True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


7. Chapter 7: The Mission


We all file into Harry ... I mean the bosses office and await his instructions. Having no idea what I was supposed to do, I nudged my way to the front of the pack of agents. I was reasonably shorter than most of them, I stood on tiptoe but that couldn't even compare. I was only 150cm /4 ft 9. I stood watching the back of the suit Harry was wearing as he stared out into the distance of the city overlooking the ocean, The floor to ceiling windows made this easy for everyone to follow his gaze, It was midday so I had no trouble seeing everything in my eyes line of sight.

He slowly but surely turning around and locked eyes with me. His green eyes looking through my eyes into my soul, I couldn't help but feel queezy under his gaze but something about him made me want to know more.

H: We have a new mission as all of you know" He locked eyes with mine but as I smiled fondly at him I received a blank face in return. "We have new information that there is a private school where CIA trainees learn, we need to enroll some of you to help find out more information about what they are planning. Zoe. She is the youngest and will go undetected in the school you must find out as much as possible and report to me after. Nathan, Zac, Ash and Jacob. you will enroll to to keep an eye out for our new member."

My mouth gaped open at this sudden mission of mine. I heard snickering behind me and whispers of how i'd fail and be kicked out. I stared at Harry's back as he strode out of view around the corner and people were starting to file back to the elevator, I stayed behind but Nathan dragged me in. Once the doors opened I was pushed out and into a wall where I was cornered by the 4 boys.

N: school starts tomorrow, we need to go shopping for your disguise.

J (Jacob): You will be going undercover as a nerdy kid, so don't draw attention to yourself.

I was fuming. How could they expect me to just go along with this, but I will, I need to get closer to Harry, something about him was off and I intended to find out.

Z: No! I'll go but not as a nerd. As if it matters anyway.

I began to walk away but was pulled back by the collar of my shirt and pinned to the wall, my feet dangling ever so slightly off the floor as I looked Ash in the face.

A (ash): get in the car

he didn't yell like I thought he would, it was just a low growl which made my bones tingle. I was not to argue with him and hopped into the car. We drove in silence to the shops.


"Here" they all yell at me, chucking clothes at me with accessories such as glasses. I grabbed them unwillingly and went to the changing rooms.

(Zoe's nerd disguise)

After much squabbling of what to get and what made me look stupid enough I walked miserably out of the shops, bags full of nerd clothing. and threw them into the car. I can't wait for the first day of school. I am only 17 anyway.

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