True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


2. Chapter 2: Old Friend!?

After running for what felt like days i ended up stumbling upon a small house in the forest, but i could still partially see the city from behind the trees. I didn't care for who lived here. My emotions ran dry as i stormed through the door, anger laced through my body. A man stood up and yelled at me to get out. 

My blood boiled and anger rose. Suddenly i couldn't control my senses a flash of white blinding me from my point of view to that of a monsters. 

i saw slashes of red and a blood curdled scream which was sure to catch the attention of the city. i hear sirens wailing and snap out of my trance and here i sit in a pool of blood that surrounds the dead man. 

one single drop of tears falls from my eye, the months of non stop crying has made my tears run dry. I no longer felt sad for this man because i brought him to a better place though i couldn't stay here and i hear the light slam of car doors and murmuring until i hear

"we are the police, law enforcers and you will not get away, we have the whole building surrounded you are trapped,come out with your hands up!"

the squeaking of the microphone buzzed in my head as an annoying mosquito does.

I feel no fear a a wicked grin spreads across my face. i don't make a sound as i search for weapons in the house and end up finding 2 guns and 5 knifes i shove them into my pockets and run to the window, as i suspect there are police aiming there guns at the front door but none notice me. i pull out my phone before realizing i have no signal and who would i call anyway i'm alone. I soon realise it's no use putting up a fight, because if i die no one will even miss me, another tear falls down my face as soon as i hear a door slam open. 

Determination fills my eyes as i storm for the window and crash through, and i run for my life, when i was younger which i don't like to think about the happy moments with family but i did track so i can run a long way, i ran into the city looking over my shoulder before crashing into someone and falling ontop of them. before i realize i stare at them and realise it's my old friend.

i say old because i haven't seen him since ... yeah. i quickly jump up try to leave but he grabs my arm and pulls me into a narrow side lane and we watch silently as they run past.

i can't bear to look at him knowing i will crumble thinking about it but he forces my head to look him in the eyes. his lovely dark sea blue eyes

i see myself glance a look at his soft lips as he bits his bottom lip which i suddenly regretted.

i tried to push away but he already closed the gap between us, he bent down, his lips against my cheek, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through my nerves, shivers that made my whole body tremble. "If you want me to stop, tell me now," he whispered. i pondered the question but said nothing feeling frozen to the spot, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of my temple. "Or now." He traced his finger along my cheekbone. "Or now." His lips were against mine.


But I had reached up and pulled him down to me, and the rest of his words were lost against my mouth. He kissed me gently, carefully. But i soon came to and pushed away from him gasping slightly at the loss of contact but seeing him eye me all over i knew this was not the person i once called friend, i see he has now changed for the worse.

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