Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


56. Something Unexpected

The resort is bigger than you realize. After some exploring past a few gift shops (bursting with Mettaton-themed merchandise) and a fast food place, down a winding hall and out a pair of stained glass doors (which unsurprisingly look like Mettaton) you find yourselves in a courtyard. It's dark, lit by a string of lampposts picked out along a curving path, winding through squat hedges and decorative trees. Scattered throughout the space are little flower beds, but you can't make out the colors of the blooms.

Squeezing your hand tucked in his pocket with his own, the two of you share a glance before starting a slow pace down the path. As far as you can tell the two of you are alone, quiet save for the humming of the lampposts. It's romantic and peaceful, the kind of scene you could only imagine from love stories and romantic movies. But now you're here, with Sans, and it's so surreal and so amazing you can't stop smiling. Neither can he.

Sans clears his throat and you glance over at him, his eyes like little stars in pools of black. "so," he says, studying your face for a moment before reaching up to brush some loose hair from your eyes. You lean down a little to make it easier, and he traces the curve of your cheek before dropping his hand. "it hasn't really come up, and it just sorta worked out this way, but uh... i dunno if you remember it's our three month anniversary. well, technically it's tomorrow, but close enough, right?"

"Wow, three months?" you say, letting out a wistful sigh. "Feels longer. Or shorter. It kinda feels like both at the same time, you know?"

Sans nods. "lot has happened in the past three months."

"I didn't even realize. I guess this trip was good timing then!" you say, grinning. "I'm surprised you remembered."

He looks away, out over the path ahead of you. It's enough of a shift in the lighting that you can't quite make out his expression. "i like keeping track of dates. you will too once you see how papyrus gets about his birthday," he says, in that tone that makes you feel like there's something more to what he's saying. Something you don't quite understand. But he looks back at you and smiles. "besides, i think it's a pretty important day to remember."

"Well, I suppose," you say, a little coy.

He squeezes your hand again, stroking your skin with his thumb. "there's, ah, actually a couple things i wanted to talk to you about," Sans says, sounding a little nervous. You think, in the yellow light from the lamps, that his cheekbones have colored. "i promised frisk that i would."

Your eyebrows raise, curious. Rubbing his arm through his sleeve with your unoccupied hand, you give him a warm, reassuring look. "I'm listening."

Sans sighs, reaching up to scratch the back of his skull. After a moment of fidgeting, he shoves his hand in his empty pocket. "when they were sick, the kiddo asked if they could call me 'dad'."

"Oh," you say, more than a little embarrassed at Frisk's boldness specifically after you asked them not to say anything. The two of you had already decided to leave that conversation for later, after all. "Sans, if it makes you uncomfortable, I can—"

He comes to a halt, pulling your joined hands out of his pocket and turning to face you. Holding your gaze with an intensity that wasn't there a moment ago, you realize that you're holding your breath. "i told them yes, so long as it's okay with you. i promised them i'd talk to you about it."

Something happy and confused and timid curls in your chest, resting right beneath your ribs. "Sans, I thought..." You swallow past a lump in your throat, a ball of giddiness you have to fight back down. Don't get ahead of yourself. "I thought you were more comfortable with someday," you say in a small voice.

"yeah, i thought i was too, until i almost lost both of you this week. again," he says, clenching his jaw for a moment before his face relaxes. "babe, you're..."

You watch him as he struggles with something you can't see, shifting forward to stand closer to him. Silently, you wait.

Sans lets out a slow breath, untangling your fingers so he can press your palm to his chest, covering your hand with his. "i've shared my home with you, my bed, my soul. and i've said this before, but... i'm more than happy to share my future with you too. it's all already yours, if you want it."

"Sans," you breathe, tears threatening in the corners of your eyes as you draw a shaky breath. "If you're saying what... what I think you're saying..." A small, frantic voice is screaming at you inside your head, repeating 'yes' over and over again. "It's... you just said it's only been three months."

"i haven't wanted to let you go since i realized that losing you might be the thing that finally tears me apart. maybe it's different with humans, but you felt what i felt when our souls touched. i don't need more time to figure out what i want. i want you. i want frisk, and i want us to be a real family." Sans cups your cheek, searching your face with bright, hopeful eyes.

Something within you breaks and you're nodding and throwing your arms around his neck, laughing and crying and so overwhelmed. "Yes," you whisper into the side of his face, pressing kisses along his cheek as he wraps you up in his arms. "I want that. I want you. Yes."

"you want me," he echoes, burying his face into the crook of your neck and taking a deep breath. 

"Of course I do," you say, giddy laughter breaking free as you rest your head against his. "You're mine."

"and you're mine," he says. You feel teeth against your neck and your fingers curl into the back of his jacket, making you gasp. "my soul is yours and yours is mine."

"I love you. I can't..." You're laughing again, pulling back so you can look at him through blurry eyes, taking hold of his shoulders. "I can't think of anything else to say. My mind just keeps saying 'yes' over and over again."

"then say it. i want to hear it," he says, cupping your face and pulling you back down to him, and you go because he wants you close and how can you ever deny him that?

You rest your forehead against his, circling his wrists with your fingers. You're so close that his face is blurred, the bright sparks of white that should just be two are instead a field of stars. He fills your sight and nothing else matters but him and you and this bright thing that the two of you have found together. "Yes, yes, yes..."

"i love you," he murmurs.

"I love you too," you say, your voice breaking a little and it makes you laugh. You keep laughing and you're smiling so wide it almost hurts.

"you're sure? you're sure you want this? this future, with me? you want me to be frisk's dad?" He punctuates his questions with tiny brushes of his fingers, delicate touches that make you shiver.

"Yes. Yes, Sans." You'll say it as many times as he needs to hear, so long as he finally believes you.

"you promise?"

"Yes. Is this what you want, too?"

"more than anything. i want this life. i want this future." His voice is thin and he's holding you tighter, closing his eyes. "i'd given up on hoping. i thought that this was all there is. and then you fell down here with frisk and you've made everything so different and wonderful."

"I never thought I'd ever have love like this. I thought this was stuff made up in the movies or in books." You tilt your face to kiss the corner of his mouth, rewarded with a pleased hum as he melts under your touch. "Everything in my life, everything was worth it to reach you."

Silence fills the space between you, and slowly, gently, you pull apart to look at each other. Not too far, though, because Sans drops his hands to your waist and takes hold of your hips, keeping your body pressed close to his. He's smiling and thankfully you didn't get any makeup all over his face and oh no... You dab at your still-wet eyes with the back of your hand, expecting a smudge of black but instead you only see the gleaming wetness of drying tears on your skin.

"Oh," you say, surprised.

He blinks. "what?"

You shake your head, giving a weak laugh. "I thought for certain I'd be a huge, smudgy mess," you say, tilting your head from side to side. "How do I look?"

"beautiful. perfect," he says, and when you meet his eyes there's that look of awe from earlier. It makes your heart flutter and your cheeks warm with pleasure.

"Leave it to Undyne to have waterproof makeup," you say, and now that you've said it you realize that makes pretty good sense. As a fish, it seems only logical that she'd want to make sure it wouldn't run.

"you'd still look beautiful even if it did get ruined."

"Now you're just trying to flatter me," you say, but despite your attempt at seriousness you're smiling.

Sans rubs his thumbs along the curve of your hips, giving you a firm squeeze for good measure. Your eyes flutter and you bite your lip, rocking forward a little as you take hold of the lapels of his blazer. His eyes flick down to your mouth and then back up to your eyes, bright and hungry. "well, i think it's working," he says, his voice canted so low that you can feel it hum through your body as you're pressed against him.

"Sans," you say, realization hitting you now that you're feeling more steady again, a bit calmer than a few minutes ago. "Sans oh my God you just proposed."

"i, uh," he stumbles, glancing away and back again, and even in the poor light he's definitely blushing. "yeah, i suppose i did. i hope you don't mind that i wasn't actually prepared for that to happen." He covers his face with one hand, groaning. "shit that just makes it sound bad! babe, i love you, and i want this, i just hadn't expected all this to happen today. i'm just so happy, and—"

"Hun. You're the one who confessed your love for me to Undyne. At least you proposed to me instead of, say, Alphys." You're grinning, and Sans gives you a look that you can only describe as scandalized. Laughing, you pepper his cheekbones with kisses. "Don't worry. There's plenty of time for worrying later. For now, I want to get you out of this suit."

Mollified at least a little, Sans's face relaxes into a familiar, hungry look. His eyes scan over the bare expanse of your chest, down to the dip of your dress's neckline, then back up to your eyes. "i'm listening."

Blushing but emboldened by the sheer joy of everything that just happened, you let go of his lapels to slide your hands beneath his blazer, dragging a path up to his shoulders and down again. You follow the path of your hands with your eyes, lingering over him before looking back up to his face. His gaze is heavy on you, thick with tension. It makes you feel powerful. "Well, maybe not completely out of it. Because, damn it looks good on you."

"we'll figure something out." There's a flash of blue and then before you realize it you feel him pressing against you, a stiff curve that wasn't there a second ago.

You stare at him, meeting his blue, glowing eye for a moment before you start laughing. "Oh my God I can't believe you conjured it just to do that."

"hey, i just wanted to get my point across."

"Point taken," you say, rolling your eyes.

"oh you will be taking it."

You let out a loud, undignified snort and Sans looks far too pleased with himself.

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