True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


4. Chapter 4: Roommates

I watched cautiously as Nathan opened the door for me, peeking inside. I saw a bunch of guys on the couch watching a match of football. I stifle a laugh as I enter of how basic they are.

Nathan gives me an understanding nod, and walks ahead.

N: Guys, I want you to meet my friend. she's staying with us for a while. Zoe, meet Jacob, Zac and Ash.

Jacob had chocolate brown hair swept away from his face kinda in a fringe. Zac had Blonde hair and blue eyes. Ash had Jet black hair and dark blue eyes. They were all really muscular. 

Z: Hey guys

They quickly showed me my room and went back to watching the game. I slowly unpacked my belongings. A picture of my family before it was just me lay at the bottom of my bag. I smiled sadly. I felt nothing, no pain, sadness, or happiness. I just felt empty inside.

I quickly jogged out of my room but stopped short when I Heard arguing.

"she can't stay here"


I peeked from behind the wall and saw Nathan and Ash.

"you know why"

"She wont find out ok"

"she's smarter than you think"

I then heard footsteps receding from me. What did he mean i'm smarter than he thinks. Why did Ash talk like he Knew me. I quickly took this opportunity to get out of the house. I remember here. I slowly made my way to the park after taking a couple wrong turns. I sat in the swing and watched as the sun was slowly setting along the horizon, it cast long shadow across the world and looked like an explosion in the sky with a mix of vibrant orange with pinks, The clouds basking in it. This was my favourite time of day it reminded me that everything has an end.

I glanced sideways at a black van who had pulled up in a parking lot not far from me, The tinted window rolled down to reveal a face I thought I'd never see again. Damien. My eyes flared with anger but his face stayed still plastered with happiness and glee. I knew for sure he remembered me. The car slowly drove away,the sun blinding my view of them. I quickly ran back to Nathan's house. I couldn't hold in the truth, I had to tell someone. That someone would be Nathan.

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