A collection of heart-felt poems! Enjoy!


3. Scars

Some have scars from stitches,

Some have scars from cuts,

I have scars from open wounds,

On my heart that can’t be shut.


Some have broken toys,

Some have broken bones,

I have a broken soul,

That lies in the unknowns.


Some people can forget,

Move past, forward, and on,

Not me, I never can,

Sometimes I cry til dawn.


I cry until my eyes run dry,

No more tears to be shed,

I cry until I can’t anymore,

Thoughts pounding in my head.


Then I’ll find a light,

Somewhere inside of me,

There will be no tears,

Just happiness and glee.


I will cry no more,

I will forget the past,

Someday, somehow,

Just happiness at last.

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