Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


4. Love Yourself

Melanie P.O.V. 

To Justin: sou think I'm really pretty from the pics?

From Justin: yea they took good ones and from the looks of them you look like a INstagram models 

To Justin: now ur pushing it 

I look nothing like them

From Justin: u look even better 

To Justin: r u masturbating over my pics?

From Justin: no why would I do that?

To Justin: see i'm not pretty

If I was u would be masturbating to the pics 

From Justin: ur not even naked in them '

 I don't think a sweater and jeans can get me off 

I would need some skin 

To Justin: ;) oh really 

From Justin: :0

Send me some 

If you want to of course 

To Justin: I will if u send a selfie 

From Justin: I can't 

To Justin: y??????

From Justin: I just can't love 

To Justin: :( well can u send any other pic of ur body (non sexual of course)

From Justin: no

To Justin: plz

From Justin: no mel 

To Justin: :( i hate u 

From Justin: what?

y? :(

To Justin: u won't send a pic 

it's just one and u know what i look like

From Justin: alright i will

To Justin: :) :) send away 

Justin sent a pic 

To Justin: i said send a selfie not a pic Justin Bieber 

From Justin:...

To Justin if ur not going to send me one I'll block u bye

From Justin: that is me 

To Justin: so ur Justin Bieber :/

From Justin: yes but u can't tell anyone this number 

To Justin: prove it

From Justin: put on the outfit u had on when we meet at the bakery 

To Justin: ok 

Justin sent a pic 

To Justin: :0 ur really Justin?

From Justin: I wouldn't lie about something like this

To Justin: I can't  believe it's u :) :) :)

I luv u so much justy 

From Justin :lol ur so cute 

but let's not let this change what we were before 

To Justin: oh yeah sry 

so u think I'm really cute?

From Justin: i already told u ur beautiful babe

To Justin: :) just wanted  to make sure and can I have that hoodie?

From Justin: haha no y?

To Justin: because I wanna keep it :/

From Justin: um i guess so what's ur address 

To Justin: I'll tell u but u better not give it to someone else 

318 Lakewood Avenue :)

From Justin: i'll someone bring it over

To Justin: and can u throw in some hot Cheetos 

I don't wanna get up to go to the store 

From Justin: lol sure babe

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