Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


87. Friends

Deacon changes the subject when he notices your somber mood and soon has you smiling again. About an hour into your visit you shoot Sans a quick text to let him know you're going to be a little longer, and his reply is just a single letter: 'k'. You hope his talk with Frisk and Asriel went alright. An hour after your text you realize that it's past Frisk's bedtime and you ought to be getting home. Despite your insistence that you don't need him to, Deacon walks you home.

There's a moment at your front door that feels awkward for some reason you can't quite pin down, where you both hesitate and look at each other. He rubs the back of his neck and glances at the doorknob and you cross your arms over your chest. It's like you're waiting for something but you're not sure what.

"Well, thanks for coming over, and for the food," he says, shifting his weight between his feet. "It was nice to just... talk to another human after today."

"Yeah," you agree, nodding. "It's been a long time for me too. It was fun."

"Well, you should get inside. It's dark and perfectly safe out here, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen," he says with a smirk.

You each take a step towards each other and then you both stop and an awkward silence fills the air. Then, you both laugh, feeling a blush spread over your cheeks before you wrap your arms around his shoulders and give him a quick hug. His hands brush your back and you pull away after a few seconds, looking away and back at him as he smiles at you.

"Take care of yourself, Deacon. I know it's been a crazy first day but I'm sure things will get easier. Don't forget you have friends here," you say, tucking some hair behind your ear. It seems like he's doing much better than he was earlier, and you're glad for that. 

"I'll keep that in mind." He raises a brow and starts to walk backwards away from your door. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow, Hope, have a good rest of your night. Tell Sans I say hi."

You give him a small wave and he returns it before turning his back to you and walking towards the road. You watch him for a few seconds as he shoves his hands in his back pockets and then head inside. There's this warm, giddy feeling in your chest and you're smiling when you find Sans reading on the couch. He's sprawled out across the cushions, a pillow wedged under his neck and shoulders. He looks up at you with a question in his eyes, giving you a slightly confused smile in return.

"have a good time?" he asks, making his place and setting his book aside as you kick off your shoes.

Shrugging off your jacket and leaving yourself in your short-sleeved blouse, you crawl onto the couch. He scoots back so that he's sitting up a little more and you settle your chest against his, kissing him between his eyes. Then you slide down to rest your head on his ribcage. You can hear the faint creak of bone as you both shift to get more comfortable. He slips one hand into your hair as the other one tangles your fingers with his. The feel of his phalanges against your scalp has you humming and closing your eyes, nuzzling into his jacket. Hm, that's a little odd for him to be wearing inside, especially this late. Sometimes he keeps it on if he's feeling cagey or defensive, like a suit of armor. Or a security blanket.

"I did have a good time," you say. You push your free hand inside of his jacket, tracing the curve of his ribs. He twitches a little but settles back down, making a quiet, pleased sound. "I'm sorry for being gone so long. How are the kids, is Asriel still here?"

"nah i took him home after we talked. frisk spent the evening in their room sulking and they should be asleep now. don't worry, i think i got it all handled," he says with a soft sigh. "asriel's starting to seem uncomfortable with these loads too, so i think he's going to help keep frisk on track."

"That's good. We'll see how long he's able to keep that up," you say, a little doubtful. You've watched Asriel cave to Frisk's whims too many times to put much stock in him standing up to them, but there's always the chance he might surprise you. "Oh, Deacon says hi, by the way."

Sans makes a noncommittal noise deep in his chest. He's been polite to Deacon, you know, but you struggle to think of any of their interactions as anything close to 'friendly'. As you look up at his face to try and see what he's thinking, he gives you a slow, sleepy blink. "how's he doing after all that stuff earlier?" he asks, still running his hand idly through your hair.

"He's fine. Adjusting. Hun if you're tired we can go to bed, I know you had a rough day too." You rest your chin on his chest, giving him a worried look.

It doesn't take much to persuade him to go upstairs, the subject of Deacon forgotten. Sans wraps himself around you, his chest flush against your back and his hand between your breasts, right over your heart. Keeping you and your Soul safe, you think, as you start to drift off.

Alphys doesn't give it much thought when she gets home from work on Wednesday to find Undyne watching the news. Human news, by the looks of it, but with a double-take as she passes by the television, she sees a familiar sight behind the reporter. The checkpoint at the Line, manned by its usual crew of Army National Guard. Setting her bag behind the couch, she circles around it to sit down beside Undyne.

It's the coverage of the Line opening for general human access. Undyne tells her that they've been covering it most of the afternoon, after a press event held by Governor Williams and Captain Prasad. The fish monster makes a crude comment about loving to see a woman in uniform, which makes Alphys a little uncomfortable. She makes it up to her by slipping a hand underneath her lab coat and tucking her face close to Alphys's ear.

"Don't worry, my favorite uniform is still that one with the short skirt you put on for me sometimes," Undyne growls in that way she knows Alphys likes.

Blushing furiously and giggling, she nudges Undyne's shoulder like she's trying to push her away. But she's not, not really. "S-stop it, we should be p-paying attention to the news."

"Everyone at school was talking about it and they just keep repeating the same thing over and over. Besides, you already knew about all of this from Sans already," she presses, shifting herself onto her knees so that she has better leverage to push Alphys over onto the couch.

"B-but it would be nice to see what the humans are saying about it. You know a d-different perspective?" She doesn't actually care about the news, Alphys just loves to see Undyne get this way. It makes her feel wanted, desired. It's been almost five months since they started dating, two since they decided to live together, and it still surprises her that Undyne wants her.

The sound of the front door banging open, followed by heavy footsteps and then it slamming shut again pulls Alphys out of her reverie. Undyne sits up and Alphys watches as her girlfriend's face scrunches up into an annoyed grimace, baring her teeth.

"Mettaton, go away," Undyne snaps. "You're interrupting."

Alphys sits up to peek over the back of the couch. Mettaton is sauntering over, ignoring Undyne as he catches sight of his target: her. He shoves silky black hair out of his face and for a moment two pink eyes meet hers before his hair slips back into place. There's a perfect little crease forming between his brows and his lips press into a thin line. Coming to a stop behind the couch, he shifts his weight onto one leg and rests his hand on his hip.

"Why did I have to find out about the Line opening on television, Alphys? Why didn't you let me know personally?" he asks, pressing his other hand to his chest in a perfect, textbook display of someone who's offended. She wonders if he practiced that look in the mirror before coming over.

"W-why do you think that I'd know about it?" she counters, ducking back down and out of sight.

With an echoing, metallic sigh of frustration, Mettaton circles the couch to stand in front of her, blocking the television with his hips. He leans forward so that his eyes are level with hers in a position that looks more like a pose for a photoshoot than something natural. "Because you work with Sans, and Sans is always speaking with Asgore and Toriel. Please don't play coy with me, it doesn't suit you."

"I've been busy with the Core. And I thought that P-Papyrus would tell you," Alphys says. She scoots away from him and gets up from the couch. He follows her as she heads to the kitchen, pulling off her lab coat and draping it over a chair.

"What makes you think that Papyrus and I are on regular speaking terms?" he asks, but there's something funny in his tone.

"Sans told me the t-two of you went out for dinner on Saturday." She opens the fridge to pull out a can of soda, jumping a little when she turns to find Mettaton almost literally on her tail.

"And what did Sans have to say about it?" he asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

Not much, if she's being honest. Just that they went out and a few snide comments regarding Mettaton's character. Essentially, nothing that she's too keen on sharing with the already-irate robot. "He just mentioned it to me. You've t-talked about him before, I just thought maybe there was more to it."

"I've said this before and I'll say it again: if you break Papyrus's heart I'm going to break your ARMS," Undyne calls from the living room, fixing Mettaton with a menacing glare.

"Yes, you have explained that before. Exhaustively." He shoots her a dismissive look before focusing on Alphys again. His expression falters a little, and for a moment he seems upset. "Besides, it's not like that. I'm not sure what this is. We're just... friends."

"D-do you want to be more than friends?" Alphys asks, raising her brows. She takes a sip of her soda, watching as Mettaton gapes a little, for once at a loss for words.

After a moment he frowns, shaking his head. "I didn't come all the way to Lakeside to talk about Papyrus, I came because of this business with the Line! If humans are going to be allowed free access—"

"Not totally free. Residential areas are off-limits and they still have to submit to a search and go through the check point to get in," Undyne adds.

Mettaton's jaw clenches. "As I was saying, if humans are going to be allowed free access, that means I'll finally be getting business for my hotel. Not to mention I still need to attract more human employees and work on proper advertising..."

"M-Mettaton I'm not sure what this has to do with me..." Alphys taps on the side of the aluminum can, looking up at him over the rims of her glasses.

"I'm finally going to be able to open up my hotel, and I'll be stuck plugged into a wall three times a day because my body can't last more than five hours in one go! Darling, please you need to do something." His face crumples into a look of desperation, pulling out a dramatic pout.

Oh, of course. He's been better than he used to be about keeping in touch, but with all this work on his hotel he's fallen back into old habits. Once again he's only coming to her because he needs something. She looks away, inches from giving in but doing her best to stand her ground. "M-Mettaton, there's no reason you can't use your o-other body if you have to. I have lots of people relying on my work on the Core."

His eyebrows shoot up in what she thinks is a genuine display of surprise. His lips part, revealing perfect, gleaming teeth before they snap shut again. The aperture in his visible eye narrows a little as he glances away. "I don't… Alphys please, that's not me anymore. I don't want to keep switching bodies. You know that one was only meant to be temporary."

"I can't prioritize you over the rest of Ebott," she mumbles, her tail sweeping across the tile floor. "I'm s-sorry. Don't you want the power to your hotel to be stable for your guests?"

His face scrunches a little, still not looking at her. Crossing his arms over his chest, he lets out a sigh. "Fine, I suppose I'll just make due."

"I'll try to think of something when I can, I just c-can't promise anything before Monday," Alphys concedes. She can't stand that dejected look on his face. It's not like anyone else can help him.

His face lights up with a bright, winning smile and he wraps her up in a hug, his arms extending to loop around her. She lets out a startled squeak when he lifts her up off the ground. "Oh thank you, darling! I know I can always count on you."

Later, after Mettaton leaves, Undyne asks her why she let him get his way. Complains that she lets him walk all over her. But Alphys can't forget the ghost he was when they first met, and how he'd stuck by her, even through all the horrible things. Maybe it was because he was using her, or just because he needed her, but she doesn't think that's entirely true. She tells Undyne that she just wants to make her friend happy.

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