Unlikely Love

Hermione's mother died from cancer during her 3rd year at Hogwarts, her father blames her; blames Hermione, thinking that she could have used her magic to keep her mother from dying. So he turns into the loving dentist of a father, into an abusive Monster. After two years of dealing with the abuse, Hermione changes. She finally fights back, she outcasts herself, she is no longer part of the trio of Harry and Ron. Who will discover her secret, and what happens after that....


2. Chapter 1. Abuse

-Warning, explicit content. You have been warned-

I am in the basement of my house, for the summer. When I am not at Hogwarts my life is a living hell, I don't even have a bed, I have a wood floor, and a sleeping bag. I wear rags for clothes, I don't eat all that much anymore. I eat about three times a week, but Sundays are a guarantee, because of Church dinner, the only day that my father is ever kind to me anymore. My wand alarm goes off and I jump up and shut it off so Father doesn't wake up. I start on my chores, making his breakfast and coffee. I start sweeping and mopping, hoping I would get it all done before he wakes up, with his dreadful hangover. I am not in the mood to deal with his shit, even though it will happen some time today, it always does...

I hear his familiar groan as the daylight wakes him up, from his alcoholic slumber. I start to clean a bit faster, hoping all he does is beat me. I don't need problems at school tomorrow.

"Hermione Jean Granger! Is my coffee ready you dumb girl?" He yells through the house.

"Yes Sir!" I grab a cup out of the cabinet, and pours his coffee, then rushes it to him, not caring if I burn myself. I give him his coffee, and I bow my head, and starts to hurry away.

"Oh Hermione..." my head falls as I dread what is going to happen next, well knowing what it is.

"Yes Sir?" I ask even though I know what is going to happen, just like every morning.

"I got morning wood, take care of it for me..." I swallow my disgust, as I go down on my knees. In front of his sitting form, forcing myself to take his dick in my hands, stroaking it until I knew if I didn't do what he wanted willingly, then he would force me anyway. I take him in my mouth, I suddenly get so tempted to bite him, but I don't. I finally get sick of all of this, and I stand up. "What do you think you are doing, Bitch?" he growls out. I pull my wand out and I point it at him. He gulps. He doesn't know we can't do magic outside of school.

"This, Bitch, is finally standing up to you and is taking a hike." I turn to walk away, but I was to slow, for I felt the whip cut the flesh of my back through what I would call my shirt. I scream, and something snaps. My blood comes alive... it hurts the monster I have come to know as Father. I walk away before I kill him. I pack my stuff up in my trunk, change out of my bloody rags, slides my blouse on carefully, trying not to hurt my back any more, I put some skinny jeans on, and slide on my trainers. I take my wand out and points at my trunk, that has and carries my Hogwarts stuff. "Wingardium Leviosa." My trunk levitates and starts to follow me as  I walk out of that hell, having no intention on returning. Even if I have to be homeless. I will not go back.

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