A collection of heart-felt poems! Enjoy!


2. On My Feet Again

You pushed me down,

You kept me pinned,

I was like a lost cause,

Drifting in the wind.


I lost all hope,

I lost pride,

I had nothing left,

Had nothing to hide.


You stripped me down to nothing,

You cruel, unhappy soul,

You took what little I had,

I couldn’t dig out of that hole.


You said some unkind words,

You did some unkind things,

But what hurts the most,

Is all the sadness that it brings.


I thought you cared,

Thought you were kind,

Guess I was wrong,

Guess I was blind.


I wanted to escape,

To get away from you,

I don’t believe a word you say,

None of it is true.


You called me ugly,

You called me fat,

You thought I’d really stick with you,

After you said all of that.


I couldn’t stand up for myself.

Something I regret,

I sat and let you beat me down,

But you hadn’t won yet.


I was tired of everything you’d done,

I stood with my feet on the ground,

The names you called me in my head,

Oh what a familiar sound.


I wouldn’t take it anymore,

I got up and walked away,

For a single second in my life,

I knew I couldn’t stay.

I was done with the hurt,

And all the sadness too,

I was done with the fear,

And I was done with you.


I didn’t say a cruel word,

I didn’t shout at you,

I just said I’m done,

I had better things to do.


No more tears would I shed for you,

You didn’t deserve them, not one,

Finally I had my own life,

I was determined to make it fun.

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