Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


156. Trouble Sleeping

Camping, as it turns out, is surprisingly like the first few weeks out from the Underground. It involves a lot of tents, sleeping bags, and chaos as three adults try to keep fifteen kids in check. Fifteen kids that don't seem to be running out of energy any time soon, even though the sun is starting to set.

They're set up in a clearing dotted with granite boulders, near the cliff where everyone emerged from the Underground. The craggy stone face of the mountain isn't too far off, mostly hidden behind a stand of trees. They're far enough away from downtown that the light pollution shouldn't be much of an issue for stargazing.

Sans is a few paces away from camp, fiddling with his telescope in preparation for later. Also, it's a good excuse to get a moment to himself while Deacon and Leveretta get the kids fed. It's not exactly peaceful, considering the consistent background noise of kids yelling and occasionally shrieking for no goddamn reason, but at least he has a second where no one is demanding—


So much for that.

Sans looks down as he feels a tug on the side of his jacket, and Frisk is standing there, grinning and holding a plate of hot dogs smothered in ketchup. They hold it up to him and he feels guilty for his initial annoyance.

"hey kiddo," he says, giving them a smile.

"I brought you dinner. Thought we could share," they say, gazing up at him with hopeful eyes.

And, well, how can he be mad at that? "that was real thoughtful of you, thanks," he says, giving them an affectionate hair ruffle before taking one of the hot dogs.

Frisk picks up one too and, careful to try and avoid getting ketchup all over themselves, takes a bite. Sans does the same.

"well, s'no hot cat, but it'll have to do," he says, giving Frisk a wink.

They laugh. "You make the best hot dogs. And hot cats."

"i'm surprised you're not over there with asriel," Sans says, taking another bite and jerking his chin over towards the campfire where everyone is gathered. "everything ok?"

They nod a little too quickly. "Yeah! I just wanted to spend some time with you!"

"and i appreciate that, frisk. you're my favorite kid," he says, grinning and nudging them with his elbow.

Frisk pushes him back. "I'm your only kid!"

"yeah, but i'm not your only parent," Sans says, and their smile falters. Frowning, they look down at their hot dog and take a big bite to stop themselves from talking. That's fine, he's prepared to do enough talking for the both of them. "you can't keep ignoring your mom. she loves you and was just trying to do what's best for you."

Frisk lets out a muffled sound of protest and hurries to swallow. "I don't wanna meet him!"

"she never said you had to. she just told you that he was willing to meet you if you wanted to. you said no and she told you that was ok." He arches a brow, watching them as they purse their lips and tap the toe of their shoe into the grass.

"But why would Mom want him around at all? You're my dad and she loves you," they say, glaring down at the ground.

Sans blinks. "nobody, not even chris, is gonna change that," he says gently, wrapping an arm around Frisk's shoulders and pulling them against his side. "we're a family. c'mon, has your mom ever given you any reason to doubt that?"

"No..." they mumble.

"exactly. so when we get back on sunday i want you to be nicer to your mom. if not for her, then for me, ok?" He gives them a little shake, eliciting a small, annoyed sound.

"I guess..."

"good enough. now why don't you go play with your friends. i gotta get this ready for later," he says, taking another hot dog and giving Frisk a nudge back towards camp.


"hey," Sans says, catching their attention as they turn to shuffle back to the others. "i love you kiddo."

Frisk smiles. "I love you too, Dad."

You're all sprawled out on a pile of pillows, cushions, and blankets in the middle of Alphys and Undyne's living room, a half-eaten bowl of popcorn nestled in the center and bags of chocolates open and scattered. Dressed in pajamas, the setup feels like something right out of a movie, and you can't help but grin. It's like they wanted 'Girl's Weekend' to be picture perfect. The only thing you were divided on was what to watch. Somehow you've managed to convince them to watch something that isn't anime, with Bo's support.

Unfortunately that doesn't mean that they like it.

"Why didn't she just PULL HIM up on the door?" Undyne blurts out, flopping back against a stack of pillows and throwing her arms over her head.

Alphys looks equally unimpressed. "I-I mean, I guess the special effects were good, b-but..."

Bo lets out a loud sniffle as you cast a watery glare at the other monsters, tugging your attention away. You wipe your eyes as Bo does the same. "That was so sad!" she blurts out. "Why couldn't they just be happy?"

"They knew each other for like, two days," Undyne grumbles. You choose to ignore her.

"But did you like it?" you ask, hoping that your choice wasn't a total loss.

"I loved it!" Bo says, which makes you smile. "I'm just... oh, honey, I'm just being sensitive I think. All this romantic stuff has me weepy right now."

Alphys gets up to change out the DVD, and out of the corner of your eye you see her looking over her extensive anime collection. That's only fair, you guess.

"Is everything okay with you and Deacon?" you ask, grabbing a handful of chocolates and holding them out to Bo. She takes a couple, picking at the foil wrappers.

"Oh, better than okay! I mean, ever since he finally shared his Soul with me—"

You almost choke on your candy, covering your mouth as your eyes widen. Undyne reaches over and thumps you on the back a little harder than necessary as you wave her away and collect yourself. Swallowing and clearing your throat, you fix Bo with a surprised look. "He did? When?"

"He didn't tell you?" Bo asks, maybe as surprised as you are. "Oh, gosh that's right I told him that I wanted to talk to you about it this weekend! I can't believe I forgot."

"That's why he's been acting funny all week!" you say, feeling relieved as you start to laugh. "Geez, I thought he was nervous about the camping trip or something. So it went well? When did you guys do it?"

Bo blushes and Undyne clears her throat and all at once you wonder if you just asked something very inappropriate. Oh god, you probably did, didn't you? "Well..." she says, fidgeting with her chocolates looking down at her hands.

"Sorry, that was rude, wasn't it? I'm just happy for you guys, I know it was something that was bothering you," you say, feeling heat creep across your cheeks.

Bo laughs, shaking her head. "No, no, honey you're fine! I don't have a problem telling you at all. It was after his birthday, actually. I mean, I kind of guessed that it was coming, since he'd been asking me all those questions, and he was in such a good mood from the party..." A reminiscent smile toys with her mouth, and she looks so happy. A swell of joy makes your chest feel full. "It was wonderful. Being able to show him just how much he's loved... The look on his face..." She trails off, her expression sobering just a little. "Well, if he didn't believe me before, he certainly does now."

"I'm glad that he has you," you tell her, and her smile warms again.

Later, after the others have fallen asleep, tangled up in the nest of pillows, you find yourself still awake. You're only half paying attention to the anime that's still playing on the television, your thoughts elsewhere.

It's strange, being away from Sans, and you're having trouble relaxing. You don't want to call him because you're sure he's busy stargazing with the kids, or maybe getting some sleep. You're not sure what their schedule is, but you know he's not going to have much time alone. And what if his cell phone ringing woke him or the others up? No, you'll survive not talking to him for one night. 

Not that you're happy about it. You push yourself up to your feet and pick your way out of the pile, holding your breath as you try not to wake anyone. Letting out a relieved sigh when you find bare floor, you make your way to the kitchen to get yourself some water. As you stand in the dark room, tiles cold under your toes and the edge of the counter pressing into your back, you close your eyes and try to push the lonely feeling away. You're here with friends, having a good time. You shouldn't be moping about being away from your husband. It's just one weekend!

The soft shuffle of scales and claws tapping on the hard floor alerts you to Alphys's presence as you look up from the glass in your hand. She wrings her hands, giving you a questioning look as she comes closer. "Are you o-okay, Hope?" she whispers.

You nod, giving her a weary smile. "Just having trouble sleeping. Sorry, did I wake you?"

"I'm kinda s-sensitive to weird noises at night," she admits, looking a little embarrassed. "B-but that's not your fault! Don't feel bad..."

"Sorry," you say anyway, wincing.

Alphys shakes her head. "Did you want some company?"

Hesitating, you nod after a second. "Yeah. Thanks, Alphys."

"Don't worry about it," she says with a smile. "H-have you not slept apart from Sans since back in Snowdin?"

You give a weak laugh. "That obvious?"

She smiles wider. "I just imagined h-how weird it would be for me if Undyne and I slept apart after moving in together. I-I'd probably have a hard time sleeping too."

"It's just the weekend. I'll survive," you say with a sigh. "Sorry in advance if I'm tired and cranky tomorrow."

"Have you c-called him, or—"

As if on cue, your phone chimes from it's place in your pocket. With a flutter of anticipation in your chest, you pull it out and turn on the screen. It's a text from Sans.

'miss u. HOPE ur sleeping good and i didn't wake u.'

You roll your eyes at his lame attempt at a joke, but you can't help the rush of affection at his message. There he was, thinking about you just like you were thinking about him. Alphys lets out a quiet, pleased sound as you smile down at your phone and type in a reply.

'Haven't fallen asleep yet. Miss you too. I love you.'

Sans looks down at his phone from his seat on the boulder beside his tent, smiling at your message. It makes being away from you that much more bearable, knowing that you miss him. Not that he had any doubt, but it's reassuring to know that he's not the only one. 

The kids are all in their tents after a long night of ghost stories, arguing over the telescope, and roasting marshmallows. The campfire is burned down to glowing embers, which he can still make out from his perch overlooking camp. It doesn't sound like anyone's asleep yet, judging from all the hushed whispers he can't quite make out, but maybe that just means they'll sleep in later come morning. Though, knowing kids, that probably won't happen.

He returns his attention to his phone. 'try to sleep. i love u too.'

There's movement out of the corner of his eye and he looks over in time to see Deacon wander back towards camp from the treeline. Pocketing his phone, he sees the moment that the human spots him and alters his course to head his way. For a second he's a little agitated, but he's not sure if that's just habit at this point. By the time that Deacon makes it to the boulder he's scooted over to make room as he climbs up to join him.

That odd, nagging itch in the back of his mind that he can't quite get rid of around Deacon is still there but it fades easily into the background. It's familiar by now, as familiar as the steady, mid-range hum of the human's Soul as he looks at him. If Sans was to compare your Soul to clear, glass chimes, Deacon is like brass. He seems pleased by the silent welcome, grinning as he settles cross-legged on the rock next to him.

"where'd you wander off to?" Sans asks casually, arching a brow.

"Had to pee, what else?" Deacon answers, looking up at the spray of stars in the cloudless sky. The half-moon is bright, illuminating the two of them in faint, white light.


"Figured you'd be asleep by now," he says, running the bracelet you made him between his thumb and forefinger. The movement is distracting, drawing Sans's eye.

You hadn't even known how to make the knotted bracelets when you'd decided you were going to do it for his birthday. You picked up the string from the store, watched a handful of videos online, and got to work. It was endearing, seeing you sit there on the couch with the laptop and a handful of colored threads, face screwed up in concentration. It was a better use of your time than worrying about the steady drone of negative news stories still trickling in.

"s'weird, being here without hope," he admits, shoving his hands in his jacket pockets. 

Deacon glances over at him, and for a second Sans isn't sure what to expect. Teasing maybe, sarcasm likely. But ultimately his kindness seems to win out. "Have you ever been apart since you got together?" he asks.

"...just once," Sans says. The worst night of his life. The night Frisk ran away, and you died. He shakes his head. "but since then, no. not since we reached the surface."

"I don't really know what that's like... but I'm starting to get the idea. Being away from Bo is getting harder and harder," he says with a sigh. He tips his head, leaning back on his hands and searching the sky again.

"how're things going on that front?" he asks, genuinely curious. Ever since that fight they had, Sans has felt... a lot more comfortable around Deacon. Seeing him with his defenses down reminded him of himself, and he couldn't help but empathize.

Deacon's mouth twitches, curving into a wry smile. "Good. I mean, uh... Bo didn't want me to tell Hope cuz she wanted to tell her and this was agonizing to keep to myself," he says, tipping his head to the side. "But I finally... Uh... y'know..." He clears his throat. "We shared our Souls after the party last week."

"good for you guys," Sans says, grinning. "i'm glad you did it buddy, sounds like it went well?"

He looks a little sheepish (heh, sheepish) as he nods. "Yeah. I mean..." Sans glances over at Deacon as the human keeps his eyes on the stars, but he swears that it's more than the light making his eyes shiny like that. Man, he really is in deep, isn't he? Deacon clears his throat, blinking. "Yeah," he says again.

"gotcha. no need to elaborate," he says and Deacon gives a little nod. "i've been rootin' for you guys."

"Seriously?" he asks, eyes widening as he glances over at Sans.

Sans rolls his eyes. "yeah, seriously. and i know hope'll be happy to hear it, too."

"Well, thanks Sans." He grins, then narrows his eyes. "That almost makes up for that prank you did with the telescope."

Chuckling, Sans shrugs his shoulders. "kids love a good laugh. 'specially at a teacher's expense."

"Yes, ha ha," he says flatly, making Sans laugh harder. "You're hilarious."

"heh. i know."

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