Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


125. Not Ever

Frisk is asleep when you pull up the driveway. When Sans gets out of the car and opens the back door they don't even stir. Their head is tipped to the side, their mouth slack, and as he reaches across them to unbuckle their seat belt and pull them into his arms, they nuzzle into his shoulder and grab at his jacket. They're limp against him, still sound asleep, and as you circle the car to check on him he meets your eyes and you share a tender smile.

He loves that way you look at him, that soft, gentle love that links the three of you together. It's different from the passion you share in private, the heated glances, the strong pull of your bodies towards each other. This is family. This is home.

Sometimes it just hits him, how he'd never ever thought he'd have this. A family of his own. He'd never even had a chance to consider it, to think he might want it, before the accident had stripped away huge swaths of his life. Left him trying to pull together the pieces into something recognizable, something that was still him. He'd tried to fix it, or figure out what had gone wrong, to decipher the clues he'd found. Then he gave up. Papyrus dragged him along to Snowdin, and then by the time that he'd begun accepting this new life of his... The Resets started.

Then he just thought he'd never have the chance. Even if he did want it he'd never get the opportunity. Stuck living the same handful of days over and over, for years, how could he even entertain the idea of a future?

A future like this would have been too wonderful to even consider. And despite everything, this is where he is. With you, a fantastic, amazing woman that in less than a month is going to be his wife —his wife!— and with Frisk, a great kid he only hopes thinks he's a good father.

He wishes he could remember his father. Anything about him. Was he a good man? Would he have been the kind of dad he would strive to be himself? Did he carry him and Papyrus the way he's carrying Frisk right now, asleep in his arms, a comforting weight on his chest and in his Soul? There are times when he's not sure what he's doing, or if he's doing the right thing, that he wishes he had a father to ask. Is he being too hard on Frisk? Too easy? Is he saying the wrong thing, should he be handling a situation a different way? Is he screwing everything up?

You unlock the front door and lead him inside, and when you wrap your arms around him and rest your chin on his shoulder, taking a quiet moment to brush hair from Frisk's face, that little voice in his mind is silenced. He's not screwing up. At least, you don't think so and that's what matters.

"Do you want me to take them?" you ask him softly, looking from Frisk to him with a question in those warm brown eyes.

He kisses you, because he can't resist. If he doesn't something inside him might burst. You let out a quiet, surprised and pleased sound as he nips gently at your full bottom lip, then nuzzles into your cheek. Pressing against him, lips against bone, you cup his face and trail slow kisses along his jaw. He savors the feel of you, the presence of both of you draped over him, and he's content.

"i've got it," he murmurs, meeting your eyes as you ease away from him. "you go get ready for bed, i'll meet you there."

"Okay hun..." you say, your voice trailing off for a second as you can't seem to look away. Your eyes just take him in, and as Frisk gives a sleepy sigh and burrows further into his jacket your face crinkles into a sentimental smile. "I love you."

"i love you too."

You give him one last look and head up the stairs with him following after you. Frisk's room is right at the landing, next to Papyrus's, and he walks in without bothering with the light. He has the layout memorized, from hours spent helping them with homework or just talking. Reading stories, and helping them fall back asleep after a nightmare. He knows the toys and books, the drawings taped up on the walls from Asriel, the feel of the carpet under his feet and the way the moonlight paints across Frisk's bed at this time of night. Stopping next to the dresser, he shifts the kid's weight onto one arm so he can stroke their back with the other.

"c'mon kiddo, we gotta get you ready for bed," he murmurs giving them a gentle shake.

Frisk groans and their grip on him tightens as they rub their face in his jacket.

"i know. me too. c'mon," he says, crouching and shifting his arm to let their legs hang loose, setting them on the ground.

They stand, grumbling and rubbing their face as they let him go, bleary-eyed. With practiced motions, he helps them get changed into a set of striped pajamas and picks them up to take them to bed. They're still so little, but he can't help but wonder when lifting them won't be quite so easy. You seem to think that Frisk's going to end up taller than you, which means they're definitely going to be taller than him, and he's not ready for that. But that's in the future. A future he's both looking forward to and thinks can wait just a little longer.

Tossing back the covers, Sans gets Frisk settled into bed, watching with a smile as they shift and get comfortable before blinking up at him, waiting. They reach up for him with both arms and he leans down to nuzzle their cheek, hugging each other. But when Frisk lets him go they don't roll over to go to sleep. Instead they grab his hand in both of theirs, trying to stifle a yawn.

"wassup, kiddo? it's bed time," Sans says, but lets them pull him down to sit on the mattress.

"Was what Asgore said true?" they ask, voice barely above a whisper.

Sans blinks. "i s'pose so, but you'll have to be more specific."

"That there used to be monster and human families, like ours, but all the humans were taken away," they say, worry pinching their little face, making them look older than they ought to. "And people kept saying that the Line was like another Barrier, does that mean that somebody might come take us away too? That we won't see you again?"

His chest aches and he pushes Frisk's bangs out of their face and strokes their head with his hand. They shouldn't have to worry about this shit. About what's going to happen to their parents. They look even smaller in this big bed and it takes much of his restraint not to pick them up and carry them to bed with the two of you and wrap both of you up in his arms. To keep you safe because he's afraid of that just as much as Frisk is. That something will change and you'll be taken from him just like everything else...

"that might have been true before," he says, forcing himself to stay calm because right now he has to make sure Frisk feels safe. They are safe. "but that's not gonna happen again. not ever. i won't let it."

"But how? If they—"

"not ever," he repeats, leaning down to press his cheek to Frisk's, holding them close. "i promise. ok? do you trust me?"

"...Yeah," they say, quiet and cowed. "Dad, I trust you."

"good, because between you and me? we'll make sure that this family stays together. no matter what." He sighs softly, pulling back and forcing a smile, ruffling their hair. "get back to sleep kiddo. you had a long day. you must be bone tired."

Frisk makes a face. "Dad."

Chuckling, Sans pinches Frisk's nose for a second before standing up. "g'night frisk. love you, for all time."

"For all time," they echo back to him, muffled by their pillow as they roll over onto their stomach.

Sans hesitates in the doorway, fighting the urge to go back to them and give them another hug before leaving the room.

You're thumbing through news sites on your phone while you wait for Sans, pleasantly surprised by the small number of negative articles you find from today about the Line opening for monsters. Most coverage was on the protesters themselves, who remained peaceful if not frustrating. As far as you can tell there weren't any incidents in the city, at least none that were reported on or communicated to Asgore. If anything bad had happened, you're sure someone would have called him.

When your bedroom door opens and Sans comes in, you're ready to tell him the good news but something in the somber look on his face silences you. Sitting up, you turn off your phone and set it aside, watching him as he shrugs out of his jacket and pulls his shirt over his head.

"Hun, what's wrong?" you ask him.

Sans leaves his clothes in the middle of the floor, which you would normally comment on but you don't, and he steps into a pair of boxers before climbing into bed beside you. You pull yourself close to his side as he holds out his arm for you, then sighs and buries his face in your hair. Fingers tracing the vertebrae in his neck, he hugs you close, leaning over you as you both sit there in silence.

"frisk asked me if the humans might come take you two away from me. told 'em no, that i'd never let that happen, but it still... i'm not nearly as worried as i used to be, but it's still there, y'know?" he says quietly, and you can't help that twist of guilt and dread in your stomach.

Because that almost happened. That very thing almost happened and you never told him. You still can't tell him. Besides, things are so much better now. "I know," you murmur, stroking his back. "Is Frisk okay?"

"yeah, i think so. i told 'em i'd never let it happen. and i won't. nothing is taking either of you away from me, i'll..." He grumbles into your hair, nuzzling down into the join in your shoulder. You feel teeth against bare skin as he tugs the strap of your tank top out of his way, nipping lightly. His words hang in the air, an unspoken threat of action. The damage he could do with those blasters... you try not to think of Sans at his most desperate, the havoc he could cause. "i won't let it happen," he finishes.

"I'm glad you reassured Frisk. You need to listen to yourself too. Don't worry about what might happen, especially after today," you say, tipping your head to the side, closing your eyes as he grazes a path up your throat. Your breath hitches. "Today was good— oh, that feels good... Um, Sans, I'm trying to... Today was a good day, we got to see the ocean and, mmm... Th-the protesters never did anything to hurt anyo— oh, god okay..."

Sans chuckles, a low rumble you can feel through your body. He gets like this when he's worried, especially about you. It's like he can't be close enough, can't get enough of you. It worries you sometimes and you just wish that maybe he'd talk to you instead but this is that same old fear. One that you know won't just go away. What could you even say to truly convince him that there's no way that anyone or anything could do anything to you and Frisk? You're not even sure you'd believe it, because all it takes is a change in opinion, or the wrong secret being spilled for this uncertain peace to come crashing down around you. How would the government react to the real truth of how the Barrier fell?

So instead of words, you show him that you're here, with him, and as long as you can help it you're not going anywhere.

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