True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


14. Chapter 14:

Zoe's POV:

Louis pulls me up roughly glancing around before pulling open what i assumed was his car door and motioned politely to make me get in, clearly not wanting people noticing us.

I pushed all the thoughts of what could go wrong out of my mind and built up the courage to get in the car. he closed the door behind me and got in on the drivers side. I couldn't tell him about Harry or the Mafia. I crossed my fingers and toes he wouldn't ask.

L: what are you doing here and why were you running? this place is more than an hour away from school.

He gave me a stern look that made me stare at my shoes for comfort. 

Z: I... I was.. um.

I didn't manage o get anymore out before he cut me off.

L: look, I don't want to see you here again. there's some bad people working in buildings around here and it's not safe for you, as you are a student to be here.

I knew what he meant by bad people, He meant harry. He meant the people who were in Harry;s room looking for me. But I couldn't bring myself to agree with him. Even with all the signs pointing that I should listen to him my heart never budges. These people are like family to me and to leave them would be too much.

Without muttering a word I just nod my head.

He stares me down and I can't stand to look him in the eyes. Finally, he turns away and stops the car.

L: I care about you Zoe. I don't want you to get hur--

Those were the last words I ever heard from Louis. A bullet penetrated through the glass and into the side of his head knocking him the the floor instantly. The flow of blood comes strong and never ending. The sight of his eyes as he stares into mine. the fight he was having for life slowly slips away as his eyes roll back in his head and his chest stops moving. I can't do anything. My hand plastered to my mouth as I try to accept what just happened. I don't even notice as my door opens and someone pulls me out and whispers in my ear 

"Harry's Orders"

Time moves in slow motion as I am dragged away from the car and Harry's workers clean and dump the body.

What have I done. What has Harry done.





sorry i haven't updated in forever but here you go. another cliff hanger :)

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