Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


81. Wrapped Up

You're finally alone with Sans. If it were up to you this is how you'd spend every weekend, locked away in your bedroom together without the outside world and its complications. This business with the Line, as much as it's a step in the right direction it doesn't feel like enough. The monsters have been trapped too damn long and you just want to show them so much. Like the beach, for starters. Or a big city. The movie theater, or even just a shopping mall. There's so much that the world has to offer and it's just out of their reach. They can see it but can't get there and in a way it's almost crueler than not knowing at all.

But this is exactly what you don't want to encroach on this space. It feels like you've been getting less and less time to just the two of you, now that you're both working. You're glad he has the motivation to do something meaningful to him. So you savor these moments alone as time to reconnect and regroup, to check in and make sure he's doing okay. 

Right now, you just want to spend some time with your favorite skeleton without real life getting in the way.

You watch Sans kick off his slippers in the middle of the floor, pull off his shirt and then flop face-first onto your bed. After a second he groans and turns his head, watching you as you make your way to the bathroom, pulling off your shirt. "hey, why can't you do that where i can watch?" he complains as you flip on the dim light over the shower.

Stripping down to just your underwear, you stuff everything into your hamper. You leave the bathroom door open just a crack to let some dim light filter out as you turn off the bright light over the bed. Much better. It's dark but not dark enough that you can't see each other, and the two white pinpricks in Sans's eyes follow you as you crawl onto the bed beside him. Laying on your stomach, you're conscious of your breasts pressed together between your arms, close to his face as you lean forward to press a kiss to his temple.

"Okay, talk to me. We're finally alone, let me in this head of yours," you murmur, brushing your lips gently over his brow.

"i'm sorry. i'm trying my breast to listen but i'm having trouble focusing," he says rolling onto his side and grinning.

"Sorry, should I have put on a shirt first so you can hear me better?" you ask, smirking as you cross your arms under your chin and pillow your head on them. It obstructs his view quite nicely.

"no way, you're perfect just like this." Sans reaches out and trails his fingers along your arm. It's on the cooler side in the house and his hand is nice and warm. He waggles his brows at you. "but are you sure you wanna talk?"

Laughing and poking him in the forehead, you give him as reproachful of a look as you can manage. "At least a little. You've been off all day, talk to me," you say, keeping your voice low and soft.

"have i? i mean, we were pretty busy today. a lot was going on," he says. He's watching his hand on your arm as he twirls his finger around a section of your hair.

You tilt your head to the side, leveling your eyes with his and getting his attention back to your face. "You were a little rude to Deacon at dinner," you say, more a question than an accusation. Maybe he didn't realize it.

"he was staring," Sans answers evenly.

So maybe it was on purpose. You admit, the look on Deacon's face almost had you choking on your food, but if Sans was going to start pranking your new neighbor he could at least have done it where he wouldn't get embarrassed in front of Toriel and Asgore. "I stared too, at first."

"yeah, but i don't wanna bone deacon," he says, smirking a little.

You laugh. "Oh, he's not cute enough for you, is he?" you tease, tracing one finger along the curve of his jaw.

"nah, i like my humans on the softer side." He winks.

Flattered and blushing a little despite yourself, you do your best to resist his charms. "Well, lucky for you I don't share your preferences."

Sans rolls closer, smiling and covering your hand to press it to the side of his face. Then, after a moment, his expression falters. "...wait did you say he was cute?"

Oh no. Sure Deacon's attractive, but you didn't mean it like that. "I'm pretty sure I said that he wasn't cute enough," you say, leaning to kiss the spot between his eyes.

He doesn't seem appeased.

You lift yourself up on your hands and knees, pushing Sans over onto his back as you crawl on top of him. He looks up at you, a little surprised as you lean forward over him, your hair a brown curtain on either side of your face. "Do I need to show you that I think you're the cutest to make you feel better?" you ask, pressing yourself against his chest as his hands find the bare flesh of your waist.

If he could swallow, you think he would have. His eyes dip down to your lips as you wet them with your tongue, the barest hint of blue staining his cheekbones. "i, uh, i'm sure it wouldn't hurt."

"Because you are," you tell him, kissing between his eyes again and trailing down to the side of his face. "Nothing is going to change that."

"i know."

Your lips drag down to the vertebrae in his neck. He turns his head, allowing you easier access as he shudders under you. "There's no one I'd rather be with. You know that." As your teeth graze over the join between spine and shoulder, you reach down for his hand and bring it up to your chest, over your heart. "You know my Soul is yours."

His breath hitches, the hand still on your waist squeezing as your tongue traces his clavicle. "i know."

"I love you," you murmur to his sternum, pressing a kiss in the center of his chest as you press his hand tighter to yours.

He lets out a short, rumbling chuckle you can feel through his bones. "i know," he says, smiling down at you.

You huff a breathy laugh, rolling your eyes. "No more Star Wars for you. Not until you apologize."

"you set that one up yourself, don't give me that," he says, sliding his hand out from under yours and to your breast.

Your grumble turns into a soft gasp as he brushes across your nipple with his thumb. Pulling both his hands away from you, you lace your fingers with his and pin them to the bed on either side of him. He raises a brow, his mouth quirking to the side as he watches you shift to the side to focus your attention on his ribcage. Laving your tongue in the gap between two of his ribs, he stifles a groan and shifts beneath you. The sound makes you smile, and goes straight to your pelvis.

Then you release his hands, leaning forward over him to reach for the pillows at the head of the bed. Sans takes hold of your waist again, holding you in place above him. You glance down in time to see his tongue slide from between his teeth and, in a way distinctly inhuman, circle your nipple and tug. Gasping, your hand grabs at the comforter beneath you. This wasn't what you had in mind but god if it doesn't feel good. You're frozen there for a minute, letting him continue before you remember your original goal. Right. Pillows. You try to reach for them again but his grip on you tightens, a noise of protest rumbling low in his chest. He shifts his attention to your other breast and you bite your lip, groaning.

You're trembling when he finally relaxes his hold on you and pulls his tongue away. "sorry, i couldn't resist."

Grabbing two pillows, you drag them across the bed as you sit up, kneeling between Sans's legs. Then, without warning, you reach down to circle your hand around his spine and stroke upwards. He moans and rocks his hips upwards, jerking into your touch. His tongue is gone as his jaw goes slack, his pupils bright from beneath heavy lids as he watches you. His cheeks are glowing faintly. You could just stare at him, soak in the way he's looking at you like he just can't get enough but you have more important things on your mind. You're just getting started.

Tugging on the waist of his shorts, you both shift so you can get them off and you notice the way he's eyeing your underwear. He sits up, legs bent on either side of you as he circles his arms around your waist. His fingers slide between your skin and the thin fabric as his mouth finds your neck. You let him push down your panties and nip at the side of your throat, humming with pleasure even as you pull the pillows into place behind him. With that task done, you take a moment to wrap your arms around him, tracing his ribs with one hand and sliding your fingers along the curve of his pelvis.

Moaning as he shudders under your touch, he bites down on your shoulder, eliciting a gasp as you let your head fall to  the side. One of his hands cups your backside and raises you up as the other pulls your underwear down to your knees, as far as they can go in your position. Then he slides back up your thighs, pulling your legs apart just enough so his fingers can slip between your folds. Again he keeps sidetracking you but you savor the sweet heat of him teasing at your entrance. He rubs gently at your clit, just enough to make you groan and press against his slick fingers, eager for more.

No, wait, this isn't what you wanted to do, you wanted to make him come undone, not the other way around. You pull away, having to tug your shoulder out of his mouth even as he tries to clamp down harder. "Wait, wait," you breathe, taking your hand off his pelvis so you can move his hand out from between your legs. "Stop being so... amazing for two seconds."

"one..." he counts slowly, making you laugh.

You put your hands on his shoulders, straightening your back and pushing him down onto the pillows you set up a minute ago. They're beneath the center of his back, arching him up at just the right angle to expose as much of his spine as possible. You tug your underwear off the rest of the way and toss it aside, then lower yourself to your side.

"two— ohhh," Sans moans as you hook your arm under his leg and circle your fingers around his spine again, your other hand taking hold of the curve of his pubic bone. Your mouth joins your second hand, sucking gently as he moans again. Your core throbs in answer, and you hum against him. "shit..."

He melts under your touch as your tongue drags a slow path towards the left wing of his pelvis and your hand goes right. This is what you want, him turning to putty beneath your hands and mouth, quivering. His breathing hitches as you shift higher, sliding your hand up his spine to leave room for your teeth as you graze them along his vertebrae. Gasping, he groans and his hand buries itself in your hair, scraping your scalp as you swirl your tongue over sensitive bone.

There's this one spot, low on his spine where it meets his pelvis. You lave your tongue down to it, then tilt your head to fit your mouth around it and suck. Sans jerks beneath you, crying out louder than you're expecting. With a self-satisfied noise in the back of your throat, you unlatch yourself from the bone and give a long, slow lick across the smooth surface, making him shudder as his grip on your hair tightens.

"h-hold on," he stammers, trembling. "babe i want to make you feel this good too."

"There's time after, let me do this for you," you say, stroking your fingers feather-light up and down his spine.

"but i can do this for you now," he says in a low voice, and you feel something warm and soft caress your cheek. As you pull away a little to look at it, you find a thick blue tendril, something like a tentacle glowing beside your face. It's snaking out from inside his ribcage, and as you watch two more faze into existence, waiting. You raise your head to look up at him and he's watching you with his blue eye, cheekbones flushed. "if you'll let me."

Your lips curl into a heated smile. He's been getting more adventurous with his magic over the last couple months but he's never been quite this forward. It has you curious, and very turned on. "Are you sure it won't be too distracting for you?" you ask, hoping he doesn't change his mind but wanting to make sure.

"i could never mind getting distracted by pleasing you," he says, a tendril sliding down the column of your throat and down towards your chest. "just tell me you want this, hope."

"Yes," you breathe as his magic curls around your breast just like his tongue did, caressing your skin and eliciting a soft groan. "Yes I want it."

He pulls your head back down towards his spine and you go willingly. You feel the tendrils slip over you and down your body, wrapping around your arms as they go, then around your middle. They're not holding you in place, or pulling, just tangling themselves on your body, embracing you. You curl your fingers tighter around his vertebrae and press your lips to bone as you stroke, enjoying the feel of him shiver under you. At the same time a tentacle hooks itself around your knee, pulling your legs apart as another one slides between them.

Your fingers fumble against his bones as he pushes inside you, making you gasp and rock back against him. Maybe you should have been more worried about you getting distracted as he's everywhere at once. His hand in your hair, magic tendrils at your breast, around your body, on your clit and inside you. It's so much you barely remember that you're hunched over him with your lips on his spine. Moaning against him, you latch onto one vertebra and suck, scraping a path down with your fingernails as he thrusts inside of you. He bites back a moan of his own, a shudder running through his bones and even his magic as the motions on your clit falter.

You let go of his pelvis and fumble for his free hand, entwining your fingers as you gasp and squeeze your eyes shut. Tension is winding low in your belly and you can barely focus enough to continue your ministrations, listening as both of your breathing starts to go ragged. He lets out a frustrated noise and his grip tightens on your hair, his thrusts and strokes growing more insistent.

"come for me, babe. let go," he urges, and damn him this was supposed to be you doing this for him.

But it's so much and it's so good, and you're pressing your forehead against his spine as the tension snaps and you crest the peak. "Sans," you moan, crying out as it overwhelms you and leaves you a shaking mess. The tendrils loosen their grip on you even as he eases you through, eking out as much pleasure as he can. When your muscles start to relax his magic slips out of you, wrapping instead around your middle, something like an embrace.

"i don't think i'll ever get enough of that sound," he says, relaxing his grip on your hair and running his fingers through it.

Your arms are trembling but as you return to your senses you start trailing open-mouthed kisses down his spine. This isn't over. Sans is about to say something else as a strangled noise escapes him. Your hand strokes him as your tongue traces the divots in his bones, and then you wrap your lips around that one spot low on his spine and suck, hard, hollowing your cheeks.

Sans cries out and you feel him finally come undone, caught a little off-guard you think by the intensity of it. His magic vanishes all at once and you realize why he wanted to take care of you first. He shudders as you swirl your tongue, his hand spasming in yours as the other grabs the back of your neck. Finally, as he makes a little gasping whine that lets you know it's finally too much for him, you give one last small kiss and stroke of your fingers before you pull away and rest your head against his leg. He's twitching a little, humming contentedly in his post-coital haze. That's always a good sign. Pleased with yourself, you lift his leg over your back and crawl under it to collapse at his side, satisfied and a little tingly.

His eyes are still closed, his jaw slack as he rolls onto his side, off of the pillows and wraps you up in his arms. He tucks his head under your chin, nuzzling your throat. "i love you," he mumbles sleepily.

"I know," you answer, smirking.

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