Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


103. Leaving an Impression

"HEY! Wake up you two!"

Undyne's voice and the sound of her fist pounding on your bedroom door jolts you awake. You're still wrapped up in Sans's arms, held tight to his chest as you were when you fell asleep. He grumbles, shifting and lifting his head to glance at the clock.

"What the hell," you breathe, burrowing your face under Sans's jaw as you try to get your heart to stop pounding. "Is that Undyne?"

"ugh, it's eight am undyne, go away," Sans calls out, settling back down into the mattress and hugging you close.

But she does the opposite. She opens the door and you let out a startled squeak, grabbing for for comforter. Sans beats you to it, pulling it up to your neck with a curse.

"shit, undyne get out!"

"Look, I'm covering my eye. But you two losers need to— HEY!" With a flare of blue, Sans raises his left hand. You watch, amused, as Undyne is wreathed in blue magic and swept off her feet, deposited neatly back in the hall. With another flick of his fingers the door closes and locks behind her. "FINE but I hope you realize you were only able to overpower me because you caught me off guard! If that was a real fight you'd NEVER stand a chance!"

Sans makes an amused sound, and not for the first time you find yourself wondering just how strong his magic actually is. You've never seen him actually fight before. "yeah, i know. but you shouldn't go barging into people's bedrooms."

"I'll be in the kitchen, helping Papyrus make breakfast," she says, followed by the distinct sound of her stomping down the steps.

That has you rolling out of bed, ignoring Sans's noise of protest. "No, no way, I'm not letting her. She'll make a huge mess and then won't clean it up and I won't be able to find half of my stuff for a week after..."

"pap'll clean it up, come back to bed," Sans grumbles, reaching for you across the mattress. You will yourself not to look at him and succumb to what you can only describe as puppy-dog eyes. Normally you'd be more than happy to indulge him, but...

"Hun there's got to be a reason she's here. When's the last time Undyne barged into our bedroom like that?" you ask him, retrieving your underwear from the foot of the bed and yanking them on. You go to the dresser to find some clothes, not wanting to waste time showering.

"uh, you mean when she had to tell you about alphys agreeing to move in together?" he asks, propping his head up on his hand and watching you as you pull a sports bra over your head.

"Right. It was really important to her," you say, adjusting your chest as a distracted smile starts to curve Sans's mouth. Rolling your eyes, you turn your back on him again, finding a pair of yoga pants you like to wear around the house. "Sans, whatever it is, it's probably about yesterday."

You hear him let out a sigh of resignation, followed by the creak of the mattress as he hoists himself out of bed. Pulling on an off the shoulder t-shirt from the top of your shirt drawer, you grab a hair tie from on top of your dresser and pull your hair back into a messy bun.

"I'll meet you downstairs, I have to stop her before she starts trying to cook anything," you say, hurrying out the bedroom door before Sans can say anything.

In the kitchen you find Papyrus stirring a big bowl of what looks like batter while Undyne pulls a carton of eggs out of the fridge. Oh no, no way. You're not letting—

"Deacon what are you doing here?" you blurt out, stopping dead in your tracks as you spot him sitting at the bar, resting his head in his hand and sipping at a cup of coffee. It doesn't look like he had much time to get dressed either. He's in sweatpants and a threadbare t-shirt that's a little too small for him. You can see part of his lower back as he hunches forward. The skin there is mottled and pink on his right side. Is that a burn scar?

"Undyne dragged me over. It's, uh, about the—" Deacon glances over his shoulder at you as you come up alongside him, eyes widening. "Wow are you okay?"

You're aware of Papyrus and Undyne turning to look at you as you realize, with growing embarrassment, that he's looking at your neck and shoulder. You reach up to put your hand over the tender spot that, in your hurry to dress, you didn't even think to cover. "Yeah I'm fine," you say, with forced casualness.

"It looks like a wild animal used you as a chew toy," he says, raising an eyebrow at you.

Undyne lets out a sharp, knowing laugh. "OH, you could say that," she says, flashing you a big, toothy grin. You blush harder.

Papyrus lets out a loud sigh, turning back to his breakfast preparations. You'd finally had to admit to him a couple months ago why exactly you kept ending up with bruises on your neck. It had gotten to the point where he was trying to help you with every little thing because you were 'so clumsy' when he wasn't around. You couldn't take it any more. So now, when you forget to wear something to cover the marks, or Sans doesn't keep to the easier spots to hide, Papyrus just gives the two of you a weary sigh and goes about his business.

Undyne, however, is a different story.

"Nice big one this time," Undyne remarks, still smirking. "Don't forget to wear a turtleneck to school tomorrow."

"You're one to talk. How are your wrists, by the way?" you say, raising an eyebrow as you fight to regain your composure. "Still sore?"

She crosses her arms over her chest, going a little purple before ducking back into the fridge. "That was ONE time. A MONTH ago."

"WHAT HAPPENED A MONTH AGO? DID YOU HURT YOURSELF?" Papyrus asks, sounding concerned. He finishes pouring a row of pancakes onto the griddle set on top of the gas stove, then turns to Undyne. "ARE YOU OKAY?"

Undyne casts you a glare from over the skeleton's shoulder. You just smile sweetly in return. While Undyne works on placating Papyrus, you glance back over at Deacon. He's grinning, watching the two of them as he sips his coffee. After a second he meets your eyes again.

"Nice job. Expertly deflected," he says, winking.

You roll your eyes. "So she what, went and woke you up too?"

"Mmm." He bobs his head, swallowing. "Nothing quite like the sudden terror one experiences when an angry fish-woman starts pounding on your front door and yelling at you until you get up."

Bewildered, you shake your head. "I don't understand, why— Undyne," you blurt out, cutting into her conversation with Papyrus and closing the fridge. With what you hope is believable nonchalance, you pick up the carton of eggs and pull out a frying pan. "What's all this about?"

"a better question is what is deacon doing here?" Sans asks, and as you look up across the island he's pulling himself up onto a barstool, leaving an empty one between himself and Deacon.

Deacon gives Sans a sideways glance, setting his mug down on the bar. "Currently drinking coffee, eagerly waiting for some pancakes and eggs. Oh, and I'm not picky about how my eggs are done, whatever's easier for you, Hope."

Sans gives you a weary look, refusing to acknowledge Deacon's sarcasm. Well that's... okay you guess.

Undyne extricates herself from Papyrus, pushing him back towards the stove next to you to tend to the pancakes. Seeing that you've commandeered the eggs and she has nothing left to do, she circles the bar to stand next to Sans. You're a little surprised when she takes hold of your laptop.

"The news finally broke this morning. About what those humans did," Undyne says, typing something. "There's been some... interesting stories popping up."

The room is quiet for a moment, save for the sounds of Papyrus flipping pancakes and you cracking eggs into a big bowl. You knew this would happen, the only question is...

"and what are they saying?" Sans asks, leaning closer to look at the screen.

"Some of them are on our side. Actually, like half of them. They say that, uh..." She squints down at the laptop. "The actions of the human teenagers were 'deplorable and not representative of humanity as a whole'."

"And what are the rest saying? That it was Asriel's fault?" you ask, frowning as you bite your lip.

"A couple, but uh, that's not what they're focusing on. Which is good for Asriel, but..." Undyne trails off, clicking the button below the computer's trackpad.

"what?" Sans blurts out, pulling it away from her so he can get a better look. Startled, you watch as his eyes scan down the page. "this is—"

"What, what is it?" you ask, ready to circle around so you can read over his shoulder, but he holds up a hand. You dump the carton of eggshells in the trash, grabbing milk from the fridge.

"'if a mere monster child can inspire this much fear, then what exactly are the adults capable of? we beg the government to reconsider allowing innocent people access to these—'" Sans grimaces. "ugh. 'to these creatures, and hope that they realize just how much of a threat they pose to decent society.' fuck this person, who wrote—?"


"shit, are you serious? babe, this was written by that that reporter from the conference," he says, looking up at you.

You swallow, anger making your chest feel tight. "Gloria?"

He nods.

As far as you know, she still hasn't run the interview she did with you. Maybe you didn't give her any answers that she wanted. You'd been careful, but you know that you started to lose your temper. Was she waiting to use it for something else? Your stomach churns.

Undyne pulls the laptop back as Sans slides down off the barstool and heads over to the coffee maker. The carafe is still almost full and as you glance back at him he pulls two mugs down from the cabinet. You pour your scrambled egg mixture into the hot pan and start stirring, doing your best not to slosh any of it over the edge in your frustration.

"She's not the only one, but they all sound pretty similar," Undyne says, grimacing. "The comments on the articles are even worse."

"I'M SURE IT'S ALL JUST A MISUNDERSTANDING. THE REST OF THE HUMANS LAST NIGHT WERE ALL PERFECTLY POLITE!" Papyrus says, scooping the finished pancakes off the griddle and pouring a second batch.

"Well, most of them," Undyne adds with a sigh. She catches your eye and shakes her head, doing her best to sound reassuring. "Nothing anywhere near what happened before. Just some... rude comments."

"i don't understand what this has to do with deacon," Sans says slowly, coming up alongside you and setting a mug of coffee next to the stove. As he rests his hand on the small of your back you give him a weak smile.

"OH! Well, a couple of the articles mention him and Hope, since the two of them organized everything." Undyne is grinning, which has you curious and a little concerned. "Mettaton talked about the two of you, during his interviews. I'm surprised he didn't just take all the credit for himself, but—"

"undyne, what did they say?" Sans interrupts, setting his coffee down next to yours.

With a bark of laughter and a few clicks on the laptop, Undyne tells you. "They think Hope and Deacon are a couple!"

Deacon chokes on his coffee, smacking his chest and coughing. "What?" he splutters, echoing your own thoughts perfectly. "How?"

"We were nowhere near each other the entire night," you protest, gaping. "Undyne stop laughing! This is horrible!"

"Normally I'd be offended but I have to agree," Deacon says, wiping his mouth. "Didn't we just go over this?"

Undyne is still snickering, scrolling through something on the laptop. "Oh, oh, here it is. This is what Mettaton said. 'They spent countless hours together, including time after school, working tirelessly to organize this event.' Then he just starts going on about how much he helped the two of you and how selfless he is —what a joke. But they really latched onto that first part, didn't they?"

"Is it because we're the only two humans in Ebott? No, that's not right, Mettaton hired some new people at the hotel, didn't he? I remember him saying something just last week..." Deacon trails off, shaking his head.

"Should we say something to them?" you ask, scraping the finished eggs onto a plate, glancing over at Deacon. He doesn't answer, running his hand through his hair and glancing at Sans.

"just ignore it," Sans says, cupping your elbow. To his credit, he sounds unfazed. After last night, you certainly hope this wouldn't bother him. "it doesn't matter what they think."

"Exactly. Besides, all they have to do is look at you two DORKS together to realize how disgustingly in love you two are," Undyne says, grinning at you and Sans. "They could probably get his dental records —if he had any— from that bruise on your shoulder."

You're blushing again, giving her a warning look. Turning towards Sans, you rest your hand on his arm. "Can you get me some more plates so we can—"

"WHOA, when did you give her the ring?!" Undyne blurts out, coming around the bar to stand next to you, snatching your hand so she can get a better look. "I saw it while Alphys was working on it, but look at that! It looks perfect on you."

You blush even darker, pleased with the excitement in her voice as you let her hold your hand and turn it to get a good look.

"WHAT RING? LET ME SEE! WHAT'S GOING ON?" Papyrus says, coming up behind you and craning his neck over your shoulder.

"bro, c'mon, give her some space. you've got her cornered up against the counter," Sans says, chuckling.

Undyne turns your hand towards Papyrus, clapping him on the back. "It's a human engagement ring! They exchange them before they get married."

"OH LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! I APPROVE WHOLEHEARTEDLY OF THIS STRANGE HUMAN TRADITION. SANS DO YOU HAVE A RING TOO?" Papyrus asks, and as you twist your neck to look up at him you catch a hint of sparkles dancing around his head. Does he have to think about making them, or do they just happen automatically? You've been meaning to ask...

Sans gives a lazy gesture with his left hand, giving off an air of nonchalance, but you can tell he's pleased. "yeah, bro. y'wanna look?"

Papyrus gasps, snatching his hand and yanking Sans's arm upwards. Sans just laughs, letting him do whatever he wants. "BROTHER I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!"

You glance over at Deacon, realizing that in all the commotion he's remained silent and seated at the bar. Catching his eye, you try to gesture him over with a tilt of your head and a grin, but he shakes his head and sips at his coffee. He gives you a weak, lopsided smile.


"not yet," Sans says, his smile fading a little. "it's sorta complicated, with how things are with the humans right now."

"HEY Pap, don't forget the pancakes," Undyne says, letting go of your hand after giving you a friendly squeeze. You think she sensed the change of mood just as easily as you did.


No one brings up questions about a wedding again during breakfast. Instead you discuss the articles about Halloween. You suppose that things could have been worse. Much worse, actually, but it seems as though the military did a good job of reassuring the reporters. The negative stories are mostly wild speculation and fear mongering, which is the sort of thing that you'd expect from the websites in question. Instead, you choose to feel reassured by the many supporters the monsters have.

As you're helping clear away the table, you watch as Deacon stops next to Sans, leaning against the back of your empty chair next to him. He gestures at Sans's left hand, at the metal and wood band circling his finger. Your fiancé glances up at him, raising a brow in silent question.

"Can I see it?" Deacon asks politely.

You see Sans mull the request over in his mind, and you do your best not to seem like you're eavesdropping as you stack a pair of coffee cups on a plate. "sure, pal, knock yourself out," Sans says, spreading his fingers and holding his hand up in the air.

He leans in a little closer, not reaching out to touch him like Undyne did with you. After a moment Deacon gives a small, appreciative nod. "Undyne said her girlfriend made the rings?"

"yeah. i had a few ideas, but she's the one that put them together," Sans says with a shrug. He closes his hand and sets it back down on the table.

"Well they look great. Good job," Deacon says, straightening his back. Glancing up, he gives you a wry smile across the table. "And you can stop hovering, we're playing nice."

Laughing, you roll your eyes and sweep yourself out of the room. "Fine, fine."

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