Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


36. Someone Else's Problems

When Sans wakes in the morning he's exhausted, despite the uninterrupted night of sleep. Bone-tired one might say. He can't even appreciate his own joke.

Touching your Soul was more overwhelming than he could have ever imagined. Everything about you, all your love and fear and hope swallowed him up and it was all he could do to keep his head above water. You overpowered him just by being human, leaving him vulnerable as you delved into him. If it had been anyone else, he would have been terrified. But it was you. You told him, before, that your Soul was his and now you know that his is yours too. He'll leave his Soul bare for you if that's what you need; the only reason he pulled away as you delved too deep is because he didn't want to worry you. You already know that he has problems, you've already offered him your support. Right now, you don't need to feel them too.

The experience left him drained. But afterwards you needed him, and damn him if he didn't need you too, so he urged himself through it for both of you until you collapsed together in an exhausted tangle of limbs and fell asleep with mumbled 'I love you's on your lips. An echo of your lovemaking still resonates through his bones, a struck chord that hums under the natural tone of his magic. Yesterday was a mess but... what the hell. Everything turned out for the best.

Hopefully he can get some more sleep while he's at his station in the forest today.

Sans feels you begin to stir, shifting your leg that's pressed between his. Your thigh brushing along his pelvis elicits a weak groan. You give a sleepy hum in response, hugging yourself against him and tucking your head under his chin. He trails his fingers up and down the bare curve of your hip, then reaches around to cup your backside. Soft flesh fills his hand and he gives a gentle squeeze.

"Good morning to you too," you mumble, chuckling. "Enjoying yourself?"

"assuredly," he says, grinning as you shake with laughter. "how did you sleep?"

"Like the dead," you say. He loves when you play along, he knows it means you're in a good mood.

He huffs a laugh. "me too. i'm bone-tired," he quips, certain you'll enjoy his mental joke from earlier. You do.

Trailing kisses along his clavicle, you shift your leg against him again, your fingers slipping between his ribs. He gasps as your touch sends a shudder through him, tightening his hold on you without thinking. "babe, i have to get up. pap is gonna come banging on the door any second," he says, his protest sounding weak even to himself.

You let out a resigned sigh and let him go, rolling away onto your back.

"hey," he says, propping himself up on an elbow to look down at you. You give him a small smile, so he knows you aren't actually upset. He leans down and nuzzles against your cheek and you make a contented sound. "lemme take you out tonight, after i get home."

"Grillby's?" you ask.

"yes, grillby's," he says. "but, i thought i might take you somewhere after. someplace you haven't been before."

"Oh?" you say, eyebrows raising.

"yeah. someplace i think you'll like."

Sans looks a lot more tired than usual, and when you ask him about it he says it's because of last night. From touching your Soul. You suppose it must have to do with him being a monster, because you feel just fine. Great, even. When your face pinches with worry he reassures you that he's alright.

Papyrus and Undyne are talking (loudly, as always) in the kitchen when you and Sans make your way downstairs. Frisk is nibbling on a piece of toast, eyes ping-ponging back and forth between them as Papyrus paces and Undyne leans back in her chair across from the six year-old.

"UNDYNE, AS YOUR FRIEND, I MUST INSIST! YOUR CONTINUED DAWDLING ISN'T HELPING ANYBODY!" the tall skeleton says, raising a hand in punctuation, the other tucked behind his back.

Grimacing, the fish monster takes a loud sip of her tea. "You know what else isn't helping anybody? Your nagging."

Papyrus turns on his heel and catches sight of you and Sans, his expression transforming from disapproving frown into a bright smile. "AH! GOOD MORNING! I..." he hesitates, bringing both hands in front of him as he glances between the two of you. "I HOPE EVERYTHING IS OKAY?"

Sans looks over at you and then back at his brother with his usual lazy grin. "everything's great, bro. but i appreciate you checking on us, that's really considerate of you."

"OF COURSE! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, AM THE MOST CONSIDERATE BROTHER!" he exclaims, shifting out of Sans's way as his brother heads for the cabinet he's standing in front of. You take the kettle off the stove and fill it with more water from the sink.

"definitely. now, uh, i don't mean to brother you, but would you mind getting two of those mugs down for me?" he says, winking and pointing.

Papyrus narrows his eyes slightly, but does as he's asked, setting them down in front of Sans. "IS THIS YOUR WAY OF FINALLY LISTENING TO ME, INSTEAD OF WASTING YOUR MAGIC ON BEING LAZY?"

"isn't it even lazier for me to ask you to do it for me?" He glances over at you as you sidle up beside him. "you can go sit down, babe, i got this."

You're about to protest but he's already scooping sugar into the mugs before you can say anything. You take a seat next to Frisk, stealing a half-slice of toast from their plate and biting into it. It's gone cold, but the butter is melted into the bread and it still tastes good. Frisk leans their head against your shoulder and you rest your cheek against it, smiling. You feel a swell of affection in your chest.

"UNDYNE, DO NOT THINK THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT WE WERE TALKING ABOUT," Papyrus says, plunking a bowl of oatmeal in front of you. You glance up at the skeleton and over at Undyne, dunking your toast in your oatmeal and taking a bite. "YOU SHOULD TALK TO ALPHYS."

Sans is behind you, reaching over your shoulder to set your mug down in front of you. You twist in your seat to kiss his cheek. He grins, leaning against the wall beside you and raising his own drink to his mouth.

"I talk to Alphys all the time!" she retorts, staring down into her mug.


"I HATE puzzles!" she says, glaring. After a moment, she lets out a frustrated noise. "Besides, what if her true feelings aren't what I think they are? ARGH that would be even WORSE than not knowing at all!"

You can't take this any more. It's just so obvious to you, how can she not see it? "Undyne, Alphys definitely likes you," you say between bites, pointing at her with your toast.

Undyne's face scrunches up and you think you see the scales of her cheeks darken to a purplish shade. Oh, wow, is she... blushing? You never thought you'd see the day. Sans gives a low chuckle behind you.

"SEE! EVEN THE HUMAN CAN TELL! HUMAN, YOU TALK SOME SENSE INTO HER WHILE MY BROTHER AND I ARE GONE," Papyrus says. You give an obedient nod, sipping at your coffee. You're starting to get used to the less-favorable taste. The skeleton taps his foot, glancing over at the clock on the stove. "OH! FRISK, WE NEED TO LEAVE SOON —YOU TOO SANS— SO YOU SHOULD GO CHANGE! WE DON'T WANT TO BE LATE!"

The loud sound of Undyne clearing her throat fills the kitchen, and as you look up from your breakfast you see her giving Papyrus a stern look. Frisk stops mid-motion as they start to slide out of their chair, looking confused.

Papyrus hesitates, just as perplexed, until his eyes widen. "OH! I MEAN. HUMAN!" he turns to you, gesturing. "IF YOU DON'T MIND, WE WILL TAKE FRISK TO SCHOOL."

You blink. "Oh, uh, of course. That's fine."


You glance over at Undyne as Frisk rushes out of the kitchen. When you catch her eye, she gives you a toothy smile and a forceful blink. Oh, wait, was that supposed to be a wink? You hold back a laugh. You see what they're trying to do, and you can't help but smile. Nodding back at Undyne, you wonder how you ever could have been frustrated with your friends. They're so sincere.

"hey, bro. do you mind watching the kiddo tonight?" Sans slides into Frisk's vacated seat beside you, tipping his drink into his mouth. "we were kinda hoping to go out, y'know?"


"Ugh," Undyne groans.


Her face cracks into an anxious smile. "WHAT? No way, and miss out on all those... GREAT movies?"

The tall skeleton is about to say something more when Frisk comes stomping down the steps, shrugging their backpack over their shoulders. They slide past Papyrus to come give you a hug and a rushed kiss on the cheek. Then, they turn to Sans and fling their arms around his neck, surprising him. He meets your eyes from over Frisk's shoulder as he gives them a quick hug, and you feel a swell of affection in your chest. You smile at each other. Then, Frisk lets go and circles around him to stand next to Papyrus.

"I'm ready!" they announce.

"no you're not, kiddo, you almost forgot your lunch again," Sans says, draining the last of his coffee and standing. He opens the fridge and pulls out a brown paper sack, unzipping Frisk's backpack and stowing it safely inside. "now you're ready." He ruffles Frisk's hair.


"just a sec." Sans comes to your side and leans down to hug you. You turn to press a handful of kisses against his jaw. As he lets you go, he gives you one last, quick brush of his mouth against your temple. "have a good day. i'll see you tonight... i love you."

Your smile widens, your cheeks warming as your heart feels full in your chest. "I love you too."

Blue stains Sans's cheeks as he pulls away, shoving his hands in his pockets. "good. that's... good," he mumbles. He clears his throat. "ok, i guess we're gonna go now."

"Okay, hun," you say, covering your mouth in an attempt to stop yourself from laughing. His sudden shyness is too endearing.

"see you later."


There's an adorably awkward pause and then Papyrus finally seems to take pity on him and ushers him towards the front door. Sans gives you a tiny wave and you respond in kind, laughing. When the three of them finally leave, you realize that you must have a goofy smile on your face because Undyne is staring, grinning at you.

"What?" you ask her, blushing deeper and snatching up your coffee in an attempt to hide your face.

"You two. Shit, you've got it bad," Undyne says, barking out a laugh.

You arch a brow, taking a sip from your mug and setting it back down. You give your oatmeal a stir. "Look who's talking. Or should I say not talking. As in, why haven't you talked to Alphys yet?"

Her expression sours, frowning into her own cup. "Oh come on, I really don't want to talk about this."

"I'm under strict orders from Papyrus. Besides, what are you worried about? We can all see that she likes you. She can barely string two words together when you're around, and aren't you two texting like, all the time?" You eat a spoonful of your oatmeal. It's cold, but still tastes good. Besides, you're hungry.

"You AND Papyrus should really mind your own business," she snaps, but there's no real venom in her voice. She rolls the mug between her hands, hunching forward with her elbows on the table.

"Undyne... are you... worried about something?" you ask, carefully.

She doesn't answer, so you decide not to press any further. It won't do either of you much good if she just gets mad at you. You finish the rest of your breakfast in silence, with Undyne casting periodic looks at her cellphone. She stays tense, glancing up at you like she's waiting for you to say something. But you don't.

Finally, as you get up to wash your dishes, Undyne lets out a ragged sigh.

"She..." Undyne clears her throat, the chair scraping along the tile as she pushes away from the table and joins you at the sink. "When Alphys really gets passionate about something, she just BLURTS everything out without thinking! But when she talks to me, she clams up and starts getting sweaty. Sometimes I think I'm just making her scared and uncomfortable. If she really liked me, like she cares about those other things, wouldn't it be the same? Maybe I'm just intimidating her into talking to me."

You look over at her, surprised at the uncertainty in her voice. "Well, you are kind of scary," you admit, chuckling as she shoots you a glare. "And I'll bet you ten bucks— er, gold that she's just as worried as you are. I'm sure if you just took the chance and talked to her you'd work things out in no time."

Undyne grumbles, setting her mug beside the sink and turning away, crossing her arms over her chest. "And what if you're wrong?"

"I can try to talk to her for you, if you want. Find out for sure," you say, shrugging.

"NO WAY!" she blurts out, whirling back around to face you. You jump a little, splashing water on the counter. "Don't you say ANYTHING to her, punk!" Undyne clenches her fist in front of her, baring sharp teeth.

"Okay, okay, got it," you say, trying your best to placate the angry fish monster. Undyne fixes you with her glare, and you wait a few moments for her to suck in a deep breath before she finally lowers and relaxes her fist. "But I'm serious. If you ever need any help with Alphys, you can talk to me. I like to think I'm at least a little more reasonable and, well, tactful than Papyrus. It's the least I can do after you helped me."

"Tch. FINE. If I ever change my mind, which ISN'T likely, I'll let you know." Then she turns on her heel and stalks off.

You shake your head, wondering if those two will ever manage to work our their feelings. You really hope so.

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