True Love

This story is about a girl, Zoe. She's overcoming a traumatic experience and is accepted into a leading mafia gang to become an undercover spy at a private school, Here she will find secrets and fall in love?


10. Chapter 10: Late nights

Z: yes miss

I smiled smugly, grinning from ear to ear looking like a clown and I saw his slumped body being pulled to the door, his mouth hanging so low in astonishment. I mentally patted myself on the back after that one.


After school ends I get a text from an unknown number

: whatcha doing tonight

Z: who is this?

: oh soz baby girl, it's Louis ;)

Z: why do you want to know

L: cause I miss you so much, how about we go for a little midnight walk?

Z: fine, I'll meet you at the oval in 5

I quickly dressed into legging and a loose comfy sweater with my hair half up in loose curls. I mentally face palmed as I walked out of my room remembering the 'no students outside their rooms after 10'

I cautiously made my way down to the oval using shadows as my passageways and saw him standing there waiting, I quickly walk up and tap his shoulder.

L: hey, I'm here

L: great lets jog

I see him eye me up and down and smirk beneath his hair falling over his forehead.

Z: so, why did you ask me out here?

L: can I not see you, miss sassy pants

I giggle at his nicknames for me and sigh as we near the forest on the opposite side of the oval, I wearily look back and the dim light showing from the school and turn to the pitch Black Forest.

Z: uhh, let's not go this way. It's too dark and out of bounds

Let's just say after a lot of persuading we began our hike through the forest making small talk alone the way.

I feel my foot slip out from beneath me and cling to Louis for support but end up dragging him with me as we fell into the well.

I hear a groan of pain as we land and assume it's Louis

Z: are you ok?

L: no, I think I broke my ankle

Z: we need to get out and find help

Suddenly an idea springs to mind.

Z: can you stand?

L: no, it hurts when I put weight on it

Z: lean your back against mine and we'll push up together

We link our arms and on the count of three I place my feet on the slimy edges of the brick well and push, we make it about 10cm and fall back, Louis groaning in pain. I suddenly feel him lift me by my waist and hoist me into the air.

L: your the only one who can climb out, your strong enough

I quickly grasp onto the ledges left out and pull myself up brick by brick. I eventually pull myself out of the well and yell down that I'll be back. I quickly make my way back towards the school, stumbling over hidden rocks and sticks in the grass.

I hear a snap of a twig echo out from behind me and spin in fear seeing nothing but blackness, I run faster towards the school heart pounding as my mind races with the thoughts of what that was

Was that a person

It couldn't have been Louis

They could have killed me

Louis is still there

I need to get to him quick before that person finds him

I dig my way into an open shed and find a ladder, perfect.

I haul the ladder along the grass getting stuck every ten second but push in in the fear that Louis is still waiting for me.

I finally make it to the well and peer down, the moonlight lighting it up enough that I see the bottom of the well, I gasp in shock as I see Louis is no longer in the well he was gone.

My mind races with possibilities, but one sticks out

Was he kidnapped?

Another snap echoes from behind me and this time I spin to see a passed out person laying on the ground next to a silhouette too dark to see, only the radiation blue eyes stared at me, focusing on its next pray.

I stumble back and sprint towards the school leaving the ladder, I hear the footsteps behind me slowly drift away as I make my way in the school gates and up to my room, locking the door instantly.

I sat in my bed, eyes wide and jumping at every shadow that passes my window.

I didn't get much sleep that night

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