Quotes and Songs

A story of Quotes of saddness and lyrics of every kind.


9. My quote

Some people just don't know what it mean to them,

Until they lose it.

That 'it' is You.

They don't know how much you mean to them...

Until they lose You.

Until they stop talking to you.

The one empty space in their Heart and Soul

Belongs to you.

They think that they can replace you

With some friend that they find at School,

But, Talk to all her Old friends..

But when she Looked at you,

She looked right through you.

It hurt that she don't even say 'Hi!' Like she use to

She would jump on your back and yell Hi in your ear.......

And ride your bus and sat together..

But now...We rode the same bus...

We don't talk anymore..

Your A Ghost To Everyone..

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