Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


120. Don't Underestimate Me

All of your family and friends have gathered together in a secluded spot in the forest, about a fifteen minute walk from your house. It's the day before the Line is going to open, and your trip to the beach, and Undyne is standing in the middle of the clearing, facing you all. She's in full guard captain mode, hands on her hips and dressed in her exercise clothes.

"OKAY EVERYONE! Tomorrow we're going into the middle of hostile territory, and we've got to be prepared for the worst!" she says, holding out her hand. A pale blue spear phases into reality as she grips it.

You glance over at Deacon where he's standing next to you. You're not surprised to see that he looks curious and focused instead of startled at the sudden use of magic. There hasn't been any need for offensive magic, certainly not around him, and this is going to be the first time he's seen any of this. You'd be curious too, if you didn't already have intimate experience with almost the full spectrum of what everyone gathered is capable of.

"Now, now, Undyne," Asgore says, holding up his hand in a placating gesture. "This is merely a demonstration for Hope, Deacon, and Frisk's sake. So that should the worst happen, they might know what to expect." He glances over at your friend, his expression going solemn. "I am certain this does not need repeating, but I must ask you once again to keep what you see here private. Obviously, if an incident were to occur this will no longer matter, but in the meantime, it is best that the public is not aware of the extent of our abilities."

Deacon is nodding before he can even finish. "Of course. I appreciate that you're even including me in all this."

"Of course we are!" Undyne says, flashing a smile. "We can't have you peeing your pants in fear when we're trying to protect everybody."

"I appreciate your confidence in me," he retorts flatly. "And my bladder control."

Bo is on his other side, here to participate since she'll be joining all of you on your trip tomorrow. She leans against him, meeting his eyes and smiling. "I believe in you," she teases. "I'm sure you won't wet yourself."

"Beset on all sides," Deacon laments, and Bo laughs and kisses him on the cheek as an apology. He tries hard to pretend to look upset, but his face cracks into a smile and he puts his arm around her shoulders. Whatever it was that Grant had to say to Deacon, he hasn't let it affect his relationship with her. You didn't pry, and he never offered, and so you let the matter of his adopted father drop.

"i still don't see why we need to do this," Sans says, his hands shoved into his pockets. "half the stuff we're able to do we can't use on anybody."

"Fuhuhu! You just don't want Hope to see you're not that strong," Undyne taunts. She bares her teeth in a menacing smile.

Out of the corner of your eye you see Mettaton shift uncomfortably next to Papyrus, and Alphys fidgets a little. You've never thought that Sans was weak, but you find yourself curious of what he's capable of aside from what little you've seen. He catches your eye and must see your poorly-disguised interest.

"sure. fine. i could use a bit more practice anyway," he says with a forced casualness accompanied by an equally forced smile. "been a while."

You and Deacon take Frisk and Asriel to go sit on a jumble of boulders half-buried off to the side of the clearing, out of the way. Alphys speaks to Undyne for a moment and then joins you too, earning herself a curious look from Deacon. She gives him a tremulous smile in return, adjusting her glasses.

"I don't h-have any magical manifestations like the others do," she explains, folding her hands in her lap. "It's why I-I like to build things instead. Uh, Undyne just wanted me to come so I didn't feel l-left out."

"Then why is Mettaton over there? He has magic?" Deacon asks, looking over at the collection of monsters. They're talking amongst themselves, probably trying to figure out how they want to do this.

"I have magic, I just can't make it d-do anything," she says curtly. Adjusting her glasses, she clears her throat. "Most ghosts have strong magic. M-Mettaton is no exception."

"Wait, he's a ghost?" Deacon looks over at you, eyebrows shooting up.

You nod. "Yeah, possessing the body Alphys made for him."

Deacon's eyes seek out Mettaton in the crowd, and after a second his expression relaxes. "Huh. I guess that makes some kind of sense."

Speaking of Mettaton, he's the first one to take his place at the center of his clearing while the others shuffle off to the side. Except Undyne. She stays next to him, still holding her glowing spear in her hand and resting the butt of it on the ground. He turns to her, saying something in an undertone as his brow knits together.

Undyne rolls her eye. "Just show everyone what you can do!" she yells, making a sweeping gesture towards you and the others.

Pursing his lips, Mettaton holds out his arms. "This isn't my preferred type of performance, but I suppose I'll just have to make do," he says, looking at the group of you sitting on the rocks. Splaying his fingers, two sets of three small, black orbs appear between them. "Bombs are my specialty."

He has an air of nonchalance as he twists his hands and each group of three turns into one fist-sized bomb, the kind you'd see in cartoons, complete with a glowing fuse. Juggling them back and forth, he tosses them both up into the air where they explode. The sound is surprisingly quiet, a sharp beep followed by a low rumble that fades along with the brief burst of heat and smoke. Frisk and Asriel let out a loud cheer, surprising you more than the bombs did, clapping.

Mettaton smiles, taking a bow. "Oh, but there's one more thing. Thanks to Alphys, I also come equipped with a rather powerful zap." Dusting off his hands against his hips, he brings them up in front of his chassis and holds them with his palms facing each other. With a loud snap of electricity, a jagged tangle of energy arcs in front of him, writhing between his fingers. He stays like the for a few moments before dropping his arms, the electricity vanishing.

You never actually saw either of those things before. A quiet, bitter voice in the back of your mind thinks that it would have ruined that 'horror movie' feel he was going for. Shoving the thought aside, you glance over at Deacon, who was watching the whole display with rapt attention. Noticing you out of the corner of his eye, he meets your gaze and gives you a concerned look. He must be thinking about what you accidentally told him, about Mettaton trying to kill you. You smile at him and he smiles back, reassured that you're okay.

Asgore lets out a soft, uncertain rumble. "I fear your explosives may be too dangerous, but electricity can stun and deter, I imagine," he says, stroking his beard.

As Toriel steps forward to take Mettaton's place, Asriel jumps up to his feet in his spot next to Frisk. "Mom, can I go after you? I want to show off my magic too."

"No you may not," Toriel says, pointing her finger towards the ground with a kind, but stern expression. "This is not for showing off. This is so that, should an emergency arise, we know what abilities we have at our disposal."

"But, Mom—"

"No buts, Asriel. Please sit down," she says, and her son obeys with a frown.

"It's okay. I've seen how awesome your fire magic is," Frisk says, putting their arm around his shoulders and hugging him close. "When we're bigger, you're gonna be super strong and cool!"

Asriel bumps their cheek with his snout, a pleased look on his face.

Toriel does a brief display of her fire magic, swirling egg-sized fireballs around her fingers. The kids clap and cheer, making her smile despite herself. Deacon shifts uncomfortably at your side and when you look at him you can see he's gone a little ashen. That's odd. Why would this bother him, but not Grillby? You touch his side and he jumps a little, startled as he turns to look at you.

You're about to say something to him, to ask him if he's okay, but then Toriel mentions her healing magic and draws Deacon's attention. By the time she's done talking about it the color has returned to his face and he's relaxed again. You decide to drop it.

Asgore goes next. He mentions his fire magic but opts not to put on an identical display as Toriel. Instead, he holds out his left hand and, as Undyne lets out a loud whoop, he summons a large red trident. You've never seen it before. You know you haven't. But as he grasps it in both hands and starts to speak, all you can hear is the sound of your heart pounding in your ears. There's a sharp pain in your chest and you grab the front of your shirt and for a second you think you feel something warm and wet.

Then it's gone. The sudden lurch of fear lingers on the fringes of your consciousness, but the pain and dampness is gone.

You're not even sure when Deacon put his hand on your shoulder but you feel it now, squeezing as he's looking at you. "Hope? Are you okay?" he asks quietly.

Your eyes flick over to where Frisk and Asriel are watching you with twin expressions of understanding and concern. They know. They both know, even better than you do, what just happened. That strong, sudden memory of something that never actually happened. But you can't say anything. Not in front of Deacon, or Alphys. She's glancing back at you, too.

"Yeah, I'm fine," you say, giving a nervous laugh. "Sorry, just some heartburn."

Sans is watching you with an unreadable expression on his face, his shoulders a tense line. You let go of your chest and give him a weak smile. The look on his face doesn't change.

"OKAY YOU PUNKS! My turn!" Undyne crows, squaring her stance and holding up her spear. As she does so, three more weapons appear in the air above her head, bobbing and turning their points towards the ground at her feet. "I make projectile spears to STAB THINGS! Matter or magic, whatever I want! I can make spears to stab right to Souls, or to skewer my enemies!"

Wait, is she saying that when she attacked you all those months ago she could have been attacking more than just your Soul? You're not sure how to feel about that, other than just glad she didn't actually run you through with spears... As you're mulling this over, Undyne's bright yellow eye fixes on you. The spears hovering above her plunge into the ground and stay there for a second before pulsing and disappearing.

"HOPE, come help me show off my green magic!" she calls, beckoning you over with a wave of the spear still in her hand.

"What?" Deacon says, just as—

"maybe you should keep your green magic to yourself this time," Sans cuts in, gritting his teeth. Oh, he wants to protect you, even though you know full well that Undyne wouldn't ever hurt you (again). But he must have seen that look on your face, and it could only have reminded him of one thing.

"I'm not going to HURT her, come on, Hope!" she calls out to you, grinning.

Sans is about to protest again but you push yourself to your feet, hopping down from you perch on the boulder. Your chest still feels a little tingly but you're fine. Everything is fine. You give him a reassuring look. "I'm okay. Besides, I know what to expect," you say with more casualness than you actually feel.

Undyne rushes forward to clap you on the shoulder, then gives a triumphant flex of her arm before backing away.

"Wait, hold on," you say, suddenly remembering something. "This is going to draw out my Soul. Sans, is this... are you okay with this?"

Sans is frowning, eyes flicking to Undyne then back to you. "s'not the same as pulling it out to show it off to other people. the intent is different. this is fighting. that was... more intimate."

"You ready, punk?" Undyne says impatiently, tossing her spear back and forth between her hands. The color of it shifts from blue to something paler, tinged with green.

"Yeah," you answer with a nod. Then, as she pulls her spear back, you balk. "Wait are you going to—!"

There's a flash of dark red as your Soul breaks loose when the spear comes flying towards you. You hear Deacon cry out in alarm, but no one else seems to react as the glowing heart turns green and your feet feel rooted to the ground. With your hands raised in front of you, there's that same green, transparent shield you remember. You glare through it at Undyne, who's still grinning.

"You could have warned me you were going to do that!" you snap.

"I thought you remembered!" she barks back, raising a brow.

With a sigh of resignation, you glance over at Deacon to make sure he's okay. He's wide-eyed and staring, halfway to his feet as he looks, not at you, but at the shield. And your Soul. Slowly remembering himself, he slides off the boulder.

"You can come over and look," you offer, turning in place to shift the shield a little.

"I... uh..." he fumbles, tugging at the front of his shirt. Clearing his throat, he collects his wits and crosses the distance.

His eyes scan over the curve of the shield, and you see him glance at your Soul again. It's a bit darker than Deacon's natural Soul color, not nearly as bright. You take a second to assess the cracks. Still no change in the last few months. Whatever healing had been happening has stopped. Maybe it would never completely mend. Deacon glances over at Undyne.

"Can I touch it?" he asks, pointing at the shield.

"SURE! I mean, technically it's not mine," she says, frowning. "My part was making sure she can't move. All she can do is turn. Which will be good in a pinch, right Asgore?" Asgore nods his approval. "Right. But the shield is all Hope. Well, my magic plus Hope's Soul, I guess."

Deacon reaches out and then hesitates. He looks at you through the green curve of magic. "Uh, well then, are you okay if I touch it?"

"Yeah, go ahead," you say, flexing your fingers.

He tries to prod it with the tips of his fingers but some kind of force keeps him from actually reaching the surface. He tries again, straining and gritting his teeth, but no luck. Whatever it is, it's resisting him. Like trying to press the same end of two magnets together. Finally, he gives up.

"And you said this is specific to green magic?" he asks, looking at Undyne again.

Undyne flicks her hand in your direction and the green color bleeds out of your Soul. With a sigh of relief you stretch your legs and reach up towards your chest as the rich, burgundy heart slips inside. You're familiar with that sensation of fullness that follows. "Yeah, I guess so. Green magic does a few different things, but that's what mine does," she says with a shrug.

"IS IT MY TURN NOW?" Papyrus blurts out, cutting off any more of Deacon's questions.

"YEAH, come show off your magic!" Undyne says, waving him over.

"I believe I said we were not 'showing off'," Toriel mutters.

"It is good to see them so enthusiastic. It is not pleasant to have to hide part of who we are, out of fear of frightening others," Asgore says, his tone soothing.

You lead Deacon back towards the boulders, out of the way as Papyrus takes his place at the center of the clearing. With a flash of orange in his right eye, he conjures an array of bones of varying sizes, lined up in front of him on the ground. With a wicked grin, Undyne lashes out at him with a spear and he summons a large bone in his hand, deflecting her.

"NO FAIR! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO INTERRUPT!" he blurts out, shoving her back with his weapon.

"I'm HELPING you!" she says, laughing as they trade blows. "Come on, it's been ages since we've had some good practice!"

"use your blue magic, bro," Sans calls out, grinning.

"NO WAY! That's cheating!" Undyne shoots him a glare.

Blue light circles her body and she lifts up off the ground, bobbing in the air. Frisk and Asriel start laughing as she yells at Sans, who is holding out his hand. He winks his right eye, the glowing left on fixed on her.

"Put me DOWN!" she yells, and you have to hide your smile behind your hand.

"BROTHER, NOW YOU'RE INTERRUPTING!" Papyrus says, stomping his foot.

As the three of them bicker, you glance over at Deacon. He's watching them and their magic with something like longing on his face.

"Makes you feel kinda weak, doesn't it?" you ask him, leaning back against the stone instead of sitting down again. "Must be fun, being able to do all that."

"Yeah," he answers, distracted. "It's... definitely something."

You hear the sound of someone clearing their throat and you're surprised to see Bo slide up beside the two of you. She casts an amused look at the brothers and Undyne and then over at Deacon. "I just thought I might just show you my magic while those three sort through their... issues," she says, giggling.


"what bro, you gotta bone to pick with me? i've got some you can borrow."

"Stop throwing bones at each other and PUT ME DOWN!"

"They might be a minute," you agree.

Deacon is smiling at her, with that warm, affectionate look on his face he gets whenever she's around or when he talks about her. Oh, he's in deep. He doesn't even seem to realize how deep. "I can't wait to see," he says.

"Oh, it's nothing to write home about, and not exactly fun," she says with a wink. Holding up her hands, a pair of white, faintly glowing blades appear between her fingers. At first glance they look like throwing knives, with a circular loop of metal at the end. Then, as she grasps them and then relaxes her hold, the blades separate into two. They're wool shears. "But I suppose they're useful. And, in a pinch..." You watch as she pivots to face away from you, spinning the shears on her fingers before throwing them at the nearest tree. Half the blades embed themselves in the wood before they flicker and fade away.

When she turns back to look at you she's smiling sweetly. Deacon swallows. "Remind me not to piss you off," he says with a nervous laugh.

"Oh, honey, I'd never hurt you," she says, pouting and threading her arm through his. "Besides, they're more useful for grooming than anything else."

"WELL, SANS, YOU MIGHT AS WELL FINISH YOUR DEMONSTRATION SINCE YOU RUINED MINE," Papyrus says, pulling your attention away from the saccharine way that Deacon and Bo are looking at each other.

Undyne is picking herself up off the ground, dusting off the back of her pants as Alphys passes you to meet her. The orange glow fades from Papyrus's eye and he has his arms crossed over his chest as you catch sight of a mess of bones fading from view. Sans is grinning at his brother, a perfect circle of bones looped behind him. They spin as he swirls his finger and then, with a snap of his fingers, they vanish. His display is more refined, more controlled than Papyrus's. You get the feeling that he's a lot more dangerous than he's ever really let on.

"mine's done. besides, apart from the teleporting we have the same attacks," Sans says with a shrug.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE. YOU NEVER USED YOUR BLASTERS!" Papyrus says, and that catches your attention.

You knew about these other things. You'd seen Sans teleport, gone with him plenty of times by now. He'd tried to attack Flowey with bones before, and he uses his blue magic on mugs for crying out loud. But this is the first you'd ever heard of 'blasters'.

"that's cuz they're a last resort, not for showing off," Sans says, his smile weakening. "and i didn't see you use yours either."

"I DON'T LIKE MINE. LOOK!" Papyrus's eye bursts into life again and with a wave of his hand a bestial skull phases into existence, hovering over his shoulder. It's about the size of a bull's skull, with smooth horns and short fangs. Orange eyes scan its surroundings, jaw opening and closing as a crackle of magic snaps between its teeth. Magic swirls around Papyrus's right hand and he points towards a tree. The skull, the blaster, lets out a high pitched whine and the magic pulls into a central point in its mouth before firing off a searing burst of magic. It punches a hole clear through the trunk, and the tree topples over with a rush of pine needles. "EVEN AT THIS SIZE, IT'S JUST TOO DANGEROUS. BESIDES, COMPARED TO YOURS IT'S EMBARRASSING."

"WHAT? Since when could you do that?!" Undyne shouts, running over to Papyrus to examine his blaster.

"Holy shit," Deacon breathes, and you can't help but agree. You had no idea he was capable of anything like that. And Sans...

You lock eyes with Sans and he sees the question in your eyes. With a sigh, he beckons you over and you go, letting him put his arm around your waist. "i don't like using them. they drain too much magic and they're... really powerful," he says to you in an undertone. His jaw tenses, and he leans in close as Papyrus and Undyne talk about what he just did. The pinpricks of light in his eyes are sharp and narrow, scanning your face. "i have to... it takes a hell of a lot to get me to bother with them. the last time i did was when... when you died, babe."

You put your arm around his shoulders, hugging him close. "I want to know what you're capable of, hun. I had... no idea you could do anything like that," you say, looking at the toppled tree that Undyne is trying to lift, for what reason you're not sure. "I mean, that's... really impressive."

Sans chuckles, and looks a little relieved. "oh, you haven't seen impressive," he says, that confidence returning to his voice. "stand back."

Kissing his brow, you let him go and back away, calling out for Frisk, Asriel, Deacon, and Bo to come over to you and away from the set of boulders Sans is facing. Frisk runs up to you, circling your hips with their arms as they watch.

"Dad, you're gonna use your blasters?" Frisk asks, squeezing you.

"that's the plan, kiddo," he says, his blue eye crackling as he looks over at the two of you. There's a thread of yellow swirling in his eye that you don't remember ever seeing before. "you ok with that?"

Frisk doesn't say anything, just nods and doesn't let go of you. You rest your hand on their head, stroking their hair as you get the feeling that whatever just passed between them has something to do with the Resets. But whatever thoughts you might have about that, whatever frustration you might feel is swept away as two skulls bigger —so much bigger— than Papyrus's coalesce at either arm. Hovering over the ground, they're taller than Sans. Where his brother's was soft and smooth, Sans's are sharp and jagged, long horns and wicked teeth with blue eyes shot through with yellow. 

The hum of magic fills the air and as the blasters' mouths fill with energy, all you can do is stare with a mix of horror and awe as the old granite boulders you were using as a seat just minutes ago are turned to powder. The following silence is deafening as the blasters shut their mouths and turn their eyes to Sans. Their unfeeling gaze is chilling as they wait, obedient, for further command. Sans flicks his hand, sweat gathering at his temple as they phase out of existence and he looks at you.

"Remind me to never piss him off," Deacon breathes, and you'd laugh if you had a mind to. Everyone is just staring. "Jesus Christ he could have murdered me."

Instead all you can think of is the fact that the last time he used this power was when he saw you die. And you know with absolute certainty that if it came down to it, he would use this power to prevent that from ever happening again.

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