Unlikely Love

Hermione's mother died from cancer during her 3rd year at Hogwarts, her father blames her; blames Hermione, thinking that she could have used her magic to keep her mother from dying. So he turns into the loving dentist of a father, into an abusive Monster. After two years of dealing with the abuse, Hermione changes. She finally fights back, she outcasts herself, she is no longer part of the trio of Harry and Ron. Who will discover her secret, and what happens after that....


1. Prologue

Hello my name is Hermione Granger, I know you have heard of the Chosen one Harry Potter, but I will now tell you my story.

My mother passed away from stage five cancer during my 3rd year at Hogwarts, so I couldn't go home to be by her side, or at her funeral. For the fact that I wasn't there, he blames me for her death. After my third year, when I came home everything changed. My Father turned into my loving caring Father, into a bloodthirsty, abusive monster.

Ron didn't ever question me when I could no longer come over to his house on breaks, and Harry never question me when I stopped writing. It was as if they didn't care that I would disappear every summer, and become a ghost every time I would return to school. So eventually I gave up on them, on everyone, for no one noticed the difference, I could, that was for sure. I was becoming mean, cruel, and finally a cold hearted bitch.... This is my story.

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