Texting Bieber

Text from Unknown: Hey there sexy

To: Unknown: Um who are you ??


11. Chapter 10

Melanie P.O.V. 

We stay wrapped in each others arms for what seems for like forever but really it's just been 3 hours. And I have to go to work. 

"Come on Justin I have to go to work," I groan trying to free myself from his arms. 

He finally lets me go but he pouts. 

"Babe just stay home with me"

"This isn't your house"

He gives me a look and sighs. 

"I just wanna hold you Mel," He says and wraps his arms around me. 

I shake his arms off and finish putting on my uniform. 

"I have to go Justin. I have a job," I frown. 

"Then quit," He says simply. 

"I can't just quit. If I quit then I can't pay the bills. If I can't pay the bills then I'm homeless. Justin I'm not like you. I don't millions of dollars in the bank"

I bite my lip and feel hot tears warming my face. I shake my head and grab my phone and bag and head out. I wiped my nose and sit in the car. It was 11:32 and I was probably gonna get fired. I was about to pull out but then I remembered Justin's car. I would have to go ask him to move it or I would never get to work. 

I get out and slowly make my way back into the house. When I get in Justin is watching TV and eating Fruity Pebbles. 

"Can you move your car?"

"What's the password?"

"Justin I don't have time for this"

He turns around and he has a cute milk mustache on his face. The stain makes me smile. He laughs and gets up. He brings the bowl with him and he just stands in front of me.


"You want some?"


"I said do you want some?"

I wasn't sure if he was referring to the cereal or him. I'd take either one really.

I give him a nod and he scoops and spoonful of cereal and slides it into my mouth. I laugh and swallow the cereal. He smiles and kisses me. 

"Please quit your job Melanie"


"So we can spend time together"

"How am I gonna pay my bills?"

"You can stay with me," He smiled. 

"Alright but only if I can redecorate a little"

He gives a dramatic sigh but nods. 

"Now you ready to go to your new house Mrs. Bieber"

"Mrs. Bieber? But we're not married"

"I'm sure we will and then we'll have mini me's and mini you's"

I roll my eyes but laugh at his words. What would the world do with more Justin Biebers?


Sorry this is kinda boring but it's late. Texting Bieber is number one on popular stories this month :) thx so much guys!


Would you let Justin fed you? Do you wanna become Mrs. Bieber?????


Comment below your answers! LOVE BLUE :)

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