules, you will be safe, ma chèri," he said and kissed the top of her head. At the open display of his affection the others, being the good friends they are, made catcalls in mockery. [Name] just giggled at their infantile behaviour. "I hope I can serve good enough ta earn that kind of trust," the said man replied with a smile one could almost call dorky. "Just bring back [name] in one piece," Lafayette added as the end of discussion. "If you excuse us, I 'ave to say au revoir to [name] properly." They stood up and with nightly goodbyes they walked upstairs. "Finally they're getting a room," she could still hear John chuckle.

Lafayette kicked in the door after himself and immediately pulled [name] into a tight hug. One hand moved to cup her cheek when she wrapped her arms around him. "I don't want to lose you. Promise me you come back," he whispered into her hair, pulling her body even closer to his. "I promise," she replied and bent her head onto his shoulder gripping the back of his shirt like she'd never want to let go of it. "And wherever I am, I will be waiting for you," Lafayette said and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "I know but enough of this gloomy mood." She could hear him chuckle lightly and he held her away from his body. "What business does a lady like you 'ave 'ere? I could make your stay worth it," he said just like the first time they met. "But sir, that's not the way to talk with a girl like me," she said in a shy manner, playing along with him. "Oh, excusez-moi, mademoiselle. Would Your Highness prefer a tour around?" Lafayette asked with an overdramatic bow. She let out a small giggle. "No, no, sir. I'm just a simple girl, I don't need fancy words." He snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her close one again. "Peut-être, voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" he whispered in a seductive tone and pressed a butterfly kiss onto her neck. "O-oui," [name] replied, her voice breaking when his lips touched her skin.


The carriage was rolling into the village with the most unexpected jolts because of the uneven road. Not once her head bumped against Hercules' shoulder during the two day ride. "There might be redcoats who know me so we're sticking to my version of the cover story, okay?" he asked as the first buildings passed by them. "Sure. But I'm really nervous," [name] admitted looking out of the window. "It's gonna be fine. I'll bring you back to your boyfriend in one piece," Herc tried to calm her. "He's not my boyfriend..," she mumbled and tore her gaze away from the darkness outside. Before they could get into an argument whether Lafayette was her boyfriend the carriage came to an abrupt halt. "We're here, sir," the coachman said opening the door. "Thanks. And you don't need ta help with the luggage," Herc said and climbed out to offer a hand for her. She placed her hand in his and hopped out with a smile.

Hercules walked into the inn with the two suitcases in his hand, [name] following after him. "Good evening! How may I serve you?" an older man behind the counter asked. "We're looking for a free room for the night," Herc replied simply. She stood next to him with a slight smile. "We only have a small room to rent. I'm afraid that's not up to the expectations of your mistress," the owner replied, thinking Herc was the servant of [name]. It made her laugh and it was hard for her to stifle it. "We take it still," he said and looked at her with narrowed eyes. She gulped down the rising laughter and straightened herself. "Please show us the room," she said with a bit of impatience in her voice. The man nodded and headed towards the room. It was on the first floor and it really was small. Only a double bed, a small drawer and a chair fitted into it.

[Name] was shivering even under the thick blanket as the night was extremely cold. "Hey, ya alright?" Hercules asked not seeing too much in the dark. "Yes, I'm just cold," she replied and pulled the blanket tighter around her. "Come 'ere, I'll warm you up," he offered and reached out at her. "I'm fine, you don't need to," she replied with slightly clattering teeth. Without any further warning Herc pulled her body against his and hugged her close. "Let go, please," she pleaded although it definitely felt warmer being snuggled up to him. "Relax, I won't do a thing and if you catch a cold Laf will kill me," he grumbled. She let out a few huffs before it turned into her sleeping breathes. Herc smiled to himself and following suit he fell asleep also.


The first few days passed calmly, as if the small village wasn't affected by the revolution. [Name] could walk around the city on her own if she wanted, and not one occasion found herself in a slightly dangerous situation. One time, she was out a bit too late and a somewhat older boy was trying to get her attention. He was on the verge of kidnapping her when Herc came and saved her. He broke some teeth of the boy also. Even if she was called out on walking around alone at late, Hercules was obviously happy that she was unhurt. At another time she got tipsy and wanted to dance on the tables in the pub. It happened as [name] drank all her wine but was staying with Herc and the other men and took a swig of his drink what was pure whiskey, much stronger than to what she was used to. Fortunately, before any scandalous thing could happen he threw her onto his shoulder and took her to bed.

Even if their cover story was that she run away from home because her parents didn't like the idea of a low origin man was courting her, not to mention an immigrant, their real relationship was rather of a brother and sister's. Herc would always come to her rescue -not as if she was looking for trouble- and she often got them advantages with her prettiness.


Hercules came into the house they managed to rent during their few months stay. He seemed happy finally after so long and [name] greeted him cheerfully from the kitchen. "I have good news. We're going home in a few days," he said with a small smile. She put down the ladle she was holding and jumped onto him with a hug. "This is great. I could kiss you now," she said and smiled widely. "Keep that for your lover," he replied and set her down. She returned to finish the dinner she was making and Herc went to rest in the salon.

Not long after, they were saying goodbyes and retiring for the day after dinner. [Name] went to the small room she had, finally comfortable that she doesn't need to sleep with Hercules. Not as if she had a problem with him but he was way more loyal in his marriage than Washington and Lafayette proved to be and she was too in love with the latter to even have a nagging feeling to seduce him. She sat down on her narrow bed and picked up the letter lying on the small stand. She read it every night before going to sleep even if she knew it by heart by now.

Mon Doux Chéri,

I know the dangers this letter can get you into or the mission but I cannot help letting you know how I am and asking about your well-being.

I hope that you are safe and the company of Hercules does not bore you. I pray that you remain the same you was the time we parted as your cheerful spirit amuses me to a great level. I wish you a pleasant stay and good health.

In other matters, we are advancing as planned towards the City and hopefully can take and keep it. In your absence I was promoted to Major General but that changes nothing about us.

I am waiting for your return every day.

Yours truly, G. Lafayette

[Name] put down the small paper with a small smile. She sent an answer the day after with the same messenger who brought the letter. It felt really nice that even in the midst of a tiring march he found time to write her when she never saw him write a letter to her wife in France. Of course, she wasn't in the position to question his acts but she still found it strange.


In the morning they were only half a day ride from the temporary campsite of the Continental Army. She was ushering her horse to run at the highest speed without making Silver exhausted. Mulligan was riding somewhat behind her, easily keeping up with her. "You'll kill your horse on the last 50 meters if you ride so fast," Herc shouted at her. "I bet I won't. There's not that much left," she shouted back and rode into the camp. Herc just shook his head at her. The soldiers were looking strangely at her, some even seemed too have a predatory glint in their eyes. She ignored the stares and in a slow pace she rode up to the middle of the camp where the high ranking officers' tents were. [Name] tied her horse to a post and barged into the tent oblivious to the fact that a meeting might be in place. She flashed a smile at the enraged colonels, lower rank generals and Washington before catching the brightened up expression of Lafayette. "I'm so sorry," she mumbled and mouthed an 'I'm waiting for you,' to him.

The moment she stepped outside the hearty laugh of Mulligan's reached her ear. "That was quick," he managed to say when he stopped laughing and finished tying his horse to the same spot as her was. "I walked into the middle of a meeting," [name] mumbled embarrassed, sure that they won't let this slip easily. "It wasn't you if it didn't happen," he said and pulled her into a bear hug. "Don't worry, Washington will forgive you," he tried calming her. [Name] just muttered something incoherent and snuggled into the hug. They stayed like that for a couple more minutes, what eventually proved to last a bit more than the meeting.

[Name] only heard the shuffling of multiple pairs of feet as her face was still against Herc's chest. "'Ey, good man, stop molesting zhe girl," a long not heard voice said in a joking manner. "Lafayette!" she exclaimed and broke free from Hercules' hold. She turned to the Frenchman with a huge grin and within a second she was trapped in another embrace, a more gentle one. "Ma petite, I 'ave missed you," he whispered into her hair. "Me too," she whispered back and looked up at him. There was a moment of silence between the two before Lafayette leaned down to press a light kiss to her lips. They broke apart when another sets of feet stopped nearby. "C'mon [name], give us a welcome kiss too," John chuckled and high-fived Herc. "Hi guys," she said sheepishly, turning towards him and Alexander with a slight wave.


To be continued in part three...

French translations

ma chéri= darling

au revoir= goodbye

excusez-moi= excuse me

mademoiselle= miss

Peut-être, voulez-vous coucher avec moi?= Perhaps, you'd like to sleep with me?

oui= yes

Mon Doux Chéri= My Sweet Darling

ma petite= my little [ means darling]

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