True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


6. Chapter 6: The Mafia

A smile crept onto my face as I thought about the idea. Zoe Wilson, bad ass Mafia gang leader. Ok, maybe not leader but whatever.

The boys drove me in their car to meet The rest of the 'gang'. We pulled up outside an office building and rode the elevator to the top floor. Their, they pushed me inside and wished me luck and closed the doors before I could protest. Slowly edging forward into the office I see a black wheely chair behind a desk at the far side and a voice boomed out.

"You want to join our Mafia gang?"

I fumbled for word before coming out with a simple yes.


Z: Because it was offered to me by Nathan, and I feel I could help lots of people.

I was totally unsure of my answer and didn't mean to dob Nathan in. The chair finally spun around to reveal a handsome man. He had curly brown hair and piercing green eyes which made me want to faint from his perfection.

"Fair enough, Call me Harry" He slightly smiled and showed off his glistening white teeth. It made me feel a bit ugly in his presence with my jet black straight hair and dark brown eyes.

His guards soon came in and interrogated lots of questions. Asking about my past and everything they could think of. eventually I was let off and Harry was waiting for me.

H: I didn't catch your name" He stood tall in his suit

Z: My name is Zoe." I smiled and looked anywhere but his eyes and awkwardly walked past him to the elevator to find Nathan.

As the elevator was descending through the levels it stopped at one and in came Nathan.

I pounced on him and told him everything that happened. Telling about how awkward and embarrassing I was infront of harry

N: woah, he tells everyone to call him boss. you must be special" He winks cheekily.

I am left dazed before a blaring voice over breaks me from my thoughts

"I have a mission, please report to my office"

Must be Harry, I was pushed along with a small crowd of people towards the elevator and got squished between two strong men eyeing me like I wasn't supposed to be here. I tried to make myself invisible as I felt uneasy.

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