True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


9. Chapter 9: Louis

After getting in trouble multiple times by the teacher and numerous talks with the dolls, i still haven't figured out their names yet. As Te bell rang for end of period pupils started gathering their books despite the word of our teacher, I walked out the door with Ethan hot on my heels

N: where are you going so fast?

Z: to track, my next class. Where else?

I tried speeding up a bit to give him the hint I didn't want to talk but he just sped up along side me seeming oblivious.

N: hey that's my next class too.

Oh great. I'm never gonna get rid of his guy. As I am good at sports I put in my application I was really good. The teacher introduced me and as he thought my so called 'skills' we're off the chart he paired me with the best player on the team.


He had a stern look on his face as we passed back and forth not uttering a word, I knew something was up. I stopped the ball and pegged it right at his face, he easily dodged and sent an evil glare my way before storming over and screaming into my face.

"What the hell was that, are you trying to kill me or something"

I internally laughed at him but kept a blank pokerface which I had perfected throughout the years and replied with a sweet no, but it was nice to meet you too.

He stormed off to the teacher muttering serial killer words under his breath, I took the time to check my nails and saw out of the corner of my eye he was coming over with the coach, an evil grin of victory smothered onto his face. This is when I chose to put my plan into action. I called to Niall to pass me the ball knowing he wouldn't miss this opportunity. A smile grew on my face as the ball lifted from his foot and came flying through the air straight at me. Although I could have stopped it I let it hit me and I fell to the ground wincing in pain.

Just as I thought the coach told Louis to help me to the nurses office. He grumbled but lifted me to my feet and pulled me along behind him. Out of the corner of my eye I see a cheerleader girl giving me a deathly stare.

"Is that your girlfriend or something, she's giving me evil glares"

L: sorry about her, she's very jealous of other girls. Just ignore her.

He glanced me up and down and a smirk appeared on his face which I couldn't make out.

L: a nerd huh? Have you ever sworn before?

Z: what! Or course not

A lie. He had no idea who I was beneath this disguise. we argued and laughed in the way to the nurses office that when we got there I was kinda sad he had to leave

L: Well I better get back

Z: no stay, please.

He immediately chuckled but agreed and sat in a chair outside the door as I walked in. The nurse checked me and said she'd be back with my results, that's when Louis walked in and said.

L: you're such a goody two shoes

Z: am not

L: then prove it

Z: how?

L: swear

I saw a wicked grin grow on his face but I still agreed and stated with pride "crap". He just stared in astonishment.

L: that's not a swear word try again

I sighed at his immaturity, "fuck". Just as that word passes through my lips the nurse whipped the curtain over and immediately blamed Louis.

"There is to be no swearing in here, Zoe darling is he disturbing you. "

Louis looked at me calmly but what I said next

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