True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


15. Chapter 15: choosing

Zoe's POV: 

I am dragged back to Harry's room and I see him standing yet again wearing a suit and staring out of the massive windows. The sun now high in the sky lighting everything up below. I stare at Harry's back too shocked to think straight let alone trust myself in talking without aggravating him. I know what he can do, He killed Louis who he had some connection with in the past and i'm sure he won't hesitate in killing me if i got in his way. I need Nathan to get me out of here.

He slowly turns, sighing slightly and I can see his eyes are blood shot. probably because of me. 

I turn my head to the floor to afraid to look him in the eye afraid i'll burst into tears or worse. I see him in the corner of my eye waiting patiently as he stares me down. I finally lift my head and stand straight trying to act confident when even in his presence I feel small and insignificant.

H: What were you doing with him?

His voice doesn't sound sincere or sympathetic in any way. just a solemn monotone voice is enough to make tears brim at my eye. I hold the tears back and take deep breaths.

Z: I --

I glance down and sort my thoughts out. He can't know I was friends with his enemy so i'll tell him exactly what he wants to hear

Z: He pushed me into his car and said if I struggled he would kill me

I fell harry's gaze burning into me as if he can read my thoughts. He finally sighs and faces back at the window.

H: do you know why I look out this window Zoe?

I never thought about why, I just thought he liked the view or the calmness of it or something

Z: um no

I respond with uncertainty as I am reluctant to agree he isn't going to get angry at me. I slowly step next to him and look out the window.

H: it's because I can see everything from here, the sky, the ground. My parents. I feel free.

Z: Your Parents?

I can't help but pry, the way he tenses at the question I know it was a bad Idea

H: My parent's yes. They .. They're with me, still in my heart and here I can see and feel their presence.

I stiffen at the thought of Harry's parents watching us. i clasp my hands together tightly, hiding them under my shirt knowing that if Harry saw he would know i was scared of him. I was scared of him.

Z: why did you kill Louis?

I suddenly blurt out unable to hold back my curiosity. I now stare long and hard at the side of his face as he still stares out the window, his eyes glazed over hiding his thoughts from me. I begin to repeat in my head as the silence gets longer and the air in the room seems to start choking me, "don't be afraid, don't let him know" over and over and over. 

Finally i let out a groan knowing he's not going to respond.

Z: fine! be that way and don't tell me then

I start to storm off but as i reach the door and pull at it hastily it doesn't budge. Locked. I pull at it harder now becoming frustrated that it feels like i'm Harry's little pet. 

Z: Let me out!
I scream at him drastically now pounding on the door.

Harry turns around to watch me struggle and i can only glare back.

H: be careful Zoe. curiosity killed the cat

at that the door behind me suddenly opened, i was shocked at his words. Curiosity killed the cat. I bolt from the room running to find Nathan, anyone that would help me. I feel a stream of tears begin to run down my face and blur my vision as i smash into Nathan's room and shut the door with a slam. 

I hear footsteps come rushing and then a presence beside me. I don't need to look, i know it's Nathan

N: Zoe

He whispers, pulling me into a hug. A hug I didn't realise i needed until now. I refused to let go of him even after minutes passed. Eventually he lifted me from the ground and placed me on his couch grabbing a box of tissues for me. 

I gratefully take the tissues and wipe at my eyes and nose knowing i look like a mess, I try turn my head away from Nathan so he doesn't see me but he grabs my head and forces me to look straight into his eyes, his red raw eyes. He's been crying.

Z: Nathan.. you were--

N: Zoe. I thought I lost you. I thought he killed you along with Louis! I thought I'd never see you again.

He hugs me once more.

Z:  Nathan, get me out of here. get me a new identity I don't care. I just want out! I never want to see Harry again.

Nathan looks at me, sadness blooming in his eyes. 

N: it's against the rules Zoe. But i'll find a way. 

My eyes turn steely hard as a plan starts to form in my head, escaping Harry's grasp will be a hard mission but if my plan is right I should be fine

Z: I have a plan

N: i'm all ears



thank you all for reading :) 

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