When We Fall In Love...

When your best friend from high school is your new neighbor what will happen? Will you fall in love or be forgotten?


1. Just The Begining..

Becca's POV:

When I see him on the twitter "Top 10" Or "The Sydney Talk" I think thats not the Ashton I knew in High School.Thats not my best friend..Well ex-best friend I guess..What really mad me upset was, my own mother is keeping 2 HUGE secrets from me. 1) We are moving to the neighborhood i dread passing on my way to school {you'll find out soon why} 2) The boys are visiting my house... TODAY! I rush getting ready. I must have took  15 minute shower. "Sh*t!, WTF should i wear?" "Need some help?" I knew it could not be who i thought it was.. Nope it was not , Its just my Best Bud James Marsheel

James POV: 

Whenever i see Becca she makes my head spin.. In a good way. To know she is in such pain wants to make me Kill this Ashton kid. I've loved her ever since she started this year of High School. We are completely different people. Im more of the sporty kid who every girl wants. But there is only 1 girl I want and thats Becca.But Becca she is the Tumblr Chic kid. But even if she was the uglist girl in school {which she is not} I would love her the same.


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