Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


12. Chapter 11

Melanie P.O.V. 

Justin's house is amazing. It's huge beyond my belief. It seemed like way too many rooms for just one human. 

''Why do you have so many rooms in here?"

"I have friends over some times"

"And how many friends do you have?"

"A few"

I roll my eyes and plop down on the bed. It's as soft as anything I've felt. He closes the door and climbs over me. 

"Justin we just-

He puts a finger on my lips and shh's me. 

"Melanie I'm going on tour soon"

The words make my heart fall. 


"I'm going on tour tomorrow and you can't come because Scooter says you'll be a distraction"

"How in the hell would I be a distraction?"

"I don't know and I can't change what he says"


"Because he's my boss and I respect him"

"Oh so you respect the man who says you're girlfriend can't come with you on tour?"

"You're my girlfriend?"

And the words push me over the edge. 

I get up and walk out and make sure to slam the door. 

Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe my heart got too big and his stayed the same. Maybe I fell to fast and hard. I knew I should've ignored that text. I mean who answers random text? I just wanted to spend time with him. I've loved him ever since Kidrauhl. I just wanted the same affection back.

I wipe the tears slipping down my face. I walk down the street and look at how big the other houses are. They were all different. One was super modern and the other one was kinda a classic one. I kept walking until I hear my name. 

"Melanie come back!" He yells. 

I turn back around and ignore his yells. He was leaving me. He was going to travel the world and meet models and girls way prettier than I'll ever be. Then he was going to 'fall in love' with her and it would be a Sofia Richie all over again. Maybe if he just went back out with Selena I would be fine with that. She's a nice girl. 

"Hey," I hear someone yell. 

I turn to see a woman with a robe on. 

"You better not be one of his girlfriends," She sasses. 

I roll my eyes and keep walking. And soon I'm out of the neighborhood. I walk onto the main road and walk on the side. I pull out my phone and call Calum. 

"Melanie where are you?"

"I'm on the side of the highway can you come pick me up?"


I have to my move phone from my ear to let it settle. 

"Stop yelling and no he didn't just come pick me up okay?"

"What happened?"

"I was stuck in a dream then I woke up and reality punched me in the face"

"Alright stay where you are I'll be there in a sec" 

My phone dings and I groan at the name that pops up. 

From Justin: Where r u??

To Justin: not with u 

From Justin: don't be like this Mel just come back or tell me where u r and I'll pick u up

To Justin: go find a model 

From Justin: look I'm sry the best thing I can do is rent hotels where ever we go on tour but you can't stay on the bus or in the same hotel as me

The idea makes me think. I wouldn't really get to be with him but we could sneak and see each other. 

To Justin: no but u can do me a favor 

From Justin: what?

To Justin: help my friend's band career start

From Justin: Calum?

To Justin: yes him and he wants to meet One Direction 

From Justin: fine I'll do it just plz let me pick u up Mel 

To Justin: alright I'm on the highway 

From Justin: 😨😨 ur on the highway god dammit Melanie

To Justin: what?

From Justin: someone might think you're a prostitute or something

To Justin: 😑😑 just come get me

From Justin: i'll be there in 5

To Justin: 5? it should take you 10 r u gonna speed?

From Justin:...

I roll my eyes and text Calum

To Calum: don't pick me up

From Calum: 😑😑 make up ur mind woman what do u want me 2 do?????????

To Calum: Justin will pick me up and he's gonna arrange 4 u to meet One Direction

From Calum: 😨👅😏 my daddies

To Calum: 😑😑😑 see ya later Cal and don't forget to tell the boys

From Calum: alright thx babe luv uuuuuuuuuuuuu

From Calum: sry for thr extra u's my u button got stuck

To Calum: 💓😂 luv u Cal


There you go... sorry it's kind boring but I'm sick again...😑 love blue 


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