Quotes and Songs

A story of Quotes of saddness and lyrics of every kind.


12. Stolen Innocence (Courtney Parker)

I find it funny how a smile can hide a broken heart

and how the masking of your feelings is a secret art

Would you have seen this coming? I know she hides it well

The whole world is really under this girls tragic spell

Thinking nothing of the glare in her big brown eyes

little do they know, they're a great disguise

She wakes up, watches the sunrise

starts reeling off the bucket loads of sad lies

"Are you alright?" "yes." She replies

no one can hear the scream of her internal cries

she thinks there's no hope and no faith left to give

feels no reason and no purpose for her soul to live

How could you take this girl, and make her feel secure

then go grab your mates, and make her feel impure

'Cause now she's damaged forever and her thoughts are stained 

with every memory you gave her you should be ashamed

did you like it when you heard her screaming out in pain?

I bet the thought of it, Is driving her insane

One of the worst crimes you could commit

And for what? Your own selfish benefit.

and now she's thinking "Do i even deserve to live?"

'Cause what you did they is no way she could forgive

She was so Innocent 

Until that event

You made an indent on her present.

Now she's forced to travel down her life on this path

guess you really didn't think of the aftermath

Was it intentional?

Were you Delusional?

did you understand what you were doing at all?

what a wast of such a precious girl i will admit

You took advantage of her and now you've ruined it

And i just hope one day she will recover 

and her genuine smile she will discover

Sometimes the outside it don't mean a thing

'Cause this girl is Beautiful when you start digging in

and i'll admit that there's nothing left to say

but i promise that everything will be okay

and just remember that i'm here for you whenever

It's gunna be that way with us forever

'Cause you know that i'm never really very far

and when you hear this song, you'll know who you are

So i hope that you cherish the words that i wrote for you

and i admire you for every thing you've been through 

You are stronger then you'd ever know i promise you

Just think back to all the awful things, you know it's true

You're still standing here healthy and alive

but it you truly believe I know that you'll survive




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