True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


5. Chapter 5: The Truth

I push the door open with a sudden bang. And all the boys come rushing forward, They look at me in disbelief like I just startled them for no reason.

Z: I need to talk to you Nathan

I no longer hesitate saying his name. I'm over it. We slowly move away from the others and I look him in the eyes, begging him to focus and then I start.


There I was, sitting in my homemade tire swing in the back of my garden, The morning sun glistening over the previous nights rain when I heard screams. Not just one, but screams of my whole family. I was stunned, I ran to see the problem when I saw my mother, a gag in her mouth knocked unconscious, some guy dragging her away out the front door to a parked black van. 

I looked through the house and found my two younger sister and father in the same state, I was frozen, like I couldn't believe this wasn't a dream. A bloodcurdling scream fell from my mouth as I backed away from the site, Men rushing towards me. I ran. I ran as fast as I could but it was no use, they tackled me to the ground grass filling my mouth and rocks stuck inside my grazes. They gagged and knocked me out.

I awoke, tied in a metal chair in a basement, the floor, walls and ceilings were all concrete with no windows, Just a hanging light bulb flickering, it barely lit up the room but I was able to see my family's terrified faces, tears streaming down their faces, bodies slumped against their chairs and I knew they had given up hope. The door crashed open to reveal. Damien. He and his 'friends' killed my family, and emotionally tore me apart. When they were done with my family they saw my weak and depressed, heartbroken state and left. But not before he turned around and said.

"The name's Damien"

A sick, evil laugh echoed from his lips and haunts me to this day. Since then I had sworn revenge on him. To make him pay for what he did and suffer the way my family and I have suffered.

*back to present*

I wiped my face but not a single tear had fallen so I looked at Nathan's response. His face resting against his hands seemed deep in thought and stayed blank not giving me the slightest clue how he felt. I lay back and closed my eyes waiting for the memory to vanish and engulf my mind in a black world of nothingness.

N: I'm Sorry

I rolled my eyes. as if I needed sympathy anymore, that happened years ago I have moved on.

N: why are you telling me this now

Z: He's here. Damien is here.

I shudder as I remember the look on his face, all happy and dandy. such a sadist.

N: what do you plan to do

I see a small smirk forming on his lips but is quickly suppressed by his blank face. I don't give it a passing thought.

Z: I plan to kill him.

N: You'll be needing help then. Are you willing? But then to accept, you must promise to continue with us.

Z: Yes.

I didn't give it another thought. Whatever he meant by continuing I would put up with when I savored Damien's death. Only then would I learn to be happy again.

All of a sudden the rest of the boys burst through the door. Obviously listening to our conversation. Smiles on their faces and they all said in sinc.

"Good to finally have a girl on the team"

N: welcome to the Mafia

What had I gotten myself into?

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